Dj Joey C demonstrates The Bridge

Our friend Dj Joey C of the Mashup Mafia has been diving into The Bridge, the Ableton/Serato collaboration that lets you control Ableton Live with Serato.  There are endless possibilities with this deadly duo and Joey C is demonstrating some of them for us.  You can keep up with Joey C’s Bridge adventures at


  1. sounds good. would love to see a video of the actual program or a description of the implementation. or something other than just a controller moneyshot :-)

    dope routine though! much respect.

  2. Whats Up!
    Im working on a tutorial video to go through the setup and configurations that go into the Bridge. Stay tuned I should have something by next week to show everyone.


  3. Thanks Joey C! Looking forward to checking it out.

  4. Saw DJ Spider demo the bridge in Chicago about 3 weeks ago. He was mainly showing how the mixtape feature works. The guys from mi work show were demoing everything else. Didn’t learn too much new stuff since I’ve been messing with bridge since beta over summer.

    Just trying to figuring out how to implement it into regular sets and being practical with it.

  5. Hey Lovecity!
    The walkthrough of my set up is on my site hit me up over there if you have any questions…I know I didnt cover it all but I did a basic run down and if you want to get deeper into it we definitely can

  6. Just posted Joey’s walk through video.

  7. Would you be able to post an mp3 version. Dope mix!

  8. Great Mix bro..I enjoyed watching your video…Good bless!!!

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