Episode 006 – Jump Around 2009 (Party Bangaz Remix)

Today we highlight a classic remix: House Of Pain – Jump Around 2009 (Party Bangers Remix)

About this remix:

Song: House Of Pain – Jump Around 2009 (Party Bangaz Remix)
BPM/Key: 107 – E Minor
Where to find it: www.YourRemix.com

The Party Bangaz Remix of Jump Around is an instant classic, seamlessly blanding extra drums and tastefully adding Fatman Scoop to the intro.  Check out our examples of mixing in and out of this remix and leave comments about what you play.  Don’t forget you can always reach us at remixreport@gmail.com

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  1. it’s quite an entertaining album; pbaborly nothing to last for all too long, but pretty good while it lasts. And actually cool for cruising around in the car with the windows down! ;)

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