Episode 247 – You Da One (Gregor Salto Remixes)

Rihanna’s second single off “Talk That Talk” is the catchy and melodic “You Da One.” Gregor Salto recently released his remixes and they come in 3 flavors. Today we highlight the “Vegas” version as it has the most mainstream appeal with it’s bouncy electro & dutch influenced breakdown.


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  1. Great remixes indeed! Liam Keegan also has a great remix of You Da One. It serves as a good commercial house remix. It also comes with a 16 bar intro. Very easy to mix in and out of.


  2. I just did a quick blend to make this playable at peak hour and also to sneak pressure in on a more mainstream crowd.


  3. http://www.mediafire.com/?ucikv42u1ci4559

    DJ Jeff Metcalf —  Video Remix

  4. Not that great of a remix. It takes way to much away from the song. Love you guys, but you should start understanding that most DJs out there aren’t playing in crazy large cities and a remix is great to play but it has to have more originality to it. Like the Skeet Skeet remix of pumped up. Just some food for thought. The break down so distant from the song except a few rihanna add ons. I live in Harrisburg PA and don’t get me wrong house is coming up but this just isn’t that great. I’m surprised Scooter didn’t come out with a high bpm redrum of this, but anyways love you guys. Just m opinion. Peace

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