Episode 115 – Snap Ya Fingers (Discotech Transition) (Classic)

Transitions are a somewhat new phenomenon in DJing and Discotech was at the forefront with this classic transition.  It was hot when it first came out and still works to this day.  In this episode we talk about why we like to play it in our sets.

You can find this remix at www.crooklynclan.net/discotech

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  1. Theres so many of these transition tracks now a days. But the one that has always stuck out to me is d.a.n.c.e. transition down into on to the next one. I know theres multiple of edits of this transition by pretty much every dj. I heard it on the radio before anywhere else and ended up not being able to find it. So I had to make my own. Its usually how I start my hip hop set at least one every other week or so. I try not to recycle the transition too much though. I know it gets the crowd going. Everyone seems to rock back and fourth while doing a head bang and do some kinda black power fist pump all at the same time (my self included).

    Also you cant forget about adding in the air horn or gun cocking/gun shots effect when you transition down. I dont know about where you guys are at, but here in chicago people like to get hood. ~I’m just careful I’m never playing the gun cocking/gun shots in a bad neighborhood. Dont want to stir up some shit by accident ya know.~

  2. DiscoTech’s “Good Life” transition always works, Any crowd, esp. to bring a set down easily.

  3. @F4S7L4N3 My fav version of that one that I heard was by DJ Turk. It’s definitely dope how Swizzy flipped that!!

    @Audio1 Discotech has alot of dope ones…..I use that Kanye and also Drink N My Two Step. The only one I wasn’t a huge fan of was In Da Club….I felt like it dragged on just a little too long.


  4. It escapes me who did it, someone on CC.
    but i always goto the ALL I DO IS WIN transition 128 to 74 i believe.

    but the energy is insane.
    i have literally had to grab onto the decks and hold on for dear life,
    (on the floor red-bull dj booth)

    @fas7l43n Terry Urban did this nasty one…Eloy did a video for it

  5. @RemixReport – Yeah. I usually play the OG to Good Life then cut over into Beatbreaker’s “Good Life/In Da Club” blend and skratch in “In Da Club” right after the hook. Works always.

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