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Over the last few months you may have noticed our sponsors ads at the beginning of our videos.  Thanks to them we can continue to bring you Remix Report on a regular basis!  Of course there are costs associated with running our site, so we’re very appreciative of the support from, &  We wouldn’t have them advertise on our site if we didn’t believe they offered a top notch product that all DJ’s could benefit from.

Please take a minute this holiday season to see if our sponsors have a product you can benefit from.  Your support of them helps support us!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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  1. I would personally like to thank you guys for this usefull outlet of DJ and Remix information that you provide. And Im guessing I can speak for many, if not all when I say I feel all the info given on this site, is backed by your great expertise and knowledge in this field of DJing, Remixing, and Production.. So your time and efforts are def appreciated on maintaining this site, being the busy DJs/Remixers/Producers you guys are!

    I also think your sponsers prices and quotes for drops, logos, and skins are fairly reasonable. The investment one puts into these things is well worth it for any DJ at any level, and like you guys said, this will establish you, and furthur legitamise you and your company while playing out at your gigs. Having a laptop skin IMO, is just as standard nowadays as playing live with Serato, and its expected of you if your a pro or just plain out serious about being in this industry!

    Lastly, I agree that its not a bad idea to have a year plan/goal in place now. In November of 2009 I wrote out my 2010 plan. While most of my goals for this year have been reached, I created a website for my company that I deliberitly kept dormant, so when the time came to fill it up with productions, building the website would be one less thing I have to do at that point. This year included a lot of R & D(research and development) that I want to see come to fruition in 2011. Its so much easier to have an outline/plan or short term goal in place, and then go after it and strive for the best!

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