Episode 123 – Dj Riddler Interview

Dj Riddler has been mixing nice the 80’s, but many of us discovered him as the #2 downloaded DJ on Beezo.net.  You can catch his syndicated radio show’s all over the country as well as his Adrenaline show on SiriusXM.  In today’s interview we sat down and talked to Riddler about his recent collaborations with Dj Vice, got into some Riddler history, an inside look at radio programing and got to the bottom of this year’s WMC date change.

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  1. dope interview as always. any chance you guys could post that CBS Cee-Lo edit with those sound fx?

  2. incredible interview.

  3. I grew up in Houston and DJ Riddler (used to go by DJ Rich) was an early inspiration in the early 90’s for me. I didn’t start working nightclubs until ’94. I remember listening to his live broadcast on the radio from Paragon (nightclub in Houston) while I was working in a music store thinking someday …. I will be doing a broadcast too from a nightclub. Sure enough I did broadcast from 2 of my residencies for a number of years in Houston! I was driven to be a better more versatile DJ because I knew it would be key to be able to adapt to all situations.

    Thanks for getting the interview!

  4. LdA,Excelente post. FCS,Concordo. Acrescento isto. Se os 7 internacionais A (Patrício, Rojo, Insua, Rinaudo, Schaars, Izmailov e Labyad), a que ainda se junta o Elias) estão totalmente desnorteados, o que aconteceria se – como se vai lendo por aqui e por ali – se tivesse &qutd;apostaoo" nos miúdos que hoje jogam pela B.

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