Oh, Is Today an Edit Edition of Remix Report?

As you know, our site is designed primarily to “talk shop”, but when there is a hot issue out, such as the two we’ve discussed over the last couple days, we will usually jump in and speak our minds.  With that said — Why yes, today is an Edit Edition and THIS is today’s main post!!   We promise, no matter what else is going on in the DJ World, we won’t forget what matters most – speaking on the music and how to serve it best!

Today, we have a special set of edits from CrooklynClan.net remixer DJ Serafin.  This is a pack of City specific “Shots” edits that everyone can enjoy.


Make sure you follow Serafin @djserafin on Twitter!!  And check his interview in episode 4!

Remember to check in every Thursday, as we’ll be serving up personal edits from some of the biggest names in the game!


  1. Thanks to you guys who started this site…we needed something like this..much respect to all the djs and real turntablist out there..

  2. Decoy – Thank YOU for stopping by! We started this site so we could interact with peeps like you, who spend as much time thinking about the DJ game as we do.

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