Episode 009 – Money To Blow (The Remixes)

Today we highlight remixes of: Birdman ft. Drake & Lil Wayne – Money To Blow

About this remix:

Song: Money To Blow (A-Trak Toyfriend Remix)
BPM/Key: 130/B-flat Minor
Where to find it: www.djcity.com/digital

Song: Money To Blow (Discotech Remix)
BPM/Key: 133/B-flat Minor
Where to find it: www.crooklynclan.net/discotech

Song: Money To Blow (Mike D Remix)
BPM/Key: 133/B-flat Minor
Where to find it: www.strictlyhits.com

Song: Money To Blow (Dante The Don & Bobby Lite) & (Dj Vybez)
BPM/Key: 75 & 73
Where to find it: www.crooklynclan.net/dantethedon & www.yourremix.com/www.strictlyhits.com

Honorable Mention
Moar Ghosts To Blow (Dj Serafin Hakuna Matata Mix)
Money To Blow (Codeman Electro Juke Remix)
Money To Blow (EZ Money Remix)

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  1. 3 Bad Brothaz- Money to Blow Cuz Im the Ish is a hot Version of this Track! Mike B did a good job but still kept it simple…..Def works every time for my crowds!

  2. Def feeling the Mike D and Discotech Remixes…can play em in the middle of a up tempo set and still keeps the hip hop heads satisified!

  3. Thx for recognizing my remix, I agree even though its a double doesn’t mean we bit off each other. Those two tracks are very similar and yess a lot of djs could of thought of that one. It happens. Peace.

  4. Props to both JD and Jay Spring. Keep up the good work.

    My favorite is the Mike D Remix even though I had to make my own dirty version. Check out these other remixes.

    Money To Blow (Young Live Beta Remix)

    Money To Blow (The Radioaktives Remix)
    various blogs

  5. JP and Breeazy – Thanks guys, we appreciate the responses! Ww’re always curious to hear which mixes other DJs are playing.

    And Vybez, you are definitely right. Some younger dudes might not realize this, but situations like yours happen all the time. There’s just alot of people remixing these days and the chances that more than one person wile come up with the same idea is very likely!

    Tony – Thank you very much! We will look for those too.

  6. I really like DJ Deville’s Uptempo mix of money to blow…

  7. Thanks Donk! Deville always does great work!

  8. thanks for posting our remix on here- you guys got a good thing going here. keep it up

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