Episode 133 – New Years Eve Playlist

New Years Eve is right around the corner and there are a LOT of countdowns and NYE goodies to choose from.  These are a few that we’ve tracked down.

Dynamite (Dj Phase NYE 2011) DOWNLOAD
Start at 11:59:50

SHM – NYE One (Dj Serafin Countdown) DOWNLOAD
Start at 11:59

Pursuit of NYE (Dj Serafin & Dj Dement Remix) DOWNLOAD

New Years Day (Dj Serafin B-more Remix)(www.crooklynclan.net/djserafin)

New Years 2011 Countdown with Beatbreaker, Smooth City, Dj Boneshaker & Xmind (15 Edits) (www.crooklynclan.net/djbeatbreaker)
Start at 11:59:50

Shots (New Years Eve 2011 Remix – Beatbreaker, Xmind & Club Headliners) (www.crooklynclan.net/djbeatbreaker)

Dj Scooter (www.crooklynclan.net/djscooter)
Dj Got Us Falling In Love (NYE 2011 Countdown)
Black & Yellow (NYE 2011 Countdown)
Like A G6 (NYE 2011 Countdown)
No Hands (NYE 2011 Countdown)
One (NYE 2011 Countdown)
Only Girl (NYE 2011 Countdown)
We R Who We R (NYE 2011 Countdown)

NYE Countdown (Dante The Don & Bobby Lite Mega 10 Pack)(www.crooklynclan.net/dantethedon)
Start at 11:59:50

New Years Eve Intro (Dirty Bit)(Dj eWrek)(www.crack4djs.net/djewrek)
Start at 11:59:50

One More New Years Anthem (914 Hit Squad NYE Midnight Peak Smasher)(www.crack4djs.net/914hitsquad)

4 Minute NYE Countdown Party Mix (www.yourremix.com)

Lil Jon New Years Eve 2011 Countdown Edits with Dj Kontrol DOWNLOAD
Plus a bonus download from Lil Jon and DJ Kontrol —  “Get Naked”  DOWNLOAD

The Final New Years Eve Countdown (Dj JD Edit) DOWNLOAD
Start at 11:58

Added since our video

Dj Eloy Video Countdown DOWNLOAD

DJ Eloy’s 2011 Countdown’s! (Strictlyhits.com)
This zip file includes:
The Final Countdown of 2010 (Countdown to 2011)
The Final Countdown is The Time (Europe Vs. BEP)
2011 is The Time (BEP 2011 Countdowns) Part 1&2

New Years 2010 Anthem (Kon-tempt & Stik-e)(www.av8records.com)

Gigamesh NYE Pack 2011 (www.crooklynclan.net/discotech)

The Time (Dj Ammo Remix)(Dj Fabian NYE 2011 Edits) DOWNLOAD
Start at 11:59:45

Let us know what your playing.  Leave a comment or email us at remixreport@gmail.com


  1. Hey guys, great overhaul of the site…like it! Wishin you guys a safe and Happy New Year! Thanks for a great year of insight into the DJ/Remix community, and lookin foward to another great one ahead.

    Like every year, creativity always shines bright when it comes to New Year transition songs or mixes, and this year is no diff. Like Spring commented, there are more and more flips out there, and theres a lot of good stuff here, and they all have great 2010 anthems that will maintain great energy when 2011 hits! Almost every year I make a custom NYE pack and use it, and this year is no diff, I will be in FL. DJing a private gig, however next year I think I will take a break and seek out some of the great NYE stuff that will be out there!

    As far as timing on a NYE countdown, lol… it is sometimes nerve raking to nail it, not because you question your technical skill of nailing the countdown, but because of “outside” elements that can interfere with you! My first NYE gig way back didnt go so hot, and I quickly learned from that expierience. Your advice in this episode is well taken. To combat any unforseeable distractions that may arise, like others prob do, I have hired additional “help” on both sides of the booth to take care of the fun-loving, but often way too drunk party goers from having a run at me with a request or something at that magical hour of the New Year, totally oblivious to the year coming to a close!

    Again thanks to Remix Report for a great year, Once the craziness has disapated and back from FL, I will be sending you guys my 2010 Remix Pack(Not a NYE one, just a remix pack of my 2010 and new unreleased 2011 Remixes) :)

  2. Thanks so much for everything you guys do. This site has been a great resource since I found it recently. So many great mixes are available and it’s nice that you guys sift through much of it and discuss it on here.

    I’ve done NYE for a few years now, and I never really had any issue with my timing for the countdown. Now that I’m sitting here thinking about it, I’ll be a wreck this year. haha

  3. This is why I love internal mode. I plan on using that to make sure the pitch is exactly at zero and it can be timed out right

  4. Thanks Guys for everything!
    You 2 have helped me so much over the last few months (since I found your site).

    For NYE I used a mix by DJ Houst Dark: “New Years Countdown – Auld Lang Syne (Dynamite Hype & Chorus Short Mix)” and I loved it!!!!!!!!! Then I followed it with 914 Hit Squad
    DJ CJ & DINO ROC’s: One More New Years Anthem [NO COUNTDOWN].

    I found this to be the perfict fit!!!

    Happy New Year guys!
    Keep it up!

    – DJ WildMike

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