Episode 143 – Usher – Yeah (Playlist)

“Yeah” is one of the biggest club songs of all time and possible the biggest song between 2000-2010. It still makes girls scream every time you play it. this is how we add it to our sets today.

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  1. chyeah! that transition is pretty dope..would be great to have!

  2. Usher “Yeah” is an essential club track. I believe every Top40/Club night that I play at, It gets dropped at some point as a moment to switch things up. Anytime you drop it, It’s an immediate energy boost. I usually approach it from another banger in the same BPM range, something like DJ Felli Fel “Get Buck In Here” into “Yeah”.

    JD sent me his Aca In/Aca Out for “Yeah” a while back so It’s pretty much a staple in every club set. The sky is the limit on how you mix in and out of that one. I play in the SF Bay Area, so I always go into a regional rap cut within the same key, such as Too Short/Snoop Dogg/Will.I.Am “Keep Bouncing”. Several times I’ve gone into some Crooklyn Clan breaks such as Beatbreaker’s “Bojangles”, Diggz’ “ATL PSA” and “Usher Pumps It Up”. If you want to dig deeper, Drop it along with Holla Boyz “Start This Thing Off”.

    If you care about your Keys, You can go into Nu Shooz “I Cant Wait” or Mann “Buzzin”, Diddy’s Hello Good Morning or any variety of joints. It’s a real versatile track.

  3. Dope vid, yes please post it up, dope tran! Can’t find 45 king on any pools or the julian creance remix!

  4. Wow, has it been that long since “Yeah” came out! It seems just like it was yesterday. Probably cause like you guys have mentioned, it does have staying power in regards to being able to play it still with a big reaction.

    I was playing a guest spot for a bit in Florida in 2004, and of course Lil Jon, Pety Pablo, Ying Yang, and the like were the norm down south. The first couple of songs I would play before “Yeah” usually would consist of “Freak-A-Leak” into “Goodies”, then into “Yeah”, and to keep the sets updated I would change the sets up and order of songs, however nothing special, as Im sure many DJs found these songs to work well together. 2 of my mixtapes from that time were heavily influenced with these tracks, and the down south sound.

    I remember reading online an article around that time that explained the whole how “Yeah” wasnt even supposed to be released as a single. “Burn” was supposed to be Ushers first release off the album I think, but “Yeah” I think they said was leaked and basically blew up, and the rest is history

  5. Most of the time I still use the Select Mix of Yeah from their first volume. Just has that extra something added to it that is perfect. Love playing the video because of the extra Lil’ Jon “Do the A town stomp” business at the end. Buck In Here, How Many Licks, Get Low, Goodies, and Salt Shaker usually are the songs to use around it. And if I’m looking for something faster, the Kryia Vs. Velez Breaks Mix is great.

    And yes…I’d love that transition!

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