Episode 0012 – Show Me Love In Da Club (Hollaboyz Remix)

Today we highlight a classic remix: Show Me Love In Da Club (Holla Boyz Remix)

About this remix:

Remixer/Location: Holla boyz (Dj Vice & Dj Echo)/LA
Song: Show Me Love In Da Club (Hollaboyz Remix)
BPM/Key: 92/D-flat Minor
Where to find it: www.crooklynclan.net/thehollaboyz

Big party breaks like this may be a dying breed as we will discuss in Friday’s interview with the Rock-it Scientists, but this week, we feature one of the all-time best.  Don’t forget you can always reach us at remixreport@gmail.com


  1. Nerver heard of the break, but i like the example you gave on how to come in on it. Me, I would cut the break sound, then let it play, pause for a second then pull the break in. Just to toy with the crowd a little bit. but yell you mos def can’t play the break and then switch in to something else. you would get that look like WTF, i just got some of the ladies out on the dance floor and you go in to something else, look from the kats in the club? WTF!!! LOL
    Keep bang’n

  2. i remember the first time i heard this break drop..every1 was going crazy!

    ps – tried to look for an rss feed to subscribe to this site, couldn’t find one. you guys need to set one up! awesome site

  3. @deadserious – Thanks for bringing the RSS feed to our attention. We’re working to get that up and running soon, so please check back.

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