2011 Recap: Remix Report Year In Review

I was just rereading last year’s recap, and since that was our first year doing this, it focused a lot on how we started this site.  2010 was an awesome year for sure, and it was a real learning experience for JD and I.  We had promised to take what we learned in the first year and use it to make 2011 even better.  While I’m not sure we met all of our goals this year, I still think 2011 was a definite success.  We promised to have better sound quality in our interviews and we also promised some dope new features on the site.  Well, we did slack quite a bit on getting interviews toward the end of the year, but the ones we did do sounded quite a bit better.  As for the features, I can proudly say we hit a few home runs in that area. Anyway, since we’ve discussed the start of this site many times already, let’s just get right into the content.  Here’s our TOP TEN MOMENTS/SEGMENTS OF 2011 :

10) Opening Playlist Update (Watch HERE & HERE)

2010 was the year that openers “burning” headliners became an unbelievably hot topic.  (Here’s to hoping it doesn’t get mentioned even once in 2012).  JD and I were a little tired of hearing everyone bashing these burners without anyone offering them any help.  So, we put together a few lists of good opening songs, got some help from our loyal visitors, and the segment became a huge hit.  Well, in 2011, a lot of the songs that were considered primetime 2010 hits became open game for opening DJs to play in 2011.  Hence, we offered a couple updates to our series, which I’m sure we’ll do again in 2012.

9) DJ Douchebag (Watch HERE)

This was our first skit that we ever had on our site and it seemed to go over pretty well.  Who doesn’t like a DJ that breaks a rapper’s demo cd in half??  Big shout out to Joe Gazzola who not only was the DJ Douchebag, but also was responsible for redesigning our site  (and that includes the picture of JD and I as gophers up top).

8   Episode 200 (Watch HERE)

Not sure if this was really a big deal at all, but it was a good excuse to buy a cake.   Plus, it gave us a chance to discuss the DJ game in general as well as to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who kept visiting over the year and half we had been doing it.  For anyone who enjoys our mailbags, I think this vid might be worthwhile to watch.

7) The Remis (Watch last years results HERE)

2011 was our first year handing out awards to the DJs/Remixers that YOU voted for in 2010.   We had a good time surprising some of the guys via Skype and letting them know they won.  This was really one of my favorite moments of last year.  The voting for 2011 started a little late this year, but it’ll be open right above this post very shortly!

6) Topic of the Week / Jack’s Comment

Since the Rock-It! Rant (we’ll get to that in a minute) was discontinued, JD and I had been looking for a way to discuss popular topics in the DJ community and incorporate them into our format.  The Topic of the Week worked out perfect as you all had a chance to vote as well as speak your mind in the comments section regarding some of the hot button issues in the DJ world.   The topics included everything from “playing House edits” to what you thought of Tim Tebow. After Jack, a regular in our comment section, voiced his displeasure with some of our site content, we ended up turning that into a topic as well.  Thanks to your help filling out the surveys, we were able to get an even better understanding of what you guys want JD and I to discuss.

5) DJ Riz Interview (Watch HERE)

This was something JD and I were both very excited about it, and judging from the feedback we got, you all were as well.  It was a 50 minute interview where Riz discussed his House Music roots, Be Faithful, CrooklynClan.net, Spinning for a HUGE NFL crowd, DJ AM, and much more!  Kinda crazy for me to think back to 2000-2001 or so, when I was a rookie dropping Clan breaks at the club.  Never thought I’d be interviewing one of the dudes behind that record, and as it turns out, one of the DJs I respect the most in the game.

4) Rubbing Records w/ Rob Riggs (Watch HERE)

In a perfect world, JD and I wouldn’t have needed Rob Riggs to do this for us.  We would have looked at Rob and said, “Ehhhh, he’s aight, but we’re so good at scratching let’s shoot these vids ourselves.”  Well, the world where JD and I are better at scratching than Rob, is the same world where the tooth fairy and unicorns exist, and Tim Tebow is a deserving NFL starting QB.  Truth is, these videos weren’t even for you guys.  Don’t tell Rob this, but we actually had him shoot these just for us, and used the site as front, just to get him to do this.   In all seriousness, we hope you all found these vids as helpful as JD and I did, and Rob, who’s a BEAST on the tables, was the perfect teacher for this class.  We promise, there will be more of these to come.

3) Dave Fogg Interview (Watch HERE)

Dave is a veteran in the DJ game, and we knew he’d be dropping some knowledge in this interview, but the response we got from all our visitors was absolutely OVERWHELMING!!   So many tweets about this, I thought it was gonna become a trending topic.  We discussed the mash-up era, how the club climate has changed, and what it takes to DJ in Vegas, among many other subjects.  This is a must watch for DJs of any level!

2) Rock-It! Rant w/ DJ Solarz

What can we say about The Rock-It! Rant?  This came at a time where we felt the site was maybe getting a little stale and we needed something to spice it up a bit.  As it turns out, DJ Solarz of The Mighty Rock-It! Scientists was the perfect man for the job.  I remember JD and Solarz discussing the idea for this.  It was after Solarz and Guzie had just gotten done interviewing us for Rock-It! Report (Watch HERE), and Solarz was saying how he wanted to do a vid where he goes off about the Dicer.  I remember how energetic and passionate he was, and I said to him, “yo dude, chill out a little and save some of this energy for the actual rant when you record it.”  Solarz just looked at me and said, “Oh, don’t you worry!”.  This ended up being an amazing success for the time that it ran, and we still get many emails asking where it went.  If you missed the explanation, you can READ IT HERE.  Don’t worry tho, this definitely isn’t the last you will see of the Rock-It! Scientists on our site.  FUNNY SIDE STORY:  I was talking to Sizzahandz of CrooklynClan one day about doing a possible editorial for us, and he said he wanted to do something regarding what it takes to get a song on the radio.  So I said that was cool, just make sure you tie it into DJing and keep the DJs point of view, more so than an artist.  And Siz responded, “Are you serious?  I logged into the site the other day and saw Solarz rambling some nonsense about the sandwich shop for a half hour!”   Yes indeed.  We all miss the Rock-It! Rant.

1) Black Thursday (Read HERE)

This was our 2011 version of “Bootleg Rage”.   There were two cool things here amidst the seriousness of what was actually going on.  1) We were the ones who actually coined the phrase “Black Thursday”, and the name stuck.   I hope when I’m old and haven’t picked up a pair of headphones in 30 years, that my grandkids will remember this.  This really could be my legacy.  2)  JD and I were pretty blown away that our site became the place to go for DJs to discuss this whole thing.  It really made us reflect on how far the site had come, and more importantly, made us realize we needed to continue to discuss the hot issues in the DJ community, because that’s why most of you stop by here in the first place.

Looking back now, maybe we all over reacted a little bit.  This certainly wasn’t the end of DJing or remixing.  “Black Friday” in the poker world actually did affect a lot of people, and a lot of people’s money.   What was the end of result of Black Friday for me?  Well, I haven’t played poker in a long time, and now two of my best friends live in Canada.  Now that we can sort the damage from Black Thursday, I don’t think many people have had to find new jobs, and none of my DJ friends were forced to leave the country :)  However, this probably isn’t a joking matter.  Three sites, Beezo, YourRemix, and StrictlyHits all shut down.  The exposure Beezo  (which is now obviously back, but focusing more on the blog aspect than hosting EVERYONE’s DJ mix) gave DJs was immeasurable, and YourRemix and StrictlyHits both gave me plenty of remixes I could use for Scorpion Bar.   But maybe the most important part of Black Thursday was that it allowed us to see the possibilities of what the government/RIAA could actually do to us if they put their minds to it.  It reminded many of us remixers, the grey area that our career/hobby is based on.  Pretty scary stuff that we probably don’t take for granted like we used to.

Honorable Mention: JD and I Argue About Pitbull (Watch HERE)

JD and I had a few disagreements this year, but this seemed to be the one you all enjoyed the most!  As the video shows, I’m still undefeated :)

So that was our year in 2011.  After going through and doing this, it made me realize we did grow a lot from 2010, and it makes me even that much more excited for 2012.  As always, JD and I really need to thank you guys for your support!  From everyone who visited, to those who contributed in the comment section and those who gave up their valuable time to do interviews, write editorials, and submit songs for Weekend Weapons.  THANK YOU!!  Hearing from all our visitors is what makes us keep this site going!  Happy New Year everyone and we hope everyone has an amazing 2012!



  1. I’m sure I can speak for a lot of DJs when i say that we truly appreciate what you guys do with this site.  I’m sure keeping it running and taking the time to create all the content that keeps us entertained is a painstaking process on top of all the other thinks you have to do to keep the lights on. 

    As I was reading the year end review, I reflected on each segment that Spring ran through, and I didn’t have to go back and watch anything I missed (even though I want to re-watch a few of the interviews that are great), because I check this site religiously.  I learn something from almost every segment, and I look forward to every post.

    Thank you guys, cheers to 2012!

  2. Job well done Spring and JD, I’ve been checking the site since you first started and have been hooked ever since! Thanks for all the hard work editing videos, posting hot edits, keeping the DJ community informed on all the hottest topics, and just being dope! Hope you guys have a successful year, maybe I’ll stop by Shrine this year to meet you guys in person and shake your hands, to me you guys are superstars. Lets party like its 2012, literally!

  3. Dj Ross ^^^ said it perfectly. We really do appreciate this site as the content is so useful and relevant. There is nothing else on the internet at the moment that gives this much insight and advice on DJing, which is what keeps me checking the site daily.

    Keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to an amazing 2012 with you guys.

  4. Definitely appreciate all the hard work Spring and JD does for us all. Whether we’re just starting off or experienced, we all have a lot to thank for the advice you guys share with us. Let’s keep partying hard into 2012!

  5. Thanks to both JD and Spring for not only hosting the best “informative” DJ blog out there, but special thanks when it comes to the extra time that needed/needs to be put in to make this site a reality. 

    As most know, JD and Spring DJ full time, and we all know as DJs, as much as theres a passion for DJing that lives within us, when we finished our weekend or weekdays worth of nights at a club, sometimes you just want to kick back and unwind and maybe spend some time with family, or work on other hobbies, etc, so for them both to continue a full time DJ schedule on certain nights and contribute not just time to this blog, but quality “relevant” DJ info, interviews, blog content, and idea/concept time to make it all happen, that says a lot about their passion for this industry, and a passion to teach, and better all of those DJs who are either just starting out, need some advice, or just want to drop by and see what the current trends and/or topics are buzzing around in the industry today!We all look forward to another great year of everything DJ in 2012! Great succsess to JD and Spring and the site Remix Report!

  6. Thanks everyone!  We’re glad you find what we do useful, and thanks for contributing in the comments section as well!!  

  7. Such an honor to make the Top 10.. Thank you gentlemen. I would also like to nominate my “Typical DJ Booth Conversation” video on youtube that you were kind enough to post here for additional consideration ;)

  8. you guys should wear tuxedos this rear for the awards. class it up. also any way to fix jake renos wanna be a baller remix on crooklyn clan so i can download it> thanks. keep up the good work. and please no more dubstep in 2012.

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