VOTE for the Remix Report Awards 2011

The Remi’s are back!!  Thank you to everyone who voted last year and made last year’s awards a success!  Now it’s time to reflect on 2011 and find out which DJs you thought had an amazing year.  The voting will be open for a limited time only, so please cast your votes NOW!!

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  1. Might be a lot of work/hassle for you guys but I think if you post a list to see how everyone voted or voiced their opinion for remix of the year etc…might help others out in terms of new sounds. I know that some of the remixes I voted for, some people may have never even heard it. Just something i think would be cool.

  2. i need help guys what songs would be great to play at a strip club its my 1st time working at one could you help put with a playlist or know of any songs that could help me out

  3. when do we find out????

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