Weekend Bonus: Dj Skillz – Inside the Bass Mix

Crooklyn Clan’s own, Dj Skillz, gives us an inside look into the making of a bass mix. From how he uses effects to session arrangement, this is a must see video for all remixers.

You can find DJ Skillz online at www.djskillzmusic.com


  1. much respect skillz
    ur awfully talented

    never imagined the complexities tht go into one remix…

    how long have u been producing?

  2. nice, good to see what goes on behind the remix.

  3. Thanks for checking this out guys….

    Chris – I believe he’s been producing for seven years now

    Kiz – We really wanted to show the work that some people put in on their stuff. Skillz is definitely a killer!

  4. Great video. Respect DJ SKILLZ!

  5. This is a valuable lesson for beginners right here, really nice of Skillz to share his techniques, top dude…

  6. Thanks for all the feedback guys!! I hope this lil behind the scene’s look shows ya how much work goes into those Bass Mixes that you all love so much!!!

    Spring is correct, I’ve been producing 7years now.


    Let’s Network!!!

  7. ¬†Hey Skillz! How do you Phase out your instrumental tracks? I have tested with a Highpass filter, but i can’t get it..just give me a hint!

  8. is it just me or…i cant seem to be able to play this…

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