Episode 136 – Mailbag

Your questions:

– What’s the best way to play for an 18 and under event?
– What’s a good record pool for Rock?
– What do I say to someone requesting a hot song early in the night?
– Do you wear earplugs when you DJ?
– I need advise on making a mixtape?

If you have questions, let us know!  Email us at remixreport@gmail.com and put “mailbag” in the subject.


  1. For the high school parties, some older songs work really well (you’d be surprised what they know) for example these
    montell jordan- this is how we do it
    be faithful
    missy elliot – work it
    Salt N pepa – push it

  2. for rock, http://www.themixtools.com (a newer record pool) has some rock

  3. I was quite intrigued on the mixtape answer. I think when it comes to mixtapes, I prob follow the same format as many DJs, going thru my playlists/crates and pre-choose what will be in the mix, and determining what goes with what “key” wise, simiular to playing live, however I am really impressed with Guzies’ approach to the whole thing, by adding all those club bangers and other songs you think you will feature on your mixtape. That is such a good idea! Why didnt that even cross my mind all these years? I guess it takes a Rock-It Scientist to come up with an idea!(No pun intended!…ok…pun intended)(lol)But in all seriousness that is a great time saving technique, and JD makes a great point about forgetting tracks, some of my miux tapes that Im happy with, when all is said and done, a couple of days later I think, “OMG, I forgot to add…” and its usually not a club banger, just a song that might of been nice to hear with a current chart topper! Good Mailbag Episode!

  4. @ReMike – You’re right. Those are classics and the younger crowd definitely knows those. They can surprise you. I remember a few years back the kids were into the Beatles “Yellow Submarine” all year. lol. They would go nuts over it! – JD

  5. As always…the biggest respect for Jay and JD as well as Remixreport.com. It doesnt matter how long you’ve been dj’ing, there is always more to learn and re-learn. You guys do a great job and I catch every episode I can. Thank you!! — Dj Bedtime

  6. Making new mixes is always a challenge because of the amount of music that presents itself to us on a daily basis. When I made my “High Octane” mix CD last year, A lot the music was stuff I was getting directly from the artists to post on Beezo Blog and I was like, “Damn, I gotta fit this in somewhere” and pretty much became a project all on it own. I do follow a similar routine to what Brian Armand said, in regards to putting stuff together in key but also how to program a set. When Your live, You press record and go. On these studio mixes, More time is involved and many times, A lot of DJ’s dont use the advantage of creating a studio mix to its fullest potential. I always try to get extremely creative, even flipping each track a certain way or even playing tracks differently than they were first meant to be played. Ever find a hot house/electro record but people only play the track between the first and 2nd breakdown? Sometimes what comes after the 2nd breakdown is an even stronger record than the 1st breakdown. Ive had a few conversations with DJ Spryte regarding this. (His monthly series inspired my High Octane series).Good advice here.

  7. Thanks for the Beezo Blog shoutout. As DJ Bedtime mentioned, We appreciate your support.

  8. To the request question, I guess it also depends on the venue you’re playing at. I am from the NY/NJ area, and when I spin at this one place in Hoboken, the owner specifically tells me you’re allowed to play a song two or even three times during the night. As a DJ, I hate playing songs twice, I feel if you wanted to listen for a song, then don’t leave the place. The best is when you do play that requested song, and the person goes “Oh, I didn’t hear it” or “I wasn’t here, can you play it again?” LOLOL… I simply tell them well you should have been here when I played it. Like Spring says, you never win and he hit the nail on the head with that. LOL

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