Episode 120 – Mailbag

Each mailbag is a chance for us to answer your questions, so keep em coming!  Today questions are:

– Playing for a younger crowd an quick mixing is killing me.  What do I do?
– How to deal with last minute parties
– Where can I get the Scoop hype from his DJ Got Us Falling In Love remix?
– Are there house songs in non-standard time signatures like 3/4?
– What’s the best way to get an opening DJ gig?
– How many songs should be on my promo mix?
– How do I get a gig in a saturated market?
– Does playing an instrumental kill the vibe at a club?

Send your questions to remixreport@gmail.com


  1. thanks for answering the questions guys. dope episode as usual…Quick question about the opening thing. when I submit a demo to get an opening gig should I submit a typical demo where I’m playing uptempo more hype stuff or should I submit a demo cd where I’d play what i’d actually play for an opening set…r&b, chill hip hop and pop, maybe some old school then slowly bringing the energy up. which should I submit, or both?

  2. Great info as always guys. For any DJs looking for hype loops, tools etc you might find what you need at our site http://www.mixaloop.com (shameless plug). Hope thats cool. Cheers :-)

  3. I’d say give them both. If you’re demoing specifically for an opening spot, I’d say do the chill mix, working up to energy as you go. Also give them a good headlining mix to show them you’re capable of that as well and you don’t get type cast by your opening mix. I’d also explain to them that your opening demo is made to showcase your opening set specifically. Are you submitting a demo soon?

  4. Hi guys I have a question to djs , have u ever used drum kits , sample packs for ur music tracks from here ?

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