Episode 017 – Dj Steve1der Interview

In today’s episode we get down to business with Dj Steve1der!  One of LA’s finest tells us the inspiration behind the classic “Conga Shake” mash-up, how him, Spider & Mr. Best are bringing video to the masses and how AM’s influence should be pushing you to be a better DJ.

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You can find Steve1der online at:







  1. Steve is one of the illest DJ’s on the west coast. He gave me a great a opportunity a few years ago to let me open for him. Dude is a beast on the decks and one of the most humble cats in the game. Massive respect!!

  2. 100% right Audio1. Couldn’t have said it better.

  3. Just got around to view this. Great interview!

    Steve came to Kansas city a few times but i wasn’t able to catch him. I saw the video of when he was here and the crowd was just standing there. I hate to say it but some of the people here are used to being spooned on the radio.

    sometimes it sucks but on that rare time you are able to really let loose and take the crowd on a trip.

    So 1der when will be the next time you come through Kansas City? I lost your number, so i will reach out to you(through email) the next time your through here.

  4. word to your mother

  5. 1der hit it on the money when he was talking about giving back to the dj community with remixes, edits, etc… RESPECT!

  6. Everything you guy’s talked about in this interview is exactly how I’ve thought as far as being creative, having the right attitude and remixing. You guy’s are doing a great thing on this site and I feel completely inspired by you. Thanks,

  7. Steve is one of my favorite djs to watch live, if you haven’t seen him throw down on the decks, it’s a must! Especially if it’s an all hip hop party, amazing track selection and execution. I’ve got serious respect for him, definitely a dj that anyone at any level in their career can learn from. Great interview!

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