Episode 141 – Dj Riz Interview

Last weekend we had the opportunity to sit down with Dj Riz, 1/2 of Crooklyn Clan and co-founder of Crooklynclan.net. Along with Dj Sizzahands, Riz created the most recognizable party breaks and club records and was a driving force behind the AV8 Record label. In today’s interview we talk about the past and uncertain future of DJing, what it’s like to have Biggie give you props for playing his song and why Fatman Scoop party hype will never die.

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  1. Extremely informative interview. Just about covered my entire lunch hour. DJ Riz definitely gave a lot of great advice and drop mad knowledge. Watch this video, from one of the Og’s of the hip hop and Club DJ game.

    Big ups Riz, JD & Jay Spring.

  2. Its a refreshing moment in my deejay career to go back and hear this kind of stuff being talked about from Riz. I mean I started on vinyl, and its cool what serato has done to the game. I think with the interview props to Spring & JD for doing this because it allows us to do more research and get that knowledge that Riz was talking about in the interview. There’s a lot that everyone can pick up on this interview, even myself, after hearing some of the main points Riz brings up, I automatically went and researched the ish. I just think that this bring’s a lot of light to the game and the craft and will a lot of the people who are new, a better understanding of the start of a new era. I mean it’s tough to hear the new guy’s think Fatman Scoop made the “Be Faithful” track, when in all reality he just did the lyrics, when it was Riz and Siz making that ish up, and look it now, some odd years later, the thing is still killin’ and as Riz said himself, it always will. Its really great to hear from the people that have heavily influenced the game/craft because you can learn so much from it as I stated earlier. I mean Riz is a big name to the game, and he say’s a lot about how deejay’s now really can be big, and not known in the club. It just goes back to saying how far this game/craft has changed over time. Who know’s whats going to happen in five years from now, we could really be doing a lot of crazy stuff then. But again it’s cool to take it back “old school,” and look back at where we came from, and what stuff made us and got us to where we are today, I remember when I got my first deejay, I was so happy, yet I remember when I got my first crooklyn clan track, it was like that happiness all over again to see where things are going with our game/craft. IT IS WHAT IT IS. Props again to Riz, JD & Spring for doing things like this to help us do our research, so we know where we came from, especially for the younger guys doing this.


  3. Riz without a doubt is a Legend with so many party break anthems that graced the turntables of so many DJs thru out the world. I remember my trips to the record store and seeing the AV8 logo, and anything with Crooklyn Clan was def a sure buy for me cause I knew it was going to be Hip Hop energy all the way! I loved playing the party breaks at the clubs and parties, they always went over very well, as we all know, and the crowd always responded to them in a big way, and still do. Classic, Classic!
    I kind of went a simiular route in regards of becoming a hip hop DJ, cause in the 90s, it was all about the “100 BPM” range, although I started my career making House mixtapes, playing house, and underground house, and overseas stuff, but was branded a hip hop DJ, cause thats what I played at the clubs…The crowd in the mainstream clubs wasnt goin for house then. However within those same years, when playing the after hours spots, you would think that Hip Hop never existed, cause the energy of the crowd response to House was massive. How times have changed, and Im sure given time, a new era, what ever that is, will bring a new music craze on the scene. I remember I think it was around 1993 I had also picked up the vinyl of what I think were the flipsquad breaks, they had yellow record labels featuring Funkmaster Flex. One of the B sides was called “Here I go”, and I still have them, only now on CD. I totally forgot about them until Riz mentioned Flex…Anyway, great interview. Its always a pleasure to see an interview with the “creative talent” behind such great music that really have made a musical impact on both DJs and Partygoers alike. Very much respect to Riz, JD and Spring!

  4. Great interview. Riz is a true legend. Hall of fame status!

  5. great interview, thanks so much for doing this. I’d only seen pictures of Riz before this… nice to hear all the knowledge behind the name..

  6. Amazing interview! Im truly honored that he actually mentioned my name. He is such a great humble dude. Great job all around.

    Much respect Riz, JD & Jay Spring.

  7. DJ Riz is a true legend of our time. I would like to thank DJ Spring & DJ JD for interviewing Riz so the younger generation can see how we were brought up and how to learn from great DJ’s such as Riz.

  8. Excellent job as usual guys.
    things like this are one of the biggest things I miss from record-shop days.
    runnin into other DJs, just sitting around the table yammering on about the scene.
    now we all stay home and use networks top commo. :-(

    • exactly! Every week I couldn’t wait to go to my local record store, where the owner would put records to the side for me to listen to. Then you would usually run into another dj you would know and before you knew it you were in the record store for 3 hours already. Those were great times and I will never forget them!

  9. Thank you Remix Report for doing this one. Riz is the definition of a real DJ and he is one of the reasons why I started DJing.

  10. Wow! Amazing interview. Riz is truly one humble cat and you’ll never hear/see another DJ like him.

  11. Great Interview… “It is what it is!” Riz favorite line… :-)

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