Dj Joey C’s Bridge Setup

Last week we posted a video from our friend Joey C of the Mashup Mafia demonstrating his use of The Bridge.  After watching the video a lot of us wanted to take a look behind the scenes and see how he set everything up, so here’s a followup video for all of us DJ nerds.  lol


  1. Great video. My crew mates from Klutch Beat Bootique have a similar setup they run live for their LIVE PA project.

  2. Well done Joey C! Thanks! This is pushing me closer to getting into the Bridge. Next level!

    One question: can you run the Bridge with other mixers besides the Rane 57? Can it be done with an Empath or 56?

  3. @lovecitydjs

    you can run the bridge on any mixer the limitation really only lie in the mixtape feature if you dont have the 57 or 68. I actually think for my purposes a 4 channel pioneer would be better for me

  4. Joey C, nice work on your website as well. Clean and simple with the start of some interesting content. Bookmarked for sure!

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