Episode 139 – Otherside (Dj Riz Remix) (Classic)

Dj Riz’s “Otherside” remix is one of the most popular mashups of all time. It’s Riz’s #1 selling mashup on Crooklynclan.net and #5 all-time on the site. He took the classic Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song and chopped it up B-more style. It’s definitely representative of the mashup climate at the time and show’s Riz’s creativity.

You can find Dj Riz online at:

Stay tuned FRIDAY for our interview with Dj Riz!

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  1. This remix never fails!

  2. Crooklyn Clan/Riz…so many hot classic “choped” and anthem songs we all know and love from these guys…great work!

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