Episode 131 – Black & Yellow (Scooter X-mas Remix)

There are quite a few holiday remixes out there right now, but this one really caught our ear.  Scooter cleverly flipped the nutcracker theme into Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow” by replaying the instruments.  Guaranteed to get a crowd reaction!

You can get it at www.crooklynclan.net/djscooter

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  1. Amazing production, and a very creative remix as well, thanks Scooter! JD, I would have to agree on what you said about crowd reaction to this, so true…Its always the way.

    I think we as DJs, Remixers, and Producers always get some great creativity on what our next remix should be from unconventional methods. I think a lot of us go thru life always subconciously “listening” to our enviroment, and when we hear something that strikes at our creativity, we automatically hear a remix in our head of what we are hearing, even before putting it down in our DAW! Some of my most creative ideas for mixes come from everyday life, weather it be TV(and the digital channels that play music we may of forgot outside of the heavy rotated top 40 today)…waking up to an alarm clock radio accidently tuned to an oldies station, and hearing an old track, and having the remix already set out within your head and so on.. Anyways Scooters track here should have no problem with DJs hesitant to play it, because like JD said, its all about fliping it on the crowd, and getting a great reaction to an awesome remix, and I think creative payoff on this one will shine like the glistning winter snow! lol

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