Episode 138 – Big Pimpin Playlist

In today’s playlist edition we respond to a viewers request and give examples of how we mix in and out of Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin'”.

Jay Spring Example:
Ludacris – What’s Your Fantasy
Jay-Z – Big Pimpin’
Three 6 Mafia – Stay Fly

Dj JD Example:
Ludacris – How Low (Diggz Acapella Out)
Jay-Z – Big Pimpin’
Huey – Pop, Lock & Drop It

Let us know how you fit “Big Pimpin” into your sets. Leave a comment or email us at remixreport@gmail.com.


  1. First off, let me say both your mix examples are especially tight in regards to transitioning from one song to the next, Very well done “traditional” style hip hop cuts from one song to the next! Spring, your right, I think we are all guilty of the Luda-Fantasy/Jay Z-Pimpin mix. JD, really like the way you go from “How Low” to “Big Pimpin”.. I really like the way that one flows, and gives a fresh spin on an old classic!

    In 99′ I my residencies were at an in-state nightclub, and also as the DJ in an exotic dancers club(Ive learned to be politically correct when describing that type of club lol)For my local residency, the original was just fine mixing it with stuff like Luda “Fantasy”. However at the “Dancers” club I was limited to 3 song sets, and each song could be no longer than about 3 minutes…so I had about a 10 minute window for each set. Since this club was in a nightclub district, I decided to make a “DJ Production” out of the night by never stopping the music, and continuosly mix beat to beat thru the night, just like you hear in a regular night club…Big Pimpin was requested very heavily within the urban sets they wanted for thier 3 song set, however I was also in charge of dancer rotation, which ment I had to provide variety to the patrons, which in turn ment only 1 to 2 sets of Hip Hop back to back, and 1 to 2 sets of Progressive House, Trance etc…That year also marked the year I was creating a whole new remix series entitled “DJ Beatz”, and on volume 1 I remixed “Big Pimpin” The DJ Beatz series, all 10 volumes are in the same format as ULtimix, Funkymix and X-Mix with thier intros and outros, and middle breakdowns if you choose to get out of the song at that point. I however wanted to create Big Pimpin, so I can use it to transition into the trance and progressive house stuff JD mentioned in the Vid. So I took one of Soniques remixes of “It Feels So Good” and used that as the underlying track under Big Pimpin”. This of course allowed the songs beats to appear “doubled” and the Sonique beat was an 808 breakbeat style beat, So it was perfect for coming out of my Hip Hop sets for that club and into my house stes. Of course I usually mixed it into Soniques song, as it was a perfect fit mix, however like I also mixed out of it with stuff like Zombie Nations track as well. I think it was the X-mix of Kernkraft 400, in which they used a breakbeat style beat for the drums, so that worked well too! Lol, Spring on the Huey reference, that was a good one, you had me rollin laughin, I definitly wasnt expecting to hear that comparison!!!!

  2. Jay Spring the comedian. (Huey)

  3. Looking thru my recent playlists on Serato, Here are a few ways I’ve thrown “Big Pimpin” into sets lately.

    Santogold – Shove It (Switch Remix)
    Jay-Z – Big Pimpin
    Dennis Blaze’s “Like A G6” (Southside Sizzurp Remix)
    Three 6 Mafia – Sippin On Some Syrup

    David Banner – Like A Pimp
    Jay-Z – Big Pimpin (Acapella Out)
    Kanye West feat. Rihanna – All of The Lights

    DJ Serafin – Turn My Ish On (Party Break) (Acapella Out)
    Jay-Z – Big Pimpin (Acapella Out)
    DJ Felli Fel – Feel It (Vanguards Remix)

    There is no real right or wrong way to mix in and out of this song. Its like a universal transition track, since you can transition into rap or back into uptempo, go into dubstep, uk funky or any other high tempo dance. Think Darude, ATB, Alice Deejay, Kernfraft 400 and the like. Good video.

  4. you guys rock. thank you.

  5. forgot to mention, the beatfreakz did a transition a while back, curiously called “Big Pimpin Transition” — I believe it’s on crooklyn.

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