Episode 014 – Rock-it! Scientists Interview

In today’s episode we get down to business with the Rock-it! Scientists!  From the bay area to your area this globe trotting duo is killing it in the remix world.  Find out what remixes they suggest and how they get down on their original productions.

If you have questions for the Rock-it! Scientists post them in the comments or email us at remixreport@gmail.com

You can find the Rock-it! Scientists online at:



  1. Good stuff interesting too see how two DJs work together. I’ve never considered this as I’m always on the competitive side. Also great job choosing interesting topics from the death of the party break to their original productions. Keep ’em coming!

  2. this was a great interview. these guys are so creative….and they need to release some of these productions that they have kept for themselves :D

    the best part of the interview was when they talked about their radio show…hahahahaha. hopefully you can get more of these types of interviews!

  3. these dudes are hella dope, yall gotta see ’em live…Crooklynclan.net SHAKES!!!!

  4. These guys are on a whole other level and are great guys to have in your corner. I highly recommend checking them out if ever they are in your area and for any dj that has the pleasure to open for them, soak it up!!!

  5. Had a chance to catch up with these guys at Mur Mur few weeks ago and they def get it in and speaking from a fellow remixer prospective on Clan they are one of the good ones on a personal level and talent wise.Being Down to earth something that is hard to find nowadays with egos running wild……P.S………..Patron… WMC…its on LOL

  6. Guzie & Solarz are real awesome, down to earth dudes, incredible DJ’s, producers and remixers… Some of the best reppin THE BAY! Insightful interview.

  7. Had the pleasure of hanging out with these guys at Nava in Toronto last year, really inspiring to hear their style and I can vouch for the comment Solarz made about being brave a lot of DJ’s arent sometimes! Great stuff always Rock-it! Scientists!. Thanks for the shots btw!

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