Episode 011 – Dj Skillz Interview

In today’s episode we get down to business and ask Crooklyn Clan’s Dj Skillz the hard questions… well, maybe not that hard.  This young DJ/producer is making big moves, having made the jump from Crack4djs to Crooklyn Clan.  He also produces for the Funkymix remix service.  He is 1/2 of the DnS Bass Mix duo and will be giving us a special inside look for a special Saturday edition of Remix Report.

During this episode we mention the new blog The Burning Bible which is aimed at teaching opening DJ’s the “right” way to do it.  It’s a good, if not funny, resource and a topic we will be discussing on Remix Report soon.

You can listen to a preview of the “Bedrock” (DnS Bass Mix)  at www.soundcloud.com/djskillzmusic

If you have questions for DJ Skillz post them in the comments or email us at remixreport@gmail.com

You can find DJ Skillz online at:



  1. thx for the Burning Bible tips.. very useful

  2. Great interview, and also for the burn’n bible site. I just wish more DJ knew this unwritten code.

  3. lol i love how u guys plugged Jason Derulo

  4. Glad you enjoyed this guys….We’re actually gonna do a small series on the “opening DJ” topic for our Playlist Wednesdays, starting this week. We feel like people are making it seem as though its a brainless thing, but its actually not as easy as everyone is making it sound. As for J Derulo, make sure to get the album :)

  5. I always wondered how DJ SKillz got into DJin. Did he just make amazing remixes and get noticed, start off with help from club owners or just get himself out there?

  6. got myself out there. started off producing because i couldn’t get turntables right away, then picked up some equip and started practicing hours upon hours….Started off working for a private party company which i still do to this day, and then moved to from there to clubs, lounges, etc. If you’re interested in bookings please email


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