Defending DJ Pauly D

As we all know, there is one thing many DJs love more than music itself, and that is HATING on other DJs.  Sometimes it’s justified – for instance, if there’s a fellow DJ you always give acapellas to, but when you ask for one they have, they won’t share.  Perhaps you let a fellow DJ cover a club night for you, and then they end up politicking with the owner, and undercut you to steal the night!   In that case, by all means, you have every right to hate on that DJ.   Lately, DJ Pauly D has been a hot topic in the DJ community, with many DJs talking trash about him via Twitter, Youtube, etc.  However, the hating in this case is NOT justified.

Everyone knows the deal so I won’t spend much time recapping.  It’s very simple.  Pauly was a DJ spinning local spots.   He became a star via MTV.  Now he’s doing huge club gigs for huge money.  The last sentence really shouldn’t puzzle anyone.   He has a huge mainly female following, which is every club owners dream.  The end result is you have an inexperienced DJ who is still in the process of getting better, now spinning at spots usually reserved for the game’s elite – while also out-earning them.

My question to all the haters is this:  “What would you do if you were in his shoes?”  If you were a newer DJ and got offered big bucks to play a big club, would you turn it down?  Would you say “Ehhh, I appreciate the offer sir, but you know, there are other DJs out there who are better than me.  I’m gonna keep practicing and I’ll get back to you in about five years once I’ve finally earned the respect of Dj So-and-so on youtube.”  Maybe you would provide a list of all the DJs that you felt were better than you, tell the club owner to try them first, and then tell the owner if everyone on this list is already booked, you would be happy to play that night :)

To anyone who has visited any online forum ever, you know that the Internet is full of haters.  That’s nothing new.  But the level of hate that I see for Pauly D is amazing.   And really, most DJs should be ashamed of themselves.  Every DJ was a beginner at one point.  I can’t imagine ever randomly telling another DJ that they suck.  As a DJ, you have definitely asked for help and more than likely received it, at some point in your career.  Whether you asked a peer for a song you needed, or for equipment advice.  Everytime I go to JD’s to record an episode, he always seems to get multiple calls from other DJs asking for some form of help or advice.  And JD always gives it without ever complaining.  I’ve had so many peeps give me feedback on mixes, help me with a song when I was in a rush, I can’t imagine ever not returning the favor.

My main point is this:  If you are a DJ and you think you are better than Pauly D, you should be helping him instead of just straight hating.  My advice to Pauly would be this:

There’s gotta be alot of pressure as a novice DJ all of a sudden getting crazy money for huge gigs like this.  However, just because you’re getting all that money doesn’t mean you have to try and put on a huge show.  Just do what you’re comfortable doing and don’t go beyond yourself.  I’ve seen many of the best DJs perform and most don’t scratch all that much.   DJing at clubs isn’t all about doing amazing stuff.  It’s about keeping the energy going.   So basically, don’t try to do too much.  I would also recommend checking out record pools such as Dj City or DMS.  They list all the BPMS, and have very useful edits of songs with mixable intros that will definitely help you sound smoother.  Last but not least, find someone who you know is well-respected who will help teach you the craft.  If you can’t find anyone, check out some of the tutorials on youtube, or even blogs like this.

Hopefully, I changed some of your minds and made you look at this in a different way.   Like I said, just put yourself in his shoes and ask yourself what you would do in that position.



  1. I enjoyed this article and as a DJ who is still somewhat new (5 years, 2 solid club years) I see what your saying and having talked to Pauly D at an event he hosted I understand his point as well. He said “who wouldnt want to be me right now?” and my answer was there probably isnt anyone who wouldnt want these opportunites…

    My Main beef with him as a “DJ” is he lacks basic skills. If you go to his website and listen to his mixes they are garbage. No mixing involved, the scratching is terrible, and its just nails on a chalkboard. My main thing is fine, if owners want to book him as a guest, thats fine do your thing and make that money, but if he is actually taking actual “DJ gigs” he should be working harder to improve his skills esp for the amount of money he is making…7500-10k!!!

    I am not hating at all…but this will pass over so he better make his money while he can…if he wants longevity he needs to get better on the decks and then I think the hating will come to a minimum. Its just you got DJs in the game right now whos mixing is flawless, cutting is on point, yet can’t get a gig to save their lives. Its a cut throat industry but all I am saying is Pauly, if you want to keep making this kind of dough once the whole Jersey Shore crap is an old tampon then step up the skills.

    other then that when I met him he seemed like a good enough person so I can see why people find him to be a draw, esp girls.

    thats it. good artivcle spring

  2. SevenUp….I’m glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for the comment!
    You made a good point that I forgot to mention – and that is, if he isn’t working hard to get better, then it would be ok to hate on him. But really, thats something we don’t know the answer to. I just hope he can find some supporters to help him along the way so he does have the chance to improve. As far as great djs not getting all the gigs, you are right that it is cut-throat business, and this has been something going on long before Pauly. A big part of rising in the DJ field revolves around promotions, networking, and catching some breaks. Pauly was fortunate enough to catch a break, and I would be kinda mad if he didn’t take advantage of it. Thanks again for the response Seven, and hopefully we talk again soon.


  3. Im not a hater but I crush alot. Pauly I would love to be in your shoes right now bro who wouldn’t but you have to earn respect from DJ’s to hold that title as a DJ down. Anybody can call themselves a DJ but being a DJ that can kill it or not is the question. Practice makes perfect I DJ 4 times a week and still dont consider myself ready for a hugh vegas venue. But if a million girls were on my dick and a club owner was willing to pay that kind of money! YOU DAMN RIGHT IMMA BE UP IN THERE TRYING TO KILL IT!! LOL.. Anyways peace to all the hardworking upcoming DJ’s out there trying to make it! Hopefully some day I will get my time to shine @ big spot too. but when I get there I will have the skillz to back it up. Peace to JD for always being there when I had a question and never acting like he was to good to help me out! As for Pauly D, Take your ass to Dub Spot in Ny spend some money on DJ school and get in a dope record pool that will make your sets jump! okay Im out! Peace Seaneho

  4. That was dreadful to listen to that whole video. I think i have to go with hatin on him. cause from the video, no one is dancing, no one is buying drinks, the clubs not making much except for covers. I would hate to be a tv star “DJ” look out on the crowd and not see anyone dancing. They are standing in place moving back and forth just looking at him. Pauly D has the wrong idea of what it takes to be a DJ. From the video it seems like he thinks its good to stand there, “look good”, and scratchin every 15 seconds. The fact that he thinks thats good is out of this world. Pauly D has a long way to go before he deserves to be where he is at now. Just horrible.

  5. I love the site, just stumbled over here today.

    on alot of points, I have to agree.
    you CANNOT knock the hustle. we all know sub-par DJs in our area that bust their ass to
    convince people they are good. social sites, online mixes, web shows… theres a billion ways
    to tell everyone how nasty you are.

    heres where things change for someone like Paul.
    anytime your an artist (on any level..from crayons to composing) the day you step out and start taking peoples money, and take money out of other artist’s pockets the expect the scrutiny to increase 10-fold.
    the day a local player steps out of his little backwoods theatre production of our american cousin and gets scooped up by hollywood and thrown into the spotlight as a marketable item that will draw huge revenue what happens?
    out comes the microscope.

    and thats the way it should be. its a system of “checks and balances” within the performance industry.
    now when AM was sprung into the limelight for his dating life at first alot of djs who werent “in the know” thought his fame was based soley on his girlfriend…then people came to realize that he actually knew what he was doing and could hold it down…
    but with him, the microscope certainly came out.
    so, here we are again.
    yet, another young dj was fortunate to catch a break…and I say good for him.
    he has a few choices he can ride it til it dies, he can put the axe to the grindstone and really hone his skills and use this as a springboard to become someone who’ll be booked for his abilities when the show goes south…
    but no stretch of the imagination is he horrible.
    he is like alot of those djs who are at the point in their career where they need MENTORSHIP. they know about the skills, they know some of the rules…. but they just
    cannot consistantly put them together…
    add that to the golden rule of celebrities: there is always a camera.
    we’ll, Im sure we’ll see more videos that arent what you’d call amazing.

    but I have love for his luck. Im the kinda guy who likes to see people in my scene thrive.
    and if they are in fact a little lacking in the skill department im not going to hate that.
    because in the end that only makes the skilled DJ look better.


  6. Thanks for the comments Seaneho, Zach, and JC —

    Seaneho – I’m glad you can see where I’m coming from. And like SevenUp mentioned in the first comment, hopefully Pauly is putting in some time to build his skills.

    Zach – I agree the first video is a little crazy….but remember what I said – put yourself in his shoes. He has alot of pressure on him now, and probably feels like he has to put on a show. Hence all the scratching.

    JC – Glad you found our site and extra glad you like it :) You are definitely right about AM. I was also one who thought he must be big because of his girl, but the second I watched a youtube vid of him, I was forced to eat my words. After a few more vids, he became one of my favs. I’m sad I never got to see him perform live. Also, you are exactly right about Pauly – He “was fortunate to catch a break” and who can hate on him for that?

  7. Gotta Love Pauly D

    To Zachass! You say “cause from the video, no one is dancing, no one is buying drinks.” That’s cause they’re all busy trying to get glimpse of Pauly. Doesn’t mean they’re not enjoying the show cause I am sure they are. Which I am pretty sure that’s why majority of them went there in the first place cause they knew Pauly would be there. I’m glad to see some one defending Pauly tho unlike you! Cause he gets hated on soo much and like the “Remix Report” said “Every DJ was a beginner at one point.” I give Pauly awhile and I can bet you he’ll be up there and better than ever. It takes time and I think right now.. While he’s learning more he’s enjoying it and havin’ fun and that’s a good thing <3.

  8. JD & Spring I am so glad that you spoke out on this. I couldn’t agree more with you regarding all the Haters on Pauly D. I have met Pauly before and he seems like a nice enough guy that just is doing what any other DJ would do in his situation. I have many friends that just love to hate on this kid… I feel like they all wish they thought about going on a reality tv show and get there 15 min of fame. But Pauly was able to do this and also make some money doing it.. can’t hate on him for that. Trust me people might think that I would hate on him seeing how I am going to be married to a DJ that spins at some spots that Pauly has but WE BOTH feel the same way. Let the kid to his thing and make that paper. Everyone else just needs to focus on there grind and not worry about what other people are doing. Everyone at some point catches a break, but some people just have to work harder than others to get there.

  9. @GottaLovePauly…

    I understand your point, but why arent the people in this camp or other DJs who have his back telling him to stop what he’s doing??
    Thats great that he is bringing in hoards of people (esp girls) but the thing is, his scratching is WACKKKK! (and thats not hating, thats fact) There is no technique to it, no flares, no chirping, no crabs, nothingggg! its just noise…and bad noise at that, so if I was him my main concern as I said in my original post is longevity. If he goes into a club and spins and does shit like that for 3 hours, he will not be getting gigs once the whole Jersey Shore thing deflates.

    Its one thing to hate over jealousy (which a majority of the hate is, in this particular scenario) but its another to have legitimate reason to hate. Alot of REAL DJS are hating because they see this dude who by most standards is a rookie out there making 10 grand a gig purely based off some crap show that for some odd reason became a hit, while they are spinning for 250-500 a night and absolutely destroying the place.

    What gets me is if you went and saw AM (RIP) at a club, people dance, people move, people are into it…so the whole “people trying to catch a glimpse of him” is a very null and frankly a bad point, IMO. Same goes for DJ Scene, Clinton Sparks, Jazzy Jeff, David Guetta, Tiesto or any other superstar DJ (and please dont get me wrong, I am not putting Pauly D in the super star DJ category Im just mainly using these DJs as compasions in terms of crowd draw)…yah people are there for them but I can damn sure tell you people will be dancing and having a blast the entire time they are spinning.

    I respect his hustle at the moment, but if he doesnt improve his skills I will become a hater. If he wants to host nights, then fine more power to him and no one should hate on that, but for him to keep getting behind the tables, make 10grand, and do the pathethic shitty sets he’s doing, he better hone those skills asap if he wants any sort of respect as a “DJ”

  10. Gotta Love Pauly D

    @SevenUP Thanks but why would they? Maybe that’s why they’re asking him to come and do a show. They can get him in and know that people will come pouring in cause they wanna see him or whatever and can make money and he’s getting paid for it either ways. He must be doing something right.. Don’t like his scratching? Leave. Stop listening. Easy as that. I’m not being a bitch or anything but I am just saying. U don’t like it than oh well. So what if he doesn’t get any gigs once the whole “Jersey Shore” dies down some.. He’s getting it now and he’s enjoying it. Which I think even AFTER the show dies down some.. He’ll still be getting some gigs. BUT I do understand what you’re saying. I really do. I also believe tho that with time.. He’ll get better. Watch. Maybe he’s a bit nervous right now with all this going on and all them around him like that or something.. I don’t know. I mean it could be anything really. I don’t know what to say really about him making more than the rest. I honestly don’t and I can see why they’d hate him for it or whatever. But.. What can we do? And instead of becoming a hater why not help him if you think he’s that bad? He seems sweet. I am sure he wouldn’t mind some advice or something. You know? If a DJ helps him out.. Who knows. They help him out than maybe them two can work on something together and THEY can make the money as well! I do respect other DJs tho. No doubt about it but I also respect Pauly as well…

  11. @RemixReport I want to say great article. You made a lot of good points and explained everything well. If I were in his shoes I would defiantly take those gigs with no hesitation. I too am a some what new DJ, I know I got a long way to go before I can get major gigs like that, but I practice, and I practice hard. Not only that I stay on top of my music, listen to it, tag it, cue it properly and am prepared for an event. And by the looks of it, it doesn’t look like he isn’t putting in that effort. And I think thats where some of the hating starts to come from. I don’t think any one is hating on his hustle. But on his skills as a DJ, they’re A LOT of bad things to say. And it starts to get DJ’s mad that they are better then him and he is over here getting paid 10k for a night. Like @sevenup said, there are flawless djs out there who can’t get a decent gig. Especially with promoters always being so damn tight with money and expect you to bring everyone. Which is why he is getting those gigs, its his fame thats doing it for him right now, not his skills. His fame is bringing in tons of people. And once his fame goes so will his gigs unless he really steps his game up and gets someone to help him. But I think he has a better shot of being more of a celebrity then a DJ. He did already catch a break as a DJ, he’ll probably use that to network at maybe star in another show or w/e. So I think its reasonable for DJ’s who are better than him to hate on him for his skills. I feel I’m better then him as a DJ and ill hate on him for that, but not for getting his grind on cuz shit I would do the same. It just kinda sucks for us DJ’s who can’t catch a big break like him. I know DJ’s who are better then me and I get more gigs then them and I know DJ’s that aren’t better then me and they are getting gigs. Its a harsh world for djs and it just kinda gets me mad that he got a break while they’re are many of us here better than him and have to struggle to get good paying gigs. So to sum up, i think its ok to hate on him as far as his DJ skills go (hate on fellow djs) until he gets better, which i dont think he will, but not ok to hate on his hustle cuz we would all take that opportunity. Great article again.

  12. @the pauly D fan. There is only one thing i agree with in your response. “Every DJ was a beginner at one point.” Yea ya have to start somewhere, but somehwere should not be a big club. That spot to begin is small parties, school dances, any small gigs like that where the people will have fun no matter what! I grew up with a Dj and that has made me very technical about the music i hear, and the way i hear it. The video is just painful for me to hear cause i am used to hearing, is top end stuff.

    As for Pauly and actually being a Dj. I don’t think he will ever be as good as he could be. He is too caught up in this “star” thing and since he is a star he doesn’t have to be good, he just has to look good. And once all of that is over he will either give up on Djing, or he would start actually trying to be good, which at that point who cares?? other than that there is not much more i can say about this guy, i just don’t like his style, and i straight up don’t think he’s good and the proof is there in the video, its undeniable. He has a LONG way to go.

    *sidenote: as for the heart…. you had better be a chick to be using that. And this vid, is the only vid i have seen of him doing any Djing

  13. Great article. I agree and disagree on a few points, but overall, It serves its purpose. I will start off and say that I have publically hated on PAULY D, mainly based on 2 things, The way he looks (guidos) and his DJ skills (lacking hard). You are right. We shouldnt hate. If I was in those shoes, I too would be doing the same, Only difference is that I actually have skills.

    Here is some positive advice I can offer to DJ PAULY D (since I know he reads this site). Pauly D is in a great position to make some major moves. All I can say is, STEP YOUR GAME UP. At your level and the amount of money you are commanding, You should be reaching out to DJ’s and learning from them. Call Jazzy Jeff, Call DJ Vice, Call DJ Enferno… Get in contact with DJs of all skill levels and continue to hone your craft. Ive been DJing for 18 years, since age 12 and every day I continue to learn something new, be it a new turntable skill, defferent ways to sidechain on Ableton or better ways to market myself. The DJ game is more than Fame, Fortune and women. If you step your DJ game up, You will ultimately earn the respect of your DJ brothers and sisters across the globe.

    People hated on DJ AM originally, because he dated Nicole Richie. We were all proven wrong. Prove that we shouldnt hate on your DJ skills. Show some passion for what we love to death, The artform of DJing.

    Much respect Remix Report and all DJs in the game.

  14. I’m just really glad to find out that I’m not the only DJ that doesn’t feel like bashing every Dj (or up and coming DJ) in the circuit. I’ve been playing records for over 10 years and it seems like no one ever has anything good to say about anyone else regarding Dj/production skills. Big ups to Jay Spring and JD!

  15. Thanks for all the comments everyone!

    Gotta Love Pauly D – You make a good point, while not everyone is dancing, they do look like they are having a good time.

    Anya Blu – My point exactly, he caught a break and its his job now to take advantage of it.

    Magnum – Glad you enjoyed the post!

    Audio1, Zach, QuikVic, and SevenUp —

    Remember, Pauly was spinning before the show started, and as they mentioned on the show, he IS passionate about music. So hopefully, his passion will drive him to keep getting better. On that note, we all agree that growing as a DJ isnt something that happens overnight. As Audio1 said, all of us are still getting better everyday. You can’t look at Pauly D in a year, and if he isn’t Enferno by then, say that he hasn’t been practicing. You have to give him time, as in years. So we’ll see how this plays out, and I’m definitely rooting for him.

  16. Gotta Love Pauly D

    @Zachass Each to their own. Everyone has their own opinion. I just don’t think it’s right tho that they’re all bashing him cause he was offered these great things and took them. I just don’t. I mean.. If you was in his place.. Rather u knew how to DJ fully or not.. U would have probably took that offer to right? Honestly? Some people likes his DJing and some don’t. You say you don’t think he’ll be as good.. I say he will. With time. I believe he can. You say he has a long way to go.. Well EVERY DJ had a long way to go at one point.

  17. Gotta Love Pauly D

    and @remixreport you’re welcome!

  18. Holy moly it’s DJ Pauly D!! Did you see all the cot damn girls in the crowd!?!? Man, that kid is NOT a dj but who the fuck cares??? If you can draw chicks to a club like that you are getting BOOKED, end of story!! Im loving this site JD gotta spend some time making it huge my dude, stay on it!!

  19. Great article!!! love the site JD.. i need all the advice and tips i can get lol

  20. Don’t know if any of the DJ’s on this site have had Pauly D come to their clubs and play a gig, but I just got word that he’s coming to my club to spin next month.

  21. Pauly D is doing his thing, many people may not be dancing in the video as they would be for “Superstar DJs” but we also know people arent going to hear him spin they are going for the simple fact that he is a celebrity, when people go to the “superstar dj” gigs they are usually fans of the music and skill the dj has. Pauly D could prob just show up at a club collect the same amount of money and bring in the same amount of people to come try and catch a glimpse of him. He just so happens to be a dj so he is taking full advantage of his fame as we all 20 years old prob djin longer then Pauly D and i know if i had the chance to make money i know i would, but I would like to take alot more from the experience then the money such as meeting other more experienced DJs to lend a helping hand

  22. hes getting everything you wish you had. the more you talk the bigger he becomes…. so who really has the upper hand ?

  23. Sizz – Exactly right, every club owner’s dream!

    Joel – We are definitely gonna have stuff for beginners on this site, including tutorials every so often….glad u liked the article!

    Kurve – please keep in touch and let us know how it goes.

    DJ Valentine – thanks for a very honest post…said very well.

    DJ Ghost – Correct indeed.

  24. At what point did it become hating to call someone who isnt very good not very good? Dudes hustle is 100%, and you cant knock that I would do the exact same thing in his shoes but if my talent wasnt up to par id expect to hear about it, why is it that if i hear someone spin and it dosent sound very good and i say wow he didnt sound very good im a hater?

  25. i think jay z said it best, i call a spade a spade it just is what it is

  26. Hey Jay Spring and JD I’ll def keep you guys posted. All I know is that he is only going to “spin” a 3 hour set, so there is an hour of opportunity for me to jump on the decks and do a little bit of schooling. Before or after it doesn’t matter to me. Hey Pauly D if you read this (and I’m sure you will) get at me. I’m also going to setup a uStream feed from the club that night as well.

  27. The biggest thing that’s been overlooked is that it is assumed he is a novice. “Give him more time blah blah blah maybe he’ll get better”. It even says in his bio that he’s been DJing for 13 or so years. He SHOULD be on Enfernos, Vices, AMs, Deckstars and Skam Artist dudes levels.

  28. i think bringing in a Pauly D to a venue is one of the smartest things a venue can do. he attracts a huge female crowd and thats what clubs want. in the video it does look more like most of the people were there to “watch” rather then dance. but whatever brings in the money for the club. Nick Cannon, aka DJ Sexy Fingerz, was at Shrine a few weeks back and i did not know what to expect from him as a DJ. he surprised me. by standards of DJ’s that have been in the game for a while and have proven themselves as crowd movers, he probably was not no where near their level but you know what he moved the crowd and had them going and participating. now was he an AM, a Jazzy Jeff, or an Inferno? not by any means but he had his own style and used his status as his means of moving the crowd. Pauly D is no different. he needs to work on his actual DJing skills but he def. looks like he can move a crowd on status alone. i have never seen him perform live so i can’t really be a true judge but in my opinion Pauly D has done nothing wrong and as long as he is getting that paper, then there will always be haters out there. Pauly D if you read this, get that paper while its there and hopefully you step up your game so when your status has weakened you can still get it.

  29. everybody has pretty much already hit it on the head. ain’t much to say about this kids skill that hasn’t been said. it’s obvious he sucks, and i’m sure he knows he sucks, but you gotta admit, when you hit the lottery u gotta take the money and run. he hit the lottery with that stupid show, he’s famous for it, girls go wherever he is, he sucks as a dj, no skill at all, i hope he knows that and don’t think he’s good, but he’s every club owners dream. a kid who can fill a room with girls… if anyone was in that position they wouldn’t stop bc they can’t dj, theyd go with the flow…

  30. Hello to everyone. First of all, I respect all of you here because you care enough about your skills and trade to visit this site and LEARN. Its something we all do at one point or another. Even a master can learn something form someone else. Hating is unfortunately a part of human nature. Jealousy is an evil vice. Learning to control it and using it to better yourself is what you need to strive for. I started spinning when I was 13 doing school dances and such. Been doing it for 20 years, and I still LOVE it. Have I hated on other DJ’s,…probably. Have other DJ’s hated on me,….definitely. We all have a common passion, talent and interest. I’ve helped dozens of guys over the years with sound system set ups, mic use, mixing, name it. Some have given help and respect back but some haven’t. Oh well. You get what you give. I’ve been pretty lucky over the years to hold long residencies. I’ve been at a beach club every summer for 17 years. (Hopefully I’ll be adding a few new great talents to the list of other guys working there.) Like others said, it can be a cut throat industry and many guys have tried to take my position. I do my job well and I love what I do. Sometimes DJs get hot for whatever reason,…who they know, where they are from, what TV show they are on,…etc. Sooner or later the uniqueness wears off and if the skills aren’t there its back to washing dishes. You need the whole package….skills, knowledge, “the Look”, experience and a little luck. Take every opportunity given to you but don’t take them for granted. Learn from them and strive to always be better. Don’t hate because it takes your focus away from you. Learn from everyone, no matter what level they are at. When you stop learning you stop bettering yourself. When you stop bettering yourself, you become part of the every day pack. Worry about you and your love for the music. I hope Pauly keeps his ego in tact and uses his new experiences to learn. Con salute Pauly!!! Good luck to you all.

  31. I think with all the money Dj-Pauly-d is making he should hire Q-bert to teach him to sacratch and badboy bill for examples to teach him to mix well.Also get into video and dj pools
    There is lots of remixes with excellent intros and Hype remixes
    But for now do what you can do without stressing about scratching
    Concentrate on hits and Catch up to the rest of us!!!

  32. Hey peeps here’s an update on the Pauly D gig I’m spinning at. (Via the clubs Facebook page)

    DJ Pauly D from MTV’s Jersey Shore will be at Fate Lounge Thursday, February 25th. Not only will Pauly D make an appearance, he will be spinning for over two hours!!!!!

    $2 16oz Miller Lite Drafts 7pm-9pm. $3 9pm-2am.

    $20 General Admission. Get your tickets at

    Doors open at 7pm. This is an 21+ event.

    You don’t want to miss Jersey Shore’s hottest Guido at Fate Lounge in the strip Thursday, February 25!!

  33. 8 out of 10 DJs are dorks !!!! 1 out of 10 are Douchbags !!! Everyone is a DJ in todays world. This is the result. If you like flat cut mixes with too much scratching then Pauly D is for you.

  34. any DJ that hates on another of his brothers who gets the chance to follow his passion is not deserving to be in the buisness. Pauly has spent many years playing the pool hall and small bars that you all have played and now he is lucky enough to break out and play national clubs, he is learning with every new room he is in and exposing so many new people to club music we all should be gratefull. Leave the egos at home , do it for the music.

  35. Chelby4Deckstar

    wow!!! that was horrible. I get it..I dont blame Pauly I blame the game, if he is getting he offers he is getting..take and run son…but the truth is if that video is any indication of his skills. homie has some practicing to do before he earns the community’s respect…bottom line My 6 yr old can cut better.

  36. leave the kid alone hes a celebrity 1st a dj 2nd theres no need for him to get better girls go to see HIM becuz hes a celebrity not cuz they want to see if he can dj !

  37. this guy cant mix for shit. end of discussion. :)

  38. If the club owners love him thats fine but why not just pay him to hang there all night and hire a local dj for cheap who crush this guy. Seriously that scratching was horrific. I could throw a cat onto a vestax vci and it would sound better.

  39. at the 1:24 mark you will also see he has no mixing ability. 1st song is playing somebody shout over the mic and 2nd song starts he literally started the track and slid the fader over no mixing whatsoever. If this guy has been djing for years he literally has been living in a cave and his platters were made of rocks and mixer was his feces.

  40. I was in vegas this weekend and saw his debut performance at rain on fiday night. His performance was only ok and only made seem good because of the clubs massive light systems and screens. He kept building you up with songs but would never tAke you over the edge. When he should of kicked it up a notch he constantly brought you back down. He wAs constantly talking over the mic and over pushed the fist pump stuff. The show was about him and not the crowd. After giving him many chAnces we left dissapointed. My dj at my local bar In little old merced ca was better than pauly d. Btw the dAnce floor was pretty empty Way too early. I belive the
    More locAls that here him the faster his dj run at the palms will end

  41. 1.5 years later… He was absolute shit opening up for Britney Spears.  I’m still trying to recover my manhood after agreeing to go to that damn concert.  I can only blame myself for it.  All this schmuck can do is put together garbage mixes and scream out loud one of three things: “Sing it like you’re singing to me” and “pump your fist” to “Yo, there are so many girls in here…”  At this point, he knows he can get away with it.  Can’t blame him for milking his celebrity while he can, but taking himself seriously as a DJ is about as douchy as one can get.  If he really cared, he’d be making the appearances and supporting talented up-and-coming DJs while raking in a cut of their profit.  That would get my respect.  Otherwise, he’s a no-talent ass-clown who thinks just b/c he’s been doing this for years makes him any good.

  42. It was all set up by MTV people for his show!! Are you really that naive? He didn’t earn it, he is a commodity of MTV who wants to make a lot of money off a show about him “landing” a dj gig in Vegas. In my opinion he is a good dj stylistically but his music choice sucks. He needs to branch out in the world cause he’s used to playing shitty poppy music for trashy trendy people. Look at someone like Dj Shadow who is really the shit for some real dj’n!

  43. The fact is hè is still playing lousy tunes in THE club we want to hear Deep or Tech house or Nu disco , hip hop we listen in THE car altho we not so avantgarde As Europe were not retards

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