Bootleg Rage

If you haven’t heard, last night was epic in the crooklynclan/crack4djs twitter community.  There was a very entertaining  conversation started by Alex Rage (follow him @alexrage  and read his timeline to catch up) calling out people whom he felt were taking more credit than they were due.  These conversations have been happening between DJ’s for a long time, but this is really the first time it’s come out in public.  This is my take on it.

There are basically 3 types of places to buy music on the net.

Music Stores: Artists make money selling their original music (iTunes, Amazon, Beatport)

Remix Sites: Remixers make money selling their creations, editing and mixing different songs together in an original way (Crooklynclan, crack4djs, yourremix)

Record Pools: Labels and remixers release new music for DJ’s to promote.  DJ’s make intro/outro, acapella intro/outro, and various other kinds of edits of the original song or a remix of the song. There is a small monthly fee to th record pool which allows them to host the site and get official tracks from the labels.  DJ’s/remixers do not make money of these sites. (djcity, directmusicservice)

The problem that many DJ’s have seen is this.  Too many remixers are doing “record pool” edits and selling them on remix sites.  It seems that they’re doing nothing but shortening a house song to be a “quick hitter”, taking certain verses out but keeping the rest of the track the same, simply adding an intro or just putting in minimal hype.  These types of tracks are not remixes!  The song is not changed.  No drums were layered over it to beef it up.  No creativity was needed.  They are simply edits and edits are meant for record pools.

One of the main problems is young DJ’s are buying these “edits” and thinking that  the “remixers” who put them out actually made the track!  These remixers are helping to keep that front alive, promoting these tracks as their own.  Just look in the artists section of the ID3 tags.

This practice is taking attention away from the people who actually put real work into creating their own original version of a song.  When the remix sites first started there was none of this “personal bootleg” stuff.  It was ALL original remixes that people put work into and they got respect based on that.  The original DJ’s on the sites didn’t have any interest in cranking out 8-10 mixes a week to be in the top 10.  They were already traveling when this started and they were all about quality over quantity, putting out tracks that they felt represented them.  There were also a lot of guys who put in hard work, released quality remixes and it paid off because now they are traveling more.  For these DJ’s it was all about putting out an extension of themselves.  They cared about the tracks they released.

It’s frustrating for some remixers to see certain people making money hand over fist selling these edits to DJ’s that probably just don’t know that they can get similar things cheaper by joining a record pool.  For many it comes down to ethics and morality.  I know I don’t feel right taking credit for a “personal bootleg” of a track or some else’s remix.  I certainly wouldn’t ever be caught selling one.  That’s not to say DJ’s shouldn’t make their own edits of tracks or others remixes.  Quite the opposite.  Having your own edits that fit your style of mixing is key to keeping your set fresh, but you don’t sell them! You can, however, post them on record pools and give them to your friends to use for free.  Edits take little to no creativity and don’t change the song enough to be considered a remix and that’s why they have no place on remix sites like Crooklyn Clan and Crack4djs.  Use them to promote your name for free.  You don’t deserve to get paid for them.

The fact is these sites are in a legal grey area.  They have been tolerated because they have typically put out original and creative versions of songs that would never be confused for the original.  but now with all these “edits” that are in fact just the original song, how grey is it?  Obviously these sites are here to make money, and these “edits” sell, mostly because the DJ’s buying them don’t know any better.

It’s been said that the DJ’s calling out others for these practices is based on jealousy.  I know that’s not true in the least.  Those who feel it’s wrong to sell “edits” and “personal bootlegs” just think it’s wrong.  plain and simple.  We don’t think it’s the right thing to do.  C’mon son!  You should know better.  Respect is going out the window.  Those in-the-know have talked about it for a long time.  Some of us are in it for the love and some are in it to make a quick buck.  But this is not a Pauly D scenario where you’d be stupid not to capitalize on your fame.  This is based on fallacy.  Tricking people into thinking you remixed a song.  Some of us know better.

It’s simple.  Think before you release something on these sites.  Don’t sell something that has no place being sold, something that you cannot take any ownership of.  Because that’s what it comes down to.  Ownership.  If you can tweak a song and make it sound a way only you could, then you have some claim of ownership and you should release it and get credit for it.  If you don’t do that, you shouldn’t be on the sites at all.  No matter how much you sell.

— JD —

Spring’s take: Great job by JD in the above post.  I just wanted to note a couple of things.

1)  I was excited about Alex Rage’s rant last night, but by the end, the whole thing really annoyed me more than anything.  I enjoyed what Rage had to say, but I was kind of dissapointed by the way things played out.  For obvious reasons, which the site guys will understand, ALOT of things remained unsaid.

2)  JD covered the whole “edit” fiasco pretty well, but one more thing I want to mention:  It seems alot of people who remix for the sites have a warped sense that ONLY REMIXERS FROM THE BIG SITES COUNT.  What I mean by that is this —-   I get the feeling they think of “non-site remixes” as fair game to use on their own site.  Their are tons of dope remixers who are not affiliated with any of the sites.  For example,  Tittsworth, Sammy Bananas, Roctakon, and alot of the big name House/Dance music remixers.  Some people treat these guys work as if its a regular song, and feel like they can use their remixes like there’s nothing wrong with that.  AND they treat some of the Remix Services like Full Tilt and Ultimix the same way – fair game to use on the sites.  It seems like the guys who think this is ok must scour Blogs and pools like DjCity and DMS, always looking for “non-remix site” mixes to steal.  This has got to stop!

*** In full disclosure JD and Jay Spring are affiliated with many of the remix sites mentioned above.  We have both benefitted from being part of them and also spend money at these sites.  This post is meant to highlight some issues we feel take place on these sites and do not only relate to the particular sites mentioned.

—— We encourage a discussion in the comments, but please stick to the issues and not name calling.  Thank you! ——


  1. Well helloooo….

    This post basically expresses how I feel, but in a very articulate, respectful, educated manner. That being said, I’ll be the first to admit that the way this started was petty on my part…however this admission does not in any way negate the way I feel. (It was also REALLY fun, and I gained something like 100+ followers in a span of an hour, haha)

    Little back story to what happened…I clicked on a link on twitter to some dude’s DJ ustream/radio show with a chat room. I listened for a bit, felt like the discussion was one sided and very bias so I started goofing off in the chat, making fun of a 1997 iMac these guys had in their “studio.” They were discussing mashups, remixes, electro hip hop, etc etc, and a lot of things I disagree with were being said along with tons of uneducated opinions being strewn as facts…long story short, I got banned from the chat because I said I don’t like beat breaker’s tracks and that I’ve never heard anyone good play them…the show was hosted by his homies, so they proclaimed that everyone has beat breaker tracks, and I’m an idiot, blah blah blah blah blah.

    Anyways, I’ve since talked to beat breaker, and although I have no respect for the kind of stuff he puts out, I did want to apologize to him for the personal attack. He reached out to me, and was really humble, and that I do respect.

    Also want to thank JD and JaySpring for taking this discussion in the RIGHT direction, and away from my ego fueled banter! =]

  2. Thank you very much for your response Alex and for clarifying the situation for those that were not reading along live. I’m glad you and Beatbreaker have had a chance to talk. That’s a step in the right, positive, direction and hopefully we can keep it going in that direction. But, this discussion had to start somewhere, even if it was in twitter rants… lol. Hopefully others can shed their educated opinions on this as well.

  3. Honestly,

    we never thought our little internet radio show, that we do for fun and to network with other djs would get to this point. Alex and everyone else reading this, the topics we talk about on the show are in no way aimed to be taken as complete facts. Obviously there were many people in the room with their own opinions, but never did we point ONE person out. We actually gave much respect to many djs considering thats the purpose of the show in the first place.

    The only struggle between remixers and djs who make edits, thats not my place to talk about really but it seems that maybe the djs arent to blame. The industry itself has turned into such a money hungry circus that people are doing such unethical things to make a buck. that we, Hype, dont agree with.

    Aside from some of the personal attacks that were made in our direction, we respect your opinions and where your coming from as a dj who works hard on his craft.

    p.s. we also attained a bunch of new followers/friends/fans ourselves lol looks like society still enjoys controversy. see you next week? lmao

    take care guys

  4. I can tell you that as a Producer it is very frustrating seeing this happen. It is not about the fame, the money, or your statistics. It’s the fact like you said “record pool edits” are being sold to DJs who are maybe still performing at house parties, still doing school dances and what not. These DJs are being scammed out of their money, some whom which have barely any music knowledge and don’t know who the Original Artist is. Yes I produce for Under ((PROJEKT JUNKIES)) and I am very proud because my partner Dj Jewelz and I (DJ Manik) have worked for years to get to where we are and we feel CrooklynClan was not an easy accomplishment. We do make edits to ALREADY existing tracks but that is the point of a Mash Up, to rework something with creativity making it more interesting and fun to play at a club, radio, or whatever other event. We also do produce many of our music from nothing. My Calabria 2010 remix, my Day N Nite 2010 Remix, and many other remixes have been made by us from nothing and we spent hours and I mean HOURS in our home studios working on these specific tracks so that we can contribute our part in maintaining the quality and caliber that is expected from CrooklynClan producers. But when these other guys as mentioned by Alex Rage come in spend about 20 minutes in their studios adding a “Pitbull Acapella” on a track that you can get on beatport for .99 cents is NOT in my opinion a remixer, maybe he is but has forgotten why we are all part of the CrooklynClan family. This is like you said a “Record Pool Edit”. I am very proud to represent CrooklynClan because I know that DJ Sizzahands and DJ Riz have worked hard and have used their talents unselfishly to develop a place for DJs to go and obtain one of a kind works and quite frankly I feel to be a part of CrooklynClan you are expected to be of a certain caliber. I am so proud to be a part of it, but it is frustrating when you expect a certain caliber out of producers on this website and you get a lazy mash up of basically nothing selling for 3.99 and other DJs are spending their hard earned money on something that shouldn’t cost that much. I know I am probably not the best producer and probably don’t fancy many with my work but that’s where there is variety and different genres of music out there to make all sorts of people happy. Going back to the subject I feel that to be a CrooklynClan artist you have to have something special and a specific type of creativity, I love all my fellow brothers from crooklynclan, respect many of them, and have developed friendships with many but the lazy “remixes” need to stop. It is not fair for the hard working producer to not get the respect they deserve. This isn’t about money or fame it’s about respect and respecting the DJ who is buying the track. You cannot respect a work that was not given the time it is worth. There is no HATE or JEALOUSY on our part ((THE PROJEKT JUNKIES)) because I know if the artist is on the site that it has been one hell of a journey to get to where we are all at. Believe me it IS NOT EASY. This is about quality and the name Dj Sizzahandz and Dj Riz have developed for themselves and their artist. It’s about maintaining that quality that they have created, that creativity that they have left for us to shine on, and that uniqueness that makes CrooklynClan CrooklynClan.

  5. Hype: Thanks for your response. I think we can all agree the personal attacks are not the correct way to discuss this and at this point it seems we have moved on from that. At least everyone has more followers now… lol

    Manik: I agree with you 100%. Everyone on these sites has put in a ton of hard work and expect a certain caliber from all the remixers on the sites. Riz and Siz deserve to be rep’d by the best and only the best. They paved the way for all of us. It’s just not right when you can buy a full track on beatport for $2.49 but the “short edit” is $3.99 on a remix site. That just doesn’t feel right to me.

  6. no problem, this topic will be around for a long time unless people come together and voice their opinions. at the end of the day we’re all in this for the love of music and being apart of a great industry.

  7. I’m going to try and list my thoughts hear as clear as possible, but I’m a bit scatter brained right now, so bare with me.

    I’m part of djcity. I upload remixes and edits & i pass edits along to friends. I’ve never cared about the whole money thing. I just do this because I love it. If I’m getting paid for something its because I’m actually playing. Why are we selling our mixes? I know we all put a lot of time and effort into something that shows thats a part of us, but i’snt that the point?

    The fact that some remixer’s want to make an extra buck off another dj is just terrible. I’ve seen the list of tracks off crooklyn. A lot of great stuff and a lot or crap as well. I think I saw a track that had 9 different edits of it. with a hype, with out a hype, hype and no intro, hype with an intro.. etc.

    I respect a lot of your guys work. Alex love a lot of your stuff. Projekt Junkies, I play a lot of your stuff to, great intro edits. for when im feeling like a slob and just want to blend. Got respect for everyone. but maybe crooklyn should change how the system is. Maybe package those edits together for a cheaper price.

    I’m personally kinda standoff ish on selling tracks all together. but what ever. i think this is what i’ve wanted to say.

  8. Dudes at Hype, perhaps next time someone disagrees with you on your ustream show, the better thing to do would be not ban them and let them have a discussion, instead.

    That is why I said it was a one sided show, because as soon as I said “I’ve never heard anyone good play your tracks.” you banned me, without letting me voice my opinion.

  9. What’s Up Everyone… ADDiCT Here On Behalf Of The Club Headliners And Day N Night Radio… I Wanna Clear The Air, And Speak My Peace…

    I Believe At That Everyone At Some Point Is A “Blender”… Blending An Instrumental With An Acapella, That Is What Gets You Into Original Production… But Even Original Production Makes You A Blender… Cause You Make The Original Score, But Then Lay Someone Else’s Acapella Over It… I’m Not One To Name Names, But There Are A Lot Of People Who Call Themselves “Producer’s” And Don’t Produce… It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, Now It’s All About What’s Hot And What’s Not… If You Know What To Put Together In The Right Manner, Then It’s All Good… Just Cause You Have The Latest And Greatest Technology, And Spent 1,000,000.00 On It, Doesn’t Mean You’re A “Producer”… The Times They Are A Changing… Back In The Day What We Do Today Was Called “Remixes”, Now It’s “Mash-Up’s”, In 10 Years It’s Gonna Be Called “Fusing”… Who Knows… Just Do What You Do, Forget About What Someone Else Is Doing… Stop The Hatred, Music Is About Love… LoL… Just Cause Someone Is Making More Money Than You Doesn’t Necessarily Mean They Are Better, They Just Know What To Mix Together And What The Crowd Is Gonna Like… Me Personally, I Hate The Whole “Edits” Game, But It Sells… Sometimes I Get To Thinking “Why Waste My Time On Original Production, When The Hot Item Is An 8 Bar Intro”… But I Don’t Care About The Hot Item, I Do Me, And If It Sells, It Sells… If Not, Oh Well…

    Opinions Are Like A-Holes, Everyone Has One… But When It Comes Down To Disrespecting, That’s Just Not Cool… Like I Said Earlier, Do You, Forget About Everyone One Else, And Everything Will Be Cool…

    Love, Peace, And Hair Grease,

    -DJ ADDiCT

  10. for sure, i been waiting for you to bring that up. we def jumped that gun on that, not gonna lie. lets just say it was bad timing, our discussion was actually on what we’re talking about now, and we were point out those who we thought were doing it the right way. Your opinion threw us off and of course as a team would do, we backed up our guy.

    im sure you would do the same. all in all homie, its all love. next week call in or hit up the chat room, lets just all keep it neutral

  11. Quick response to Dj Addict.

    You are right man putting someone else’s acapella on original work could be considered a blend but in this discussion in particular is about actually working and earning your 3.99 tracks and time spent, lots of time spent, laying down drums, snares, hi hats, toms, playing it on your keyboard, layering sounds, the list goes on and keep in mind FINDING the right sound to fit your composition. Even simply re-editing an original work maybe from Hip Hop to make a Dub Step remix with all sorts of chops and god knows what, All this is time consuming and this talk is about actually working on your music, giving it a remix and not simply layering a vocal over Afrojack’s music. I say Afrojack because it is the first to come to mind lol. And I say again, You can find those simple blends on Record Pools, The internet, Forums, even Crack4djs, but Riz and Sizz deserve their respect and deserve to be represented by real hard work, not something you expect to find just laying around. As far as not being producers and saying that you wouldnt sell your music is your opinion. You have to remember that for some of us this is how we make our living. Many of us and I speak for myself and Dj Jewelz aswell, Work with artist, radio stations, TV, Record Labels, etc. and CrooklynClan is just another part of our daily job to deliver the best music we can while also putting food on our tables. Some people live off of DJing and feel that selling music isnt right, some people live off a 9 – 5 job and feel DJing is a hobby when for some its actually a job.

    My respects to you brother! This is a conversation to better the system not start any feuds, I started being a DJ in the late 90s when it was about the music, it was about going to the club or event and seeing your favorite DJ and hear his/her music. Believe me I think we all need to get along and not hate on each other, we all work hard doing the same thing and that is playing music for others enjoyment.

    Maybe not so quick of a response lol


    What’s up People?
    Never thought that my Show DAY N NIGHT RADIO would cause so much controversy. It’s simply a show for dj’s made by a dj to network and voice each others opinions wether we agree or disagree. The show has been on for about 4 months, its broadcasted in the basement of my house were it has been converted to a studio. Every week i have special guest dj’s from all over to come do a set on the show every wed from 8pm-10pm. Therfore the dj can get more exposure and network himself. Then from 10pm to 12 midnight it converts into a talk show were random people get on the show, call in and talk about random topics and current events.
    Last night when the talk session began everything was going well, topics were running smooth until someone decided to point a finger and insult a dj friend of mine who wasnt at the show but on the chat room. My job as hosting and making sure no one gets out of line i banned the username, and defended my friend. The show is strictly for opinions only. Its not to talk about other people and offend them. So before it got even more out of line i simply just banned him from the chat room. Was i wrong? I dont think so.
    REMEMBER: I dont mind negative opinions but dont point fingers it’s not cool.

    Guess the guy lol decided to twitter all night long and cause such a scene when he should of been a lil more professional and understand that he was just hating he got kicked out and thats it.
    Like my manager said earlier thank you for all the publicity/new followers/friends/fans. Hopefuly i will see more people logged on to the show next week on from 8pm-12 midnight.

    Interested in djing on the show if your in town email me at


    To see last nights show here is the link:

  13. hype i missed the whole chat room thing. but honestly what it sounds like is your guys were the dj pauly d groupies last night.. not thats a bad thing. we all dig hard core fans, but when someone of notable quality calls them out on something they get defensive to the max. even if the dj was a train wreck.

    i see that getting called out on things makes us better. to an extent. long as your not a complete jag bag about it and as long as the defender doesn’t take it too personally. which is exactly what happened here.

  14. you totally missed the whole point of the convo my man, it wasnt about that dude, it was about the gimmick behind it. we discussed the issue of talent djs not being put on those stages and given the opportunities to gain national exposure.

    the dj from the show is just one example of many we talked about.

  15. Quick Response to Manik About The Quick Response To Me… LoL…

    Absolutely Bro… It’s All BS… If People Buy It, Let Them Buy It… I Couldn’t Care Less, I Just Don’t Like The Hating That Everyone Does… If You Hate, Keep It To Yourself… Or Go To A Shrink To Let It Out, Don’t Point Fingers And Make A Big Deal Out Of Something So Childish…

    I Agree With What You Said, “This Is A Conversation To Better The System Not Start Any Feuds”, And “Believe Me I Think We All Need To Get Along And Not Hate On Each Other, We All Work Hard Doing The Same Thing And That Is Playing Music For Others Enjoyment.”

    I Think We Should All Collab And Do A “We Are The World” DJ’s/Producers Edition… LoL…

  16. Manik your right. production in my view is more of a side thing. i live off of dj’n, but when i do an awesome set that night and go home i like to reproduce what i did earlier. but thats why im not going to charge for it. if i sat down and made a completely original track with out a sample or acap from another song i’d prob would charge for it. but till then im all in for sharing our music and our work.

    but back to the note of charging 3.99 for a short cut track with 9 diff ver and there each 3.99 .. do you really think so joe dj is gonna buy it? with all these file sharing sites, message boards, torrents. all i gotta say is. Google “Projekt Junkies – insert so and so track here” .. Look i just ripped you off of 3.99. Just sayin

  17. hype i was just sayin what im reading from the time line of last night. still missing parts of it. but looked like rage was calling out also the guys for being too proud of there boy.

  18. No you are very right and I give that to you because I get ripped of A LOT lol and it sucks but like any artist it happens and I accept it. Again 3.99 for a shortcut track is not reasonable unless the time spent is really worth it but DJs, mainly your average JOE, not radio or celeb DJs some celeb Djs, turn to CrooklynClan again for quality and that “remix” and what needs to be solved here is the simple edits being passed as remixes by someone who had nothing to do with the composition of the track. Thats my whole discussion on this.

  19. “But Even Original Production Makes You A Blender… Cause You Make The Original Score, But Then Lay Someone Else’s Acapella Over It… ”

    No, that’s called remixing. You do everything from scratch. Hence, when you do official remixes, the label provides you with the vocal, and you remix it. They even call them remixes, not blends. That statement doesn’t even make sense.

    And bottom line, selling edits is stupid. You are stealing hard work from others. I’ve had friends who have worked hard on their remixes that they give out FOR FREE or production they sell on Beatport and other sites to be edited and resold. That is UNFAIR. These guys put so much work in their production. It’s bad enough that it in dance industry we rarely make money. Now we have our peers stealing work? COME ON.

    You are burning so many bridges with these talented dance producers and lots of them are aware of what’s going on.

  20. My other quick response to Dj Addicts quick response!

    lol exactly the point don’t point fingers and talk smack. I know Alexrage did this with good intentions I know he was VERY angry at the time as we all noted lol but in the end this happened for a reason and this is something that had to be said and hopefully in the future done to better our system as DJs because quite frankly I miss getting booked for my music and not how many people I can bring lol

    lol I am down for that remix! hahahahaha

  21. We should definitely do a “We are the world” collab DJ mix. But I’m gonna be mad when the one DJ we forgot to invite to the party makes all the money off the track because he added an 8 bar intro onto our mix and re-sells it… lol

    I’m glad everyone is using this forum to talk this over, but the point of the matter still comes down to, what is the right thing to do. I think we should re-read the original post to get our focus back on the actual topic. It’s not just about what sells. Like I said in the post, a lot of people buying these “edits” just don’t know any better. They are being played. Just because it sells doesn’t mean it should be sold, and certainly not for the price it’s being sold at. Hard work always deserves more money than no work.

  22. someone needs to talk to crooklyn and get them to get a better screening process then.

  23. Oh real quick I wanna add. Dj Sizzahandz and Dj Riz have nothing to do with any of this. They are busy guys I dont know that but I assume and I am pretty sure I am right that they are busy lol. We are talking about what some DJs on CrooklynClan, yourremix and other remix sites are doing and Sizz and Riz own CrooklynClan but have people running it and are just doing their jobs. In my opinion this has just happened and you can not blame the owners but the DJ community! Please respect the fact that these guys paved the way for the Mash up and remix! Big ups to them! It is starting to sound like all this is their fault and I KNOW it is not one bit their fault.

  24. Anonymous, this isnt surrounding CrooklynClan, This is yourremix, strictlyhits, crack4djs, clubbangaz and any other site selling mash ups and remixes. Its a whole not one singled out group

  25. Just let us chime in real quick…

    Every person commenting on this post and most every person on one of the these remix/mash up sites has at one point or another has put an acapella over another instrumental and sold it… hence the meaning of a mash up/blend.
    if another artist is being overly cocky about it, then thats their own problem.



  26. Dj Kue made a very good point there!
    I was honored to be Able to do a REMIX to Krave – Go Crazy directly for the label (Interscope Records)

    We did not make them a blend but a remix. Non the less that is not the topic lol

  27. VERY good point Manik. You seem to be hitting everything right on the head. Much respect to Riz and Siz for A) starting the site unselfishly B) paving the way for all of us. This issue comes down to the actual DJ’s releasing this stuff. Not Riz & Siz at all. These DJ’s should just know better.

  28. hahaha Mash Up Mafia! Sounds good see you guys there!!!

  29. ps hopefully this topic will push everybody to advance their productions to the next level
    its important to remember ALOT of us were DJs FIRST putting acapellas over instrumentals live in the night club before ableton logic and all this other stuff. We’re working with what we know and trying to get better

    BOTTOM LINE…We all need to step it up both live and in the studio

  30. Crooklyn Clan doesn’t even give a shit about screening. We’ve contacted them several times to remove the few bootlegs of ours that are being sold on their website and they’ve never replied to us. In our books, they’ve sold their soul to the devil.. and just like DJ Kue said, they’re burning bridges with loads of talented producers.

    We, Cold Blank, are top selling Beatport artists and the bootlegs that we produce are for recognition alone. Sucks that 10 minute edits profit when the bootlegs we made were for promotional purposes, not to make money.

    Overall, we can give a shit about all of these websites & cheap mash/edit djs. Even if we stick to original production, they still throw vocals over it and call it their remix. I hope eventually some action can be taken to remove all of these websites from the web.

  31. ok. interesting convo going on here. here’s my opinion. i think it’s time somebody calls out the structure of sites like the vault and crack4djs, and sheds some light on what we all know is partially to blame for this mess. i’m sorry, you CAN NOT be a top notch music producer putting out 2, 3, 4 or more original remixes a week (which any of us involved in these sites know is what is expected). real remixes take hours and hours and hours and should definitely be tested in the club AT LEAST ONCE before posted up. quantity over quality has flipped the script on why certain people seem to get ahead in this game with “mashups” that are thrown together in a matter of minutes. it IS a little bit of a pauly d situation (situation, haha, no pun intended) in regards to the fact that we all know “producers” on the big sites that know they can use quantity as a crutch to get listed in the month’s top artists. these guys take advantage of that… which i DON’T agree with, but the site’s creative the atmosphere to do so.

    in general, i think the remix/mashup/edit thing is out of control, and the market is beyond over-saturated.

    and i’m not hating or calling out names… but i’d love to see a lot of guys who talk a big game on the DJ end of things actually spin a peak hour set.

  32. Cold Blank: First, dope new track “Los Angeles”! For those that don’t have it go get it on Sick! Please support the artists. I certainly see your point and think it’s very unfortunate it’s come down to that. For the most part these sites have given artists great exposure to new crowds that they would not have gotten otherwise. A type of free promotion. The fact is it comes down to the DJ’s themselves that are engaging in these practices. This whole discussion is to try to point DJ’s in the right direction and away from this type of activity. The sites have had an overwhelmingly good effect on music and club culture and I think that can continue.

  33. this post is sooo on point, i’m don’t even need the feel to add anything more

  34. Manik – sorry for the late response. on another pc and it crashed. i cant focus. turning thoughts into words is a little ridiculous for me but yes that is what i meant. im not trying to single out anyone service.

    MC Flipside alread said it well enough here

    I’m going to sleep. This has been a wonderful chat mates. Cheers .. and coming from a larger producer like cold blank. he’s right they dont care whats on there sites being distributed. long as there pockets got cash coming in thats all that matters.

  35. @remixreport: the sites i’m referring to didn’t even credit our remixes. there are actually mp3 pools we gave permission to post our remixes — mainly for exposure. but they at least keep our name on the tracks.

    sites like or other websites where you “donate” to the these mash/edit djs for the tracks actually claim full production credit by calling it their own remixes.

    look at this fool who is selling his $3.99 mashed up “remix” of our pon de floor remix with other vocal pieces of the original.

  36. @coldbank that exactly there is the issue we are discussing man!! And it makes me very angry!

  37. @coldblank You’re exactly right and that’s one of the big issues I raised in my post. It appears, in many cases, to the uneducated DJ, that these are original productions that are being put out every week. You look at the ID3 tag of the MP3 and they take full credit. This is a huge problem in remixing in general. I personally always give credit because it’s just the right thing to do. I’m sure there are a few times things have slipped through, but I make a conscious effort. Cold Blank, could you email us at We’d like to talk to you about some things. Thanks again for all your comments.

  38. People, this is our last comment…

    none of us EVER said we were the best producers/remixers/editors/blenders/management company/mashup artists etc etc. this whole discussion started because a comment was made, we disagreed, gave our proof and ended it right there. How it was translated is obviously why we’re all here right now. But just so WE ARE CLEAR…NOT ONE tweet, not one facebook comment, NOTHING was said by us (beatbreaker, clubheadliners, hype)

    our radio show is to SUPPORT all djs and those who are in the nightlife industry. to share music, experiences, stories, etc. Its not about who’s better, worse, fucks more girls, makes more money, travels to better cities. THIS WHOLE THING IS BEING BLOW OUT OF PROPORTION and my guys are being used as the anchor. ENOUGH. everyday someone says something we all dont agree with and tweets about it. are we gonna go searching for them and blast them out? if so then open up your twitter account and start picking. We removed someone from OUR online radio chat room in defense of OUR boy. something anyone would of done. what has happened after is ridiculous! come on guys seriously? There’s nothing we can do to change how MONEY is being made. People are hurting bad in a lot of areas, a lot of unethical shit is being done by EVERYONE. The issue of people’s music being used and sold for profit will be around forever, its been around WAY BEFORE ANY OF US! haha. beating a dead horse here people. AR, again respect to you for your opinion and your more than welcome to come through our show next week, WEDNESDAY NIGHTS AT 10PM EASTERN TIME ( and that goes for everyone on here as well. IF YOU WANT TO AIR SOMETHING OUT, HIT US UP, THATS WHAT THE SHOW IS FOR. but at the end of the day we’re all doing this for the same reason, hopefully, for the love of music and enjoying entertaining other people.

  39. “There’s nothing we can do to change how MONEY is being made. People are hurting bad in a lot of areas, a lot of unethical shit is being done by EVERYONE. The issue of people’s music being used and sold for profit will be around forever, its been around WAY BEFORE ANY OF US!”

    And that still doesn’t make it right.

  40. It’s amazing some of the comments people are leaving justifying it. Don’t people have any morals anymore?

  41. not justifying anything, just making it clear that this has always been going on and always will be

  42. Good day gentlemen,

    I’m sure I know most of you, but for those of you who do not know me hi, i’m Sizz, nice to meet you. I would like to address some of the topics being discussed here mainly because they have to do with artists that remix for my site and some of our policies are in question. Let me start like this:

    Once you get on to (which is no easy task) your music is not monitored by myself or my partner DJ Riz. To be quite honest with you I don’t even play mash up’s or remixes that are not my own in the clubs unless they are completely off the wall. Once you have become an artist with us we expect you to live up to the name that we have worked for years to create and wear it proud. I can’t even lie, I have taken a good hard listen to a lot of the music available on our site and there is some stuff that I would have immediately shot down if I were in that seat at the current. Not stuff that is wack so to speak, but more so not altered to the point where it can be considered a work of art, or a significant enough change from the original work.

    To my dismay, I have come to notice that these particular tracks do better and are in higher demand than a track I myself may take 4 hours on, or someone like Alex who does incredible original production might break his back making all night. Whatever be the case, I think that people are going to simply want what they want. There is no way to make someone understand this or that when it comes to how much work went into something,etc, if they like it they like it and if they like it they want it.

    We have a mailing list of over 200k unique customers that have shopped with us and/or still do and I can tell you personally from extensive analysis that some of these kids dj in igloos in Alaska.. I have been booked to dj at some of their clubs because of and to my amazement in a small rural place in the middle of west bubble fuck there are 1000 kids rocking out hard to music and bowing to me when I walk in. These same kids would probably act like Michael Jackson walked into the room if Danny Diggz or DJ Beatbreaker came to their venue.

    I think everyone needs to take a good hard look at the industry we are in and understand that we cannot fight the powers that be. We are in a ever evolving business that continues to change with time and in order for us to remain relevant we must change with it. In 1993 do you know how hard it was to simply get a song heard by more than your local area because you may have been lucky enough to know someone at a radio station and they gave you some love on your single? Do you younger guys have any idea how hard it was to earn a buck back then if you didn’t have a name? You were at the mercy of the bigger picture and painting a picture of your own was near impossible in those days. Do you know how I feel when I walk into a club and the kid opening for me has every song from the 70’s and 80’s in his computer and he’s 21 years old? Do you guys realize what kind of task it was just to get the right version on a 12″ to play in a club of a rare or out of print record? Riz and I would go into dungeons and stay for 8 hours crawling through dust and dirt looking for a single record. I can’t even describe to you how different it was if you were not there to experience it. TIMES HAVE CHANGED QUITE A BIT.

    SO WHERE AM I GOING WITH ALL THIS: I just want you all to understand that you are all in the music, you are all the “cool kids” so to speak. Most of you wouldn’t spend a buck on a track even if you liked it, you would call someone to get it for free. is NOT FOR YOU. Beatbreaker is not making tracks for you, I am sure he knows exactly what you think and probably don’t really care much (if i were him i wouldn’t that’s for sure).. Yeah, let’s all keep it real and get respect and try to impress the people that matter right? WRONG.. Let’s be realistic, all the “cool kids” are going to love you when you keep it real but the minute you can’t pay your mortgage are they all gonna donate to your problem? Nope.. If I make the sickest original production and move 50 copies and make 250 bucks that’s great.. All of you guys love me for it, I am happy that I have earned your respect and what a lovely day it is. The end of the month comes and I am sitting on my 250 with a cheese grin on my face like yeah these niggaz love me right now. My bills come out to 2250 a month let’s say. HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE ME? Can I borrow 2k? I doubt it.

    Beatbreaker, and the rest of the guys that do well on my site know one simple thing – MAKE WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT. Are you serious when you say someone should give music away for free when there are people willing to pay them for the time they put in making it? Even if you hate what they did, if people want it and it makes their job easier as a dj, makes them get more work dj’ing and out of the 300 bucks your average little club guy makes if they are willing to spend 25 of it buying your mixes you should say “nah here i didnt do much to it take it for nothing”. Smarten up guys, you are not getting any younger..

    I see you all that have posted here and have love for most of you, you are either artists with us, or friends of the foundation.. I say this in closing, as it is the best advice i can give any of you. A good dj is one that can mix, produce, scratch, and make a crowd go nuts.. A great DJ is the business man that knows how to turn that into a money making machine. If we lived in a world where everything we wanted was handed to us, I would say fuck it and be right there with the picket sign, but mama didn’t raise no fool boys, I squeeze the nickel til i open my hand and a silver dollar jumps out. A college grad that goes to school for 6 fucking years comes out with a masters degree and has to start off making 75 to 125k a year.. You can live on that, but are you being all that you can be? Are you living life to your capacity? Everyone should spend less time complaining about what other people are doing and more time putting ourselves into the situations we want our lives to be. Good health, good love, good happiness, and GOOD MONEY to all of you..



  43. Even If I Hired A Publicist, It Could Have Not Been Worded Better… Thank You Sizz…

  44. Great points Sizz. But sometimes it´s not all about the money….right? Where does integrity & courtesy come in? Dj´s should at least credit original producers and remixers. Sites should have some type of quality control instead of just looking at they´re “artist” as a product the produces them income. In my opinion. (off topic, great site JD & Jay)



    Well Said Thank You Sizz.

  46. Alex Dreamz, unfortunately in the world we live in most everything has to do with the money. Where is the integrity and courtesy when a major record label robs you blind on your music? Steals your publishing, jacks you and holds you hostage to continue to make them music even AFTER you know you have been jerked? Yeah, they give you credit for your music and you make your money on shows but over the years majors have been sticking it to artists like there’s no tomorrow. There is no kind of flattery to it either, it’s outright robbery. We have heard artists complain in their music for decades, but they keep goin back for more. Wanna know why? MONEY. Dude, it sucks, and we can all blame Eve’s dumb ass for eating that apple when God told that bitch to stay away from the tree.
    Yeah, it would be very cool if dj’s could put in their id3 tags who made the original productions, and that’s something I may look into for the future but it may pose a few legal issues to have their names on the MP3’s. I can say this, after I discuss it with our attorney if he tells us we can do it I may make it mandatory that all tracks must have correct ID3 tagging including all artists and track titles included within the composition. I know some of the remixers on the site like to keep secrets about where the originals come from because it gives them the 1up i guess, but i completely disagree with that and if I am legally able will police that situation. Thank you for the suggestion Alex..

  47. Chopps, you are the homie but I can’t even lie when Rage made that comment about hair grease I really almost threw up I laughed so hard!! hahahaha keep up the good work homie, I been hearing your name a lot more lately you are getting it IN famlay..

  48. all i gotta say is AMEN brother Sizz…you already know!

  49. yo not gonna lie i started laughing my ass off too LOL Rage got em there


    lmao im not gonna lie either i actually laughed my ass of when i read it lol. it’s all good hopefully we can all tune into this wed from 8pm-12midnight. Sizz is the see u around homie.

  51. BB we are about to have a huge sign on the front of after the conference that says “Wanna book dj’s?” When we do that more work is gonna come in for you guys than you want.. All I can say is I hope your ass can DJ cuz they are gonna be callin for you. hahahaha!! (Anthony, don’t worry all bookings that come in will be going to artist management respectively and a special “agreement” will be in place for the venues and promoters we bring to the table (most of which no agents and managers even know exist)) 2010 is going to be a record breaking year yall, get in where you fit in..

  52. First off, Siz’s comment is FTW. I’ll cosign that all day, and not just because I work for/with him on the remix sites. ;)

    Me personally, I try to balance my hustle… Bear with me here… I’m sort of a jack of all trades with music. I do everything from DJ/MC to making “10 min edits” as I saw someone say (The majority of which you guys get on DMS) all the way to making intricate/clever/wordplay remix shit and even making some simple beats (for fun mind you) and/or chops that I spend COUNTLESS HOURS on. Hell, I used to do all my tracks in ONE SHOT in Soundforge with no multi-tracking and no sessions. Literally doing the track at that time or nothing (Ask Siz, he’ll verify I did that) Anyways, I was talking to JD earlier and explained to him I how I try to balance my hustle. What I mean by that is I’m no fool, I’m a DJ too, I know what will work therefore I’m making things (regardless how bootleg or not) that are going to work and therefore will sell and get me paid — HOWEVER, I still command a descent level of respect because clearly I’m not just some fool who’s only able to put any old 130 bpm pella on any old 130 bpm track and tossing it up or just re-editing a song and calling it mine… Hopefully you know I can do and have done much much more on many occasions. The fact is that wether you do or dont buy the easier stuff I’ve done or even the most intricate… MANY PEOPLE DO SPEND THEIR MONEY ON MY (any many other peoples stuff) Now like Siz said, buying from the site may not be “FOR YOU” anymore, but it most certainly is a great help to many new jacks and/or lower key DJ’s. To each their own though. So back to the hustle, I know some of you can relate when I say I’ve gone all in on the dj/remix game. It’s my career at this point however legit or not (Sure it’s not the most “Honest living”) But it’s a living nonetheless and I know a great many DJ’s who enjoy using my stuff, and appreciate what I do. THAT ALONE IS ENOUGH REASON FOR ME TO CONTINUE DOING WHAT I DO. Not to mention I play my own shit and you know what, I LOVE SEEING A CROWDS REACTION TO A GOOD MIX!!

    All that and because I hate 9 to 5’s!! ;

    Bottom line is: I’m for the everyday DJ, whether that’s a guy spinning for FREE, $100, $1000, or $10,000. I can’t expect [everyone] to respect what I do, but I know some of you do, and you know what as long as there’s a demand and money rollding in I’m gonna keep on keepin on!

    Much respect to those deserving.


  53. Sizz my man im down 100% BB will tell you, its a different team over here. we’re all about collab’in . lets get in touch soon


  55. Thank you Siz for giving us a well written response on the subject. You make many well stated points that I agree with. The way you handle yourself should be commended. The path you and Riz have paved for us all, to have a much easier go at it, is nothing less than amazing. I think I can say you have everyones respect here and everyone appreciates what you have done. I would like to say and make clear that this whole post is in no way meant to disrespect anyone. It’s not written to call any one person or group out. It happens that the discussion is skewed in certain directions, but I digress.

    The game has definitely changed. It’s WAY easier for DJ’s to get into the game than ever before. The cream rises to the top, right? I like to think so. Like a lot of people have said the industry has been “this way” long before any of us were in it and it will continue to be. I would say that is probably true, but I don’t think that means we should all sit back and just let things happen that we don’t feel are right. The very country we live in is based on people sticking up for what is sometimes an unpopular opinion.

    I’m all about people making their money. I don’t want to take anyones money away. I just think there are certain moral and ethical standards, best practices in the corporate world, that should be adhered to. I don’t think “doing the right thing” has to mean making less money. I think it just means being more creative in how you go about making your money.

    We started this site to help DJ’s promote music and educate young/beginner DJ’s. I hope that this post has helped accomplish this in a hopefully positive way. I’ve seen a lot of good constructive criticism today and appreciate everyones input. I think everyone had a chance to be heard without having their heads bashed in. Let’s all take something positive away from this. Let’s all step our game up and think about more than just ourselves when we do remixes, and everything in life for that matter. Give credit where’s it’s due and don’t take credit when it’s not deserved and there will be a LOT more respect going around.

  56. Again, Thanks to Siz for coming on here and listening to what’s being said. Obviously everyone has their own opinion, but there is something to be said about Siz joining the conversation. Much appreciated! Now if would give us some advertising money and a banner for the front page of Remix Report we could go back to making this money everyones talking about :)

  57. MANY good points brought up on all sides here but I think Siz said it best. Everybody take a step back, take a breath and move forward. Your skill and hustle will win out in the end.

  58. I think Alex and Beatbreaker should just battle this shit out on the dancefloor… We’ll see who’s the punk! At least that’s how we used to do it…

  59. Wow this is too funny. When we tried to contact these guys, they were offline and no where to be found for over a week. They get bashed on twitter and they’re all leaving comments on this entry… hahahaha

  60. It’s my pleasure to come aboard and give my two cents. I like what you guys got going here and you have my support.. NOW, if only a banner for would help us on the front of this site I may be willing to do that but everyone that comes here already knows about us so how bout something more realistic like you give me 10k and I do ONE EMAIL blast for this site and it’s a instant hit!! Give me 20k and I email it out 4x in a month AND throw you a banner on! NOW THAT’S GOOD BUSINESS!!! hahahaha be well boys food time!!

  61. battles need to make a return…im with that 100%

  62. So does this mean an Alex Rage Vs. Beatbreaker breakdance battle at the party during WMC?? I think it could easily be the “main event.” Tix will be sold exclusively on Remix Report and all proceeds will go to the starving artist fund. hahahaha. No, I’m kidding of course. I’m keeping all the money…

  63. ye ill breakdance only if sizz starts to rap on the mic LOL

  64. hello boys,

    wow, gotta take a breather after 52 comments. lol
    i guess theres nothing else to say but, may the best
    “FIST PUMPER” wins on that battle !

    see ya’ll in miami !

  65. @Sizz — First of all, we would really appreciate it if you could get this file removed:

    It’s not about appreciating or even recognizing the time or production skill in our tracks. It’s not even about people wanting what they want. This is a matter of plagiarism and our tracks being stolen and others profiting from our work. The purpose of some of these tracks were to be distributed on mp3 blogs for FREE. Plus, we produce tracks with dj friendly intros & outros, so why is remix of our remix necessary? People can google our remix and download it for free as we intended….. so why should you and your websites’ djs sell it and profit out of our production? Production is our full time job.

    “Yeah, it would be very cool if dj’s could put in their id3 tags who made the original productions, and that’s something I may look into for the future but it may pose a few legal issues to have their names on the MP3’s.”

    Yeah because it’s illegal to sell someone else’s work without their permission. Even on Beatport we all deal with mashups & edits claimed by others as remixes or original tracks. It’s no different on your website, except that a lot of these mashups cannot be traced by the original artists when they’re called “electro style 2010 remix” or “personal exclusive bootleg”.

  66. wow i would love to see BB breakdance! lol this might be a Pay Per View event!

  67. i myself am a remixer/dj/producer and after reading ALL of these posts… It goes back to the original point of controversy… THIS BEING A ONE SIDED TOPIC. Everyone posting on this is a remixer/dj/producer, (affiliated with the same sites: crack4djs etc…) and as soon as cold bank comes on and states their point (which is valid) it get’s thrown out the window because they’re the minority here. (Not being dj’s or having affiliation with the sites listed about)
    Lemme say this… Dj JD had one of the best mashups of all time “Low is Gone”. And when you guys say making a “blend” isn’t worth selling, that’s bulls#!@. I bought that shit. Did David Guetta or Flo rida make any $$ off it?? NO! JD did and Crack4dj’s did.
    Also, calling out dj’s who make bootlegs and whatnot, i’ve seen countless edit’s on, for example: dj dannydiggz’ stuff <– why should this sell for $3.99?? because the transition was taken out?? Throw that on DMS where subscribers that for their paid monthly dues.

    I myself make simple blends/mashups like jd's low is gone, but never have i shortened a track, or taken a verse or transition out and tried to sell it… unethical in my opinion to do that…

    Some sell their souls to the devil, some are in it for the love, and some don't give a F@#$

    With that said. Do what you gotta do people, Can't knock no ones hustle

  68. @eddy

    no one stated making a blend is not worth selling..

    i think this whole thing got out of content.

    lets bring it back..

    i think one of the issues here is what cold blank pointed out.

    i understand, taking someones whole work, and didnt do much and change the tag, claiming it theirs is not cool at all. is a mash up/ remix site, dj tools, party breaks etc.
    adding intros , making short edit etc..

    if people are too busy to make their edits and ended up going to or other sites to get their sets on, then be it.

    but to take someones work and actually claiming it theirs, NOT COOL.

  69. who ever said i produced it? its called bootleg for a reason

  70. ohhh boy, we’re going backwards here

  71. Let me say this. Any DJ that has personal edits that they don’t mind giving out for free, send em our way and we’ll post them in the Edit Edition on Thursdays. Free promotion for you and you help the Remix Report cause. We’re not looking to be a record pool, but having a few jems to keep people coming back would help us out a lot. Let us know if you’re down for the cause.

    Thanks again for making this a great well rounded discussion

  72. All Cold Blank is saying is don’t take something that was free and then add something too it that doesn’t take a whole lot of merritt and claim its your and charge people for it.

    It makes sense.. Would you goto a Dominicks and buy all there pepsi and glue labels on the cans and boxes that says F4S7L4N3 cola and then resell it? no

    If you went and bought all the pepsi and reversed engineered it and turned it into some brand new cola thats got a distinct flavor all to its own. then yeah sure resale is fine.

  73. so if i added tons of hype to the track scoop here lil jon there lil break beat on top. cold blank would still not get mad? they would still hate me……. i have alot of respect for producers but i dont know about adding there name to the track. they might not want to be associated with it.

  74. What a bunch of BS, Samples that aren’t cleared are Illegal. Mashups are a combination of samples. Grey area my ass. Illegal !! Makeing a profit off other peoples creativity is lame. Danny Diggz does some amazing work. But should not be making money on samples. If a dj creates edits or mashups, he should use them personally to upgrade his performances. Its boring to hear every dj playing the same Crooklyn Clan mashups. I’d rather hear Sizz on KTU playing rare unreleased mixes on KTU, then have them for sale on the web. Let the radio stations have more ratings and advertising. Danny Diggz has pics of a BMW on his myspace with comments that say. “The car that mashups bought”. Meanwhile the original songwriters, and people in the industry watch sales go down.

  75. If Mashup Djs or remixers held on to there personal mixes and played them at there gigs. People would notice, attend and spend more at that djs shows. Create a following, charge more for your club gigs rather then sell your material online illegally.

  76. @coldblank If someone asks us to remove their original work we remove it. We don’t ask questions, we just remove it if we know it belongs to you. I really hate to say this at the risk of sounding arrogant, but any form of your work NOT being on our site is more YOUR loss than it is ours. We are reaching out to DJ’s that may never find you if not hearing you with us first.

    LET ME MAKE YOU ALL UNDERSTAND SOMETHING VERY CLEARLY ABOUT THE LEGALITIES..We are completely legit at this point, not a single dollar flows through without being taxed by our government and the RIAA is very well aware of our proceedings. Please take note to the following paragraph and try your best to understand it as it holds true and protects us:


    In other words, if you come to our site and purchase Cold Blank’s original track mixed with let’s say JT’s Sexy Back. By purchasing our “pre mixed” version you are stating that you are already in possession of both the Cold Blank track AND the JT Sexy Back. This may mean you have either purchased these tracks from another source, or obtained them from a record pool or blog on the internet. We are not providing you with the original music, WE ARE MIXING IT FOR YOU, that is IT. You are paying us to MIX. The minute you purchase a track on and you currently do NOT own a license or have within your possession LEGALLY a copy of all parts embodied within the composition purchased on YOU ASSUME FULL LIABILITY. We make this point very clear in our number of disclaimers.

    So Cold Blank, if someone purchases the mix on our site with your track in it, they are not purchasing YOUR TRACK because THEY ALREADY HAVE IT (and if they don’t then when you try to sue us your law suit will be redirected and they will have to answer for that one) so we are taking NO MONEY OUT OF YOUR POCKET because these people are claiming to already be in possession of your track.

    I think it’s really safe to say that at least 75% of the people that purchase tracks from us ACTUALLY DO OWN COPIES OF WHAT WE ARE MIXING TOGETHER, and are picking them up for the exact purpose they are made for. Guys, some people JUST CAN’T DJ AS GOOD AS WE CAN and need our help.. That’s why we mix for them. Sadly, that’s why there are $300 dj’s putting a lot of us out of work because we cost more money and they are getting the job done thanks to my dumb ass creating it to begin with. Ya know what tho, I do not try to fight what is inevitable, the internet has crushed music sales COMPLETELY and everyone is going out of business. Come on son, TOWER RECORDS!?!?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!! Man Tower Records was the leader and now they are gone.. Moms and pops, all gone..

    I just released a single a few weeks ago called “Dirty Girl”. Completely produced original music and just gave it away for free. Got 5k downloads from as a promo download in a SHORT period of time. This makes me happy. Anyone mashes it, go right ahead make money on it I don’t care. The more people paying attention to it the better off I AM. If you are smart you stay quiet and let people mix the shit out of it. Did you really make the song to sell a few hundred of them for 99 cents a clip? Did you spend the 200k PLUS it costs to blow the song up so it can actually sell enough copies to feed your family?? Im gonna guess no or you wouldn’t give two shits if it was a remix on You can’t even buy a fucking plane ticket to Miami during the WMC for the money you would make selling it without putting the proper promotional budget behind it. You give it away for free and hope to set yourself up to make money on shows and eventually an album and better things.

    Cold Blank you will get your respect from me and I will remove your track right now as per your request but your music will be banned from being used on our site as we do to anyone else who has us remove something. I hope this is a respectable resolution for you guys, sorry for the inconvenience.

  77. why not make exclusive mashups and mashups to sell as well?

  78. What an awesome site !!!! Love this topic. Sizzahandz radio show on KTU back in the day was the bomb. I remember the first time hearing “Girlfriend in Africa” and ” Journey with Jean” Could’nt wait to buy them when i heard the news of Legality of this topic is difficult but the creativity blows my mind. Good for Pauly D, every DJ has there nitch. Whether your a tv celeb, movie star, remixer or model use your nitch to make big $$$$

  79. I myself am barley starting to DJ and mess around with tracks.. and i must say that all this input from all these different ppl is awesome.. thanks for the very insightful info.. i look forward to move discussion like these.. peace


  81. @Eddy in reference to the – If you listen closer there’s a bit more work done than just removing the transition. Additionaly I added a new hook for the end which I implemented new instruments, then i sampled the original drums sounds from the song and built a flat in/out, etc —Regardless my simple answer to you is don’t buy it if it’s not worth it to you. Not to mention I rarely sell things of this nature anyways… You mentioned DMS, I put up something like 50 edits on DMS in January alone which are free to the DMS members (Well free other than the monthly fee) BUTTTT I guess when I take the time out to sample the original kick, snare, etc. from a song, re-build an in/out, cut out the transition, add a final hook and add instruments to it I’m in the wrong for thinking I deserve some sort of compensation? Personally, I simply choose to sell the things I put a considerable amount of time in on… Which includes that track. #justsayin

  82. I remember recording sizz mixshows that aired on ktu on tapes. OH the good old days.

  83. mike matthews! coming out of left field…whats up my brotha. @sizz: he’s got my vote! lol


  85. @danny diggz yo homie i got your email, been crazy busy but lets chat soon


  87. Hey all ! Got some music to put up on this site. What up Anthony Believe the Hype !!

  88. @Sizz i just want to re-address our point. we release FREE bootleg remixes that get distributed through mp3 blogs (which end up falling into promo packs, message boards, promo pools, etc). the point is OUR name is credited on the production and it’s a free track (“Cold Blank Remix”). we produce bootleg remixes aside from our beatport tracks for multiple reasons….. 1. exposure, 2. gigs, 3. for all the people who wont pay a penny for music

    if someone edits it, adds hype, mashes it up, etc and then take off “Cold Blank Remix” and puts “DJ BeatBreaker – PON DE FLOOR (ELECTRO EXCLUSIVE PERSONAL BOOTLEG)”… we lose our credit.

    your argument makes no sense because a) we weren’t making money off of this track in the first place, and b) the original artist & the mash/edit dj receive the exposure, not us.

    so how is this helping us and our remix gain exposure in the long run when your djs get credit for them? i can understand why you brag about your clan djs showing up to gigs with crowds in love with them and eager to hear their mashups & such…. because they get credit for tracks that are not theirs.

    by the way, thanks for removing the track.

  89. Passed out earlier before and wake up 430am to read this entertaining argument lol @Diggz for the long ass legit comeback

  90. COLD BLANK FTW :D…. I totally agree with you guys. Let’s hear what these Heartless, greedy, selfish people have to say. I respect Cold Blank A LOT, you guys will go BIG my friends :D… Don’t listen to what that guy said about loosing exposure. Like you said, THEY WERE NOT GIVING YOU NOT ONE BIT OF CREDIT. I say we get gather ALL THE ARTIST Who got Their songs ILLEGALLY sold on CC and Sue the site (Which is mostly all the Artist on Beatport LOL). There are A LOT of GAPS on their Protection Rights. I won’t say what they are, so that they don’t try to fix em ;D…

  91. i'm just a club goer

    i heard chopps play live…he couldnt create energy if you handed him 2 magnets. mash after mash after mash and no up and down hyp for the crowd. it was just blah crowd stood at one level all night and i don’t think i heard more than 4 original records.. but i guess the hairgel and photoshop do the trick to get you booked. but i guess power to him if he can fool promoters and make money and take a spot away from someone who can actually make a promoter look good and make a party rock

  92. f457l4n3,

    your name sucks. that’s all.

  93. been djing 22 years

    Look I have been djing since many of you were in diapers…….
    I think the site is great and completely flows with the change of times…When there is a demand for something, you meet it, or else someone else will…Why should anyone else be eating food off my plate if im the one who thought up the recipe and took the time to cook it up?!?
    The thing thats annoys me is the arrogance of some of these kids…Danny Diggz is always putting himself on a pedestal, and to be honest, ive heard him dj and he plays nothing but easy reaction records…Show me an original complete track…Show me something that shows you are so good at what you do that you can be that way, and ill tip my hat to ya, if not seriously stay in your lane because regardless of how known you are as a mashup maker, that doesnt make you a good dj, and that goes for anyone…same for most of these kids….find me the dj who takes the time to get to know his music, and hunts the stuff that you cant commonly find on every blog and download site, and they will get my respect…not everyone who plays tik tok just with a diff chant be it pitbull or fatboy scoop or whoever..thats corny as fuck
    ok continue

  94. Alex K (Anthem Kingz)

    Wow, where have i been? Can anyone do a quick summary for me? I’ve come in peace (from Canada, what else is new) hahahaha

  95. I think it is funny that it took this “rant” to get “blown out of proportion” for a few mentioned tracks to get removed from a certain site. I have heard other peeps complaining about it & asking them via email or twitter to remove similar items with no such luck. I hope this makes every1 take a step back to c what they themselves r doing. Bottom line, If you didn’t do it… don’t sell it! (Makes sense to me :)
    When people like Siz make comments about money & making a buck it just goes to show you where they are now in life. Certainly not where they were… Much love for the pavement but now it seems like it is all about the money (re-read those posts bro & step off the road). Am I a business man? Mos Def! Do I like to get paid? Fuck yeah! Would I choose an honest buck over a shady 1? ALWAYS! Do I hope this changes shit? Yes! Do I think it will? Maybe for a mth lol! Do I agree with diggz sayin he is a jack of all trades DJ? Def Not! Is he gettin his hustle on? Undecided (if so its not on a treadmill :P) Maybe he should spend less time remixin a remix & more time on the decks! (youtube is killin u bro!) Do I got love for DJ’s/Producers on all the sites that make money the right way? (yes Siz there is a right & wrong way) Hell yeah!
    In closing, I appreciate all those who have taken the time to read the transcript of me interviewing myself. Much love to all who are in it for the love of music (not money)! Mad props to ne 1 not suckin on CC’s nuts! If you can read this, Remix Report isnt owned by them :P

  96. @been djing 22 year @not pauly d —- I don’t think you guys realize what the music industry has come to. Almost every DJ you meet today are fucking with some sort of production/ loop based software whether it be Ableton, Fruity Loops, Logic, etc. @Sizz has been in the game a long time too, I’m sure hes seen it all, being a role-model to a lot of DJs (including myself), as well as a pioneer alongside Riz to creating one of the biggest remixing services probably used worldwide. He said him self: “PEOPLE ARE PAYING FOR THE SONGS TO BE MIXED FOR THEM.”

    Ex: Instead of playing the original “I Get Money” and trying to blend it with another song on the fly adjusting all the EQs with the possibility of screwing up or it not sound good at all, Just go to and buy that mash you want so you can just flip it on the otherside.

    I mean I can go and make the same mash, whatever it is in Ableton in 5 min. but as @Diggz said, he takes the time sampling out the Kicks, snare, synths, etc and sells the track he feels are WORTH selling.

    DJ AM has played many mashes in his sets off that site as well as remixed his own stuff. Thats why you could hear 4 different songs playing at once coming out of only 2 turntables and that’s why he was so good and liked by so many people. (RIP)

  97. @i’m just a club goer: are you sure you were hearing correctly that night? cause your sadly mistaken but its ok. over the next couple months there will be plenty of occasions for you to retract your statement. check sched at ( i will say this for a 23 year old dj, the kid has more musical knowledge of ORIGINAL tracks than a lot of others (no names needed we’re adults here). To say all he plays is mashups and creates “no energy” is absurd, actually here’s a video from SOUTH FRANCE (sold out night cause he was there), not ur best friends uncle’s bar that YOU begged to play at: ….thank you and have a nice day :)

  98. @LaRosa DTDJ

    That’s all nice & dandy, but don’t sell these edits. We produced full on original remixes. Meaning we sample the original track (or stems of it) and create our own take at it (like an original track). We do not own the rights for the original track, so we just distribute them for free with the artists’ name on the track. I’m sorry, but if we tagged it as “Cold Blank – Pon De Floor (Personal Electro Bootleg Mix)”, it just isn’t fair to the original artist.

    “Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Cold Blank Remix)” is the proper way to tag it. And if you’re going to edit our track & you choose to distribute it, so be it. But please do not sell it & tag it correctly as follows: “Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Cold Blank Remix) [Mash DJ Super Hyped Up w/Intro & Outro Personal Exclusive Bootleg 2010 Re Edit]”


  99. The most comprehensive info I have found on this subject on the net. Will be back soon to follow up.

  100. @im just a club goer: stay on topic jeeez lol p.s. you know ur completely wrong, come onnnnn. lol so blatant

  101. i love this site. cold blank is dope. i agree with u and respect your work. óne of your remixes was actually on my 2009 top 10 on kiis fm and i do agree with some of you that some people need to check their ego´s. we´re all just dj´s. we aren´t that special. lol it´s not like we´re making the world a better place or anything. it´s nice to be important, but it´s more important to be nice. may the force be with you.

  102. Well said Alex – “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” Just another Remix Report life lesson :)

  103. 1. @Cold Blank I completely understand with tagging of the tracks but I believe this discussion is more on whether Remixers should sell their tracks instead of posting them for free at “personal edits

    2. @Anthony Hype … classic.. YOU CAN BE EM

  104. I feel the need to chime in on this topic. I have been trying to build up my name remixing/bootlegging/whatevering for a few years now, but it is obvious to me that this wasn’t so much an issue until the CC/C4DJ cats started going after house/electro songs.

    Think about it–How much money does Jay-Z get for making his album? Compare that to how much I would get selling an original on beatport. Even if I cracked the top 10 sales wise, it would not touch what Hip Hop artists get.

    Call it “promoting the artists”, but it’s all semantics. You are simply trying to justify what you are really doing.

    I remix songs, and have sold some of those remixes on RatedH. How do you think I feel when I see a CC artist stealing one of MY remixes for a track? I make my tracks available on blogs for free as well as on ratedh, and I have a huge promo list too. I do this because I am in it for the music–and the moment SOME of you “artists” realized you could make a quick buck off of it, you gave that up.

    I’m not “hating” that you guys found a back door to fame in the DJ biz, but in reality, no one cares about this issue OUTSIDE the DJ world. These kids don’t cheer for you, they cheer for the original track. So give the og some fn credit.

    Want to use my tracks for bootlegs? Fine. Let me know first, give me credit (at least in the info, instead of the “HOT ELECTRO TO HIP HOP TRANSITION…YOU NEED THIS TRACK!!!” crap), and send me the boot when you are done.

    I tweeted this a few days ago:


    That is all.

  105. Eventually these People will get what they deserve. That’s the way life is ;). Selling music for 3.99 to 4.50 when in reality the original was FREE or max 2.50.. And then the Selfish Remixer says the price is because of their time. Well, i figure it took the original Artist WAYYY more time and hard work doing the Original TRACK. And yet, they give it out for free, or sell it for a maximum of 2.50.. To top it all of, These STINGY remixers do not even give CREDIT to the people of the original production. That’s just some F’d up Shit. (and yes, i’m talking about the house music in particular. As mentioned above, famous artist already have all their exposure, so they do not care about getting credited or not, people already know who they are. Yet, most of these humble original producers that deliver these sick BEATS, are getting their exposure taken away when other Djs put a dumb loop and just rename and put in their dj name. New djs will just think that the person on CC was the one that made that BEAT. I for one thought that 2 years ago, when Remixers Would Get WOLFGANG Gartner original productions, and add “the we like to fuck” loop on it. I always thought it was the person on CC who made that beat, and never did i knew who Wolfgang was at the time.

    It impresses that the owner of such a site just Stated that he did it for the money -_-… WOW, that’s heartless dude.. he is probably going to try and say he did not say that. But you wrote that man.. you said your going to where the money is..

    And then the remixes involved in this mess reply with Stupid shit like “party at my house” “This is too good” … IGNORANT Mofos.

    Or they reply with some shit that is OFF TOpic…

  106. O, but wait, there is More… These Remixers Actually get MAD when other Sites Like Crate Connect use their Remixes and give them out on RECORD POOLS or Let people Exchange them in the FORUMS HAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH…Here is the proof.. … All i got to say is…. CC remixers who make money and steal Originality off others.. LOOSE MY RESPECT… I am sure you might not care about my respect towards ya.. but there will eventually be More Producers and DJS who will Have No respect Towards ya…and if you gonna reply back with some shit like… O, but the founders came from here, or they did this in the past blah blah blah blah…or is not there fault… I don’t give a damnn if the guy is Mickey Mouse’s brother… All i want to know is what you going to do in regards to Stealing off others????

  107. We just posted a video response on the main page of the blog. Check it out!

  108. @Cold Blank I too think your work is very good and your points are valid, so as of Feb 1st all credits will be in the composer section of the ID3 tags of our remixes. This rule will apply to,, AND

    As for those of you with negative comments about me, my websites, me being greedy, me not having things the way they were, etc.. Guys, don’t get it twisted I CAN DJ AS MUCH AS I WANT. I am about to be 37 with a family and 3 lovely kids that I enjoy spending most of my time with. Yeah, money is very important for each and every one of us in this room, but if you have no family or family life, just wait til you do.. You won’t want to be gone dj’ing 3 or 4 nights a week trust me. You will do like me and if you have earned a name in this business you will capitalize on it and find ways to earn at HOME so that you can satisfy all of your passions at ONCE. I still do dj 4 to 8 times per month in case you want to watch the old man tear up the tables ;) Scratch battle anyone LOLOL

    Lastly, as for DJ Unknown, your name says it all. It’s guys like you that ruin our industry not guys like me. What have you done for your industry that you care so much about?? You won’t even use a real name to speak on a forum. I have been in this business since 1991 as a DJ in clubs and 93 as a record producer and have paid my dues to the game, have grinded it out for YEARS. Platinum and Gold singles under the belt, and there is not a person or dj too big or too small that I won’t sit and have lunch or a conversation with and try to help in any way that I can. Those that know me personally will tell you such. First, take off the mask and man up and be who you are without hiding behind the internet, then lay it down for everyone here.. With opinions like yours I am sure you have paid your just dues to our industry and have a good story for us all to hear.

    JD – You should make people sign up with real info to get into your forum so that you have it controlled and it does not turn into the Serato forums..

  109. @sizz First, I’m glad this has all effected some change. Thank you Siz for listening to all sides and doing what you think is best. As for signing in, I’ve been thinking about that a lot since this all started yesterday and it’s something I’m looking into. I agree that people should not be hiding behind the internet. Obviously those who made their opinions and names known were listened to and taken seriously. So why hide??

  110. 1st. I do not know how i ruin the industry – I am not the one who has a website with remixers who steal and sell work of others for double the price. ( YOU ARE CONTRADICTING your own self). I am only giving you my opinion, I am not Gaining money from this, as a matter of fact I am trying to help those who are getting their exposure taken away. You are probably talking about your own industry CC, yes I am ruining that I guess. 2nd. thanks for answering my question, at least you will apply the ID3 tags. (Hopefully it will be Tagged before even purchasing the track. And not just tagged once it is downloaded.) 3rd. Please don’t tell me about your personal life, we are talking about illegal and unfair issues. this ain’t not OPRAH. 4th. Why are you telling JD to do such a thing. If he does that, then less people will come and tell it like it is.


  111. This discussion is keeping it real. I guess now we get some insight on how past artist felt when DJ’s sampled there music and released records without crediting the artist. It’s like beginning of hip hop all over again. I guess it’s true what they say “What goes around comes around!!”

  112. @Sizz – I think thats a great idea. If you have a system that beatport has, that’ll keep everyone happy. Yes it does give away those secret tracks that some dj believe keep them on the 1 up. But thats just ridiculous. If they think the music keeps you in the game and not your skill. There way off.
    @Remixreport & DJ Unkwon – Actually the idea of having people sign in is a great idea, but yet you can have both. I do a little web design on the side and I can tell you that. You can set it up so that people who log in can voice there opinion immediately and people who don’t log, will have to wait till you guys approve there post.
    @fndannyboy – dude i’ve been sick of fat man scoop and lil jon on every track.. do we really need either of them yelling on every f’n track all night.
    Lastly to @notdjpaulyd from this morning .. if you are pauly d then check it. if not never mind yo. – my names original. if you cant read leet speak. suck on it. i dont give a damn. but im not gonna bitch you out on your skills. i was in the position you have been in a few times. getting thrown into large gigs and not having the skills to back it up. we have all started out a nobody. no ones born as a dj god. btw i’ve hear some of your mixes. programing skills are not bad, but work on your blends man. your on a serato. the wave forms are in from of you. it basically tells you what to do. USE IT!

    PS – as of now im pretty sure alex rage has gained the title of innovator of the industry. go go buffalo!

  113. I would also like to add that we (and producers) would actually consider releasing our original tracks for sale on CC with mashed up vocals and such if we could reach a proper agreement on royalties.

    On beatport, mashups exist. Check out this release… … the second track titled “Stitch The Fuck Up (fRew Edit)” — it’s a Bass Kleph remix of Twocker mashed up with the vocals by Stellar MC on Stupid Fresh’s “Get The Fuck Up”. It is legally being sold legitimately and all parties are getting an agreed royalty.

    We run our own label Burn The Fire on Beatport. We deal with licensing for compilations and mashups, remixing, and edits. It is legal, it just needs to be done properly. If you guys want to make a profit, don’t do it with your bootleg remixes unless you remove 100% of the samples from the original track. Crookers have done it tons of times! They remix a track, give it out on the blogs, then remove all samples of the original track they remixed, and release it as an ORIGINAL track. If you’d like to release your edit, you’d have to deal with the label, publisher, or artist professionally, but not without a legitimate contract. If you present numbers to them and your market’s previous success, I’m sure they’d even be interested in releasing your edit on Beatport as well.

    I hope this insight will prevent this shit from happening and only encourage others to start playing by the rules.

  114. we solved one issues, and another was born. check this out. looks like this website’s taking our ORIGINAL tracks now. just great…

    i sent out a tweet to them in hopes of some type of cooperation… seriously what the hell is up with these people? these websites are sketchier than oakland, compton, and russian message boards.

  115. Guys, I only speak on my personal life because of the following comment left by The Truth:

    “When people like Siz make comments about money & making a buck it just goes to show you where they are now in life. Certainly not where they were… Much love for the pavement but now it seems like it is all about the money”

    That is why I spoke on my personal life.

    I have just officially put it in as a rule that all artists must put all original artists and remixers in the ID3 tag under the “Composer” section. Artists that fail to comply will have their tracks removed. That will not apply to tracks already on the site, just to releases going forward. I hope that will please some of you and I thank you for the suggestion, it is indeed a good idea and we can do it legally.

    As for remixing on, you are always welcomed to send us mixes for approval, if approved we would love to have you. As original producers and remixers, you will find that if you are accepted and work with us that the experience is incomparable to a Beatport or iTunes. You can watch your money as you make it up to the minute and get paid on a monthly basis. Everything we do is on the books, and done professionally. Please note that is exclusive and if you release music with us on the website, you cannot release music under the same name elsewhere.

    JD – If you approve every membership to this site then you won’t have slackers up here that you cannot identify like so many of these other forums that become reckless after gaining a little popularity. If you decide to make this forum the right way and know each and every member that posts to it I will support you and help you to make it grow. You should make it so that UNKNOWN people can read it but cannot post to it. Anyone who posts should be a member, not someone that wants to come here using an alias to so called “speak their mind”. They do not care about your site and the people that are here that CAN help it to become a better forum. They will eventually chase away any REAL people that you have here. There are a million forums a bunch of aliases can go to and post, why give them another one to chase away the GOOD people that you are personally so well connected to.. Just my thoughts..

    Be well.

  116. @sizz with the response we’ve gotten we are definitely considering adding a real forum. Right now we’re just set up as a blog and really didn’t see things going in this direction, but I’d like to take it where it wants to go naturally, which may very well be a forum, which would require a login and such. There doesn’t seem to be a forum for us remix guys specifically anymore and this could possibly fill that void. We’re looking into options and it would probably be at least a week before we could get one set up properly, but I’ll be sure to let you if it happens. We’d love to have your support.

    @cold blank DMS is a whole other thing. Ran completely different than Crooklyn Clan. It’s a record pool, very similar but not quite the same as Dj city. In the past they were a vinyl record pool servicing DJ’s with mixable intro’s and outro’s that you couldn’t find anywhere, before the MP3 days. Now they have translated that into the digital age. They put intro and make edits of tracks and post them up for their subscribers. DJ’s pay a monthly fee, not a per track fee, to be a part of the service. So the DJ’s doing the edits are not being paid.

  117. @remixreport that’s cool. we’re down to give them permission to post our bootleg remixes, but not our original tracks. especially the ones that just came out this monday ;)

  118. Cold Blank, We have removed your stuff from our DJ pool. Im sorry this has really got you going:
    “we solved one issues, and another was born. check this out. looks like this website’s taking our ORIGINAL tracks now. just great…

    i sent out a tweet to them in hopes of some type of cooperation… seriously what the hell is up with these people? these websites are sketchier than oakland, compton, and russian message boards”

    Even though this is the first issue of anyone getting mad that we posted a track for our pool we ALWAYS respect the artist and there track. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at


  119. I am very glad to hear that changes r being made! Siz my actual quote was this, “Much love for the pavement but now it seems like it is all about the money (re-read those posts bro & step off the road).” I wrote that because it seemed to me that everything u said was gr8 but… it all boiled down to the money & you were telling other peeps that if they were not profiting it was their loss. That is not what a pioneer/peer should be teaching the up & coming dj’s / producers (or this will never get better) I am in no way delving into ur personal life. Also, I dont c how my comments would chase away ne body from remix report. If anything it brings more viewers. (plus I posted links 4 other peeps to check out the whole situation, which they did). Im just a fly on the wall that offered my $.02. Thanks to remix report for hosting this! Gr8 site! Make us login & Im still gonna b here. Sorry if The Truth hurts! :(

  120. I cut and pasted what you wrote little homie. Sorry if you don’t feel that teaching kids that making money is a good practice. If you are not rich don’t have children kid! Without valuable lessons like GET PAID they may not make it in this cold world. Sorry but the truth DOES hurt. Stay handsome!

  121. Ahh big Sizz… I know u cut & pasted u just 4got the end of the sentence (the parenthesis). I’m not rich.. I do have kids. I make money & have a great family life. All without helping others rip off others. If you do what u say u r going to do Feb 1st then Cheers Mate! BTW I piss excellence & am now done with this topic! Oprah’s on :)

  122. @Warren Peace — we actually sent out our bootleg remixes for distribution on record pools (like dj city). we produced these bootlegs for exposure and we don’t mind getting them out there by any means. however, our original tracks are a source of income for us and we try out hardest to prevent anything on our label’s catalog from leaking… it’s wishful thinking, but we do our best.

    while wolfgang gartner & deadmau5 can make a living from their tracks sales, our gigs are what keep us going. the fact that djs like beatbreaker end up earning more money than us from our production is the reason why i’m so worked up. at $4 a track and on the top 20 of CC’s top tracks? get real, these guys are making $4-5k a month from CC with all the tracks they have up.

  123. It sure is cold in NY tonight brrrrr! Ok guys IM done with this topic. It’s been real much love y’all. If you have any comments, suggestions, etc. is how to get in touch. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response. Positivity for 2010 ok!

  124. “””””””ID3 tag under the “Composer” section.”””””””” – SIZZ…. I have a feeling he is going to have this once the person purchases the track -_- ……. I think he will do that so that people will NOT GO TO THE REAL ARTIST AND PURCHASE THE TRACK THERE…. HAHAHAHAHA, what a Smart Thing to do, and there he will think he is Clean for all this SHAMELESS Sales… 1st. 85% of people do not have the composer section set on their Itunes or Serato. 2nd. You are still Being F’d up to the ORginal artist because people will no longer feel like buying the track again, because the one they bought on CC only has a 40 sec loop segment and the rest is the Original Production…. “””Ok guys IM done with this topic””” – Sizz. Does that so he does not get himself any more Burned on here, and so he does not promise anymore changes to his website that the PUBLIC WILL SEE on here. If you do reply back to what I wrote. I hope your reply will be that you will add the original Artist prior to buying the track. IF you will not reply with that answer. JUST STAY QUIET. your responses only show your interest in the money.

  125. I just want to say that remix report has def solved some problems wrong with remix sites. I just want to take the time to thank JD and Jay Spring for that!! I would like to say with the flood of bootleg remixes and simple edits it has been hard to find the real gems on these remix sites. I feel as though I’m at an old record store piled up in vinyl again but not as fun. And the quantity of remixes has discouraged me from even looking anymore due to the time it takes. Does anyone eles feel the same way??

  126. now i see why the big dudes discotech have basically stopped producing for that site ……… this beat breaker shit i’m listening to is pure thievery. the fact this guy considers himself an artist is shameful to the whole site. its completely demolished the value siz and riz gained through their hard work. dudes should be ashamed.

  127. First i want to thank JD, Jay Spring and those who keep it real on this blog, without bashing anyone. Just wanna say no more of those edits for me. I thought that is what you guys wanted. (Since it was selling so good) Apparently its just for these rookie kids who are coming up and want the hot songs handed to them. Anyways i know all eyes on me from now on so ill be in the studio working hard on some new stuff for next week. Thanks for listening and keeping it real,


    Follow me on twitter

  128. yes anthony, as a patron with huge interest in the art, i really felt he’s a lower scale version of pauly d. he’s not on a reality show but he must have the right connections. no disrespect to him or u if your friends or what not, i’m just talkin as a customer in the club. just sayin the crowd and overall vibe in the room was bland and ppl were talkin bout it by the bar and u saw it in the faces of ppl on the dancefloor.

  129. Everyone had good points here. But Crooklyn Clan is not the only website doing this. There are other sites doing this as well

  130. We just want to clarify that “Dj Unkwon” is in NO WAY affiliated with us, and if we have an opinion to share, we will make sure that it is under our artist name, “THE UNKNOWN.”

    That being said, there is lots going on here, and we would like to thank JD and Jay Spring (‘sup fellas?) for not being afraid to open up hot topics on their site… It is not always easy to voice an opinion on sensitive subjects, especially when you are working to maintain a following.

    There are many good points here, and from our end, we will continue to work in a way that we feel does the music justice. And if we can make positive changes to support the industry, and the artists within it who deserve it, we will gladly do so.

    Thanks again to for staying true…

    – Mr. White of THE UNKNOWN

  131. Wow…what a discussion. I believe this has needed to be discussed in a forum everyone to get their thoughts and opionions out openly as this is an issue that I know has been discussed “behind closed doors” for over a year now. I humbly submit that I find it difficult to comprehend how someone who re-edits some one elses mix and makes a “personal bootleg” deserves the same recognition, credit and compensation that Discotech recieves for producing or reproducing entire tracks from scratch. Mad respect to Sizz for participating in the conversation and making policy adjustments to the sites and big ups to Alex Rage & JD & Jay Spring for bringing this issue to the forefront. This discussion is definitely moving things in the right direction. The bottom line is respect. We all share a common bond, we have a deep seeded love and passion for music and DJing. I’d like to suppose that each and every one of us feels that we have the greatest job in the world. Anyone who doesn’t feel that way in my opinion is DJing for the wrong reasons. If everyone would show love and respect for your peers we wouldn’t need to have these rules or discussions like this. However, let me also note that I used the be quick to rush to judgement, but I look at the world differently now and I realize that maybe some of the people that “jack” others mixes to re-edit and sell them as their own don’t even realize what they are doing is wrong or that it is hurting or disrespecting someone else. Now they have the opportunity to see what feelings their actions have caused in others and with that knowledge make an informed decision whether to change their ways or stay the course. Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion and just remember treat others the way you would like to be treated because you reap what you sow.

  132. Another thing about these kids overloading on corny edits is that my fav producers from the site dont make stuff as much anymore….Discotech, John Farruggio, Klutch, Davey b, Jasper, Dj Nova, and Hollaboyz and most of all RIZ AND SIZ
    please come back
    my favorite mashups i ever bought or spun were by dj riz or sizzahandz and now they barely put anything out….

  133. Is February, and there were no changes made to the ID3 Tags. I guessed they lied on that one.

  134. All eyes on crooklyn clan lol

  135. not for nothing but all artists were told no new submissions will be accepted after feb without including it…no new tracks have gone up yet…siz said it would be implemented only on new additions coming fwd….relax yourself…before you wanna snap out and call names like a little girl try reading a little more comprehensively

  136. @ DJ Ike: Sizzahandz stated that NEW additions to the site as of Feb. 1st would contain the data. Also files already available on the site would not fall under this new rule. This is how I interpreted the statements made earlier. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  137. why tell someone he cant be fat? the person eating knows that the chocolate cake is bad for them but they want to eat it anyway

  138. Hey guys,

    If any of you are already artists on you know that the new rules have been implemented and we will stick by them. As for that other guys comment about the “composer” section not being part of the ID3 tagging system, we all know that you are wrong about that BUT I do know that it is not the most looked at part of a mp3 tag. SOOOOOO, after coming back here to look in on what’s going on my SUGGESTION (and I say suggestion because I myself don’t even know if it’s the best idea) would be to put all artists involved in any remix in the COMMENTS section instead of the Composer section in the ID3 tag. Is that better or does it not even make a difference?

    ADDITIONALLY, some of you may like this; First off I will start by saying that Discotech does not produce as much because they are fucking ROCK STARS now. They DJ a lot and are very busy but do produce when they can for As for people not being as gun-ho to make mixes anymore because of how hard it is to move original material and such, I have given this topic much thought and I will say myself that even I and my partner Riz do feel this way and that is why there is a lack of our mixes on the site. We need a way to fix that, and I may have come up with something.

    Our site sells it’s majority based on the charting that takes place. We all know that when going to a site like ours, sifting through music all day just takes too long so what do most people do? They check the top sellers, and charts.. So, how to fix this issue? Simple (i hope). MORE CHARTS. For tracks that are minimally produced like some of BB’s stuff but are still in high demand we will let them chart as they do now. Then maybe we will have a “HOT REMIX” chart for the stuff we feel is more produced. Additionally, we will bring in bigger named producers and dj’s to do their own charts for us as well. So let’s say everyone loves JD and goes to check him out all the time and thinks he knows whats up with music. JD will make his JD’S FAVORITE FIVE” chart for the week highlighting the tracks that JD feels are up to his standards. I myself and Riz will have charts too. The whole charting thing just WORKS. If you know who you like, then you know to follow them for what you are looking for. This is my way of trying to show you guys that I do care about your suggestions and I will do my best to make them work.

    LASTLY, to the very few of you that just HAVE to be boneheads and completely negative in every comment you make, I say this to you; Energy is a very powerful force that can control your life in positive and negative ways depending on how you use it. Being constructive in your debates will lead to a solution that makes the world a better place PERIOD. Lashing out and releasing negative energy will only bring negative back to you 10 fold. This is not superstition, believe me. You have to believe that energy exists and can impact your life and the more positive energy you put out there the better things will go for you in the long run. What you think of me I really can do nothing about, how you feel about my website and business you are entitled to feel. How you speak to people in a public forum is DIFFERENT STORY. Conduct yourselves like adults and watch how great the world around you responds. Conduct yourself like children and expect only people of your caliber to run with you. In this business, being LIKED by those that have achieved more than you can definitely work to your advantage.

    Thanks All Folks!

  139. Amen to that Sizz…that last sentence is about the best advice any young DJ or producer could ever hope to receive! I’ve seen many up and comers with amazing talent and bad attitudes get passed over for others with pretty good talent because they had a much better attitude toward and more respect for those who had accomplished more than them.

  140. I think we shoud do the all time top 20 and monthly top 20!!! What do you say guys??? Just a thought!!

  141. Well Played Sir!

  142. Sizz all i got to say is just by reading the post from you in all this mess is that you are a step above the rest that are on the top. most DJs on the top could care less about the up and coming dj’s(like myself) of the world and it seems like you really do respect everyone in the game. even ones disrespecting you, you still don’t lash back. i am good friends with JD and Jay Springs and i know they appreciate everything that is getting done through this website to make the DJing world a better place for everyone. i hope this site really takes off and i am looking forward to meeting some of the greats of the djing world down in Miami at WMC. should be a great time down there.
    i also like the top 20 of all time list Holtie. give them some time and maybe they will compile a list for us youngsters.

  143. I wish i was a youngster i’m 33 bro!!

  144. um ok so i guess sizz flaked again
    i only see 1 dj on the site who has the tracks he sampled listed

  145. i guess everyone just forgot about it

  146. I need to save about 2 hours to go through this … I will read all of this tomorrow. haha.

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