Weekend Recap: We Address BAD Behavior In The DJ Game (01/09/11)

In today’s recap we give some bad behaving DJ’s a stern talking to, ask why vocalists don’t get any shine in house music, recommend Applecare and talk about our new workout routines. Don’t sleep on this one DJ’s!

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  1. Idk if I were to call your friend a “house head” if head can’t name the vocalists to those songs!! LOL… But some vocalists do get the spotlight on some tracks and some don’t. A lot of times it depends on their popularity, and if they can sell a track. For example, vocalists like Nadia Ali, Robyn, etc. are always named because their names are recognizable.

    I agree, it is weird sometimes that vocalists don’t get any spotlight but the bottom line is, without the producers name on the track, they wouldn’t be able to sell the track at all, unless they’re a well-known pop star as you mentioned.

    Also I heard somewhere that some vocalists chose not be mentioned at all to avoid attention. Sort of like a “ghost vocalist” Don’t know if anyone can confirm that but it’s just what I heard? Lol.

  2. To your points about bad behavior – I don’t think you have to go far in any industry where money is being made to find someone doing it in a shitty way.  No, maybe its not publicly on Facebook that you see plumbers promoting themselves on each others pages.  But you hear about restaurants having their staff leave bad reviews on competitors Yelp reviews and things of that nature quite a bit.  And undercutting goes on in EVERY industry.  If I called a plumber, ask him how much to fix a broken toilet… then call another plumber and say “Joe can do it for $200, can you beat it?” — if that guy wants to work, he WILL beat that price.  Guaranteed. 

    The problem with undercutting in the DJ world is that people can’t quantify the value of our service very easily.  If you go into a Best Buy, and there is a $500 TV and a $600 TV sitting next to each other.  You can probably tell pretty quickly that one is better than the other for whatever reason.  Even if you can’t see it visually with your eyes, maybe one is 120 Hz refresh rate and one is 240 Hz, so your brain can go.. “Oh ok, I get it, I’m paying extra for that.”  But to a club owner, looking at a DJ charging $350 a night, or $250 a night.. we all do the “same thing.”  Aside from not showing up, or playing music so bad that people start filing out of the club, its hard to tell the difference between pretty good and better if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.  And even as DJs that know the skill sets… its COMPLETELY subjective.  I could think XYZ sucks, but ABC is great and nobody can ever challenge that because it’s purely my opinion. 

    I loved what you guys said last week about how “DJs spend all their time talking about how much fun this job is, but then get pissed when new people start DJing.” Even though we all share a common thread that we love music, love performing, enjoy nightlife, whatever… and many of us are friendly on a personal level.  But, there is a finite number of clubs/gigs/openings at any given time, and every new face is a guy that wants the gig you currently have.  As a defense mechanism, it feels like the system is designed to be very hard to get into if you’re on the outside looking in.  I’ll be the first to admit it, I’ve been guilty of “asking for the favor first” — more recently than I’d like it to have been.  When I realized how rude it was I apologized, and I’m still embarrassed about it.  But it takes a lot of patience to break into a new market, and for people that are hungry to succeed… there is no clear path, and so that hunger becomes misdirected and leads to crappy behavior. 

    The walls have come down on getting into the game.  The days of needing hundreds of records are over, or even a sizable CD collection.  Somebody can buy a controller a laptop and a borrowed hard drive and start calling themselves a professional in days, and half the people that hire us wouldn’t know the difference.

    I honestly believe that if veteran DJs were willing to spend more time mentoring young DJs and teaching them not just that they should pay their dues, but actually how to do it, there would be a much stronger and more developed culture in our industry.  And we’d see a lot less of the “behavior problems” that are currently going on.

    — Sorry for the length on this.

  3. Great recap! Half hour recaps like this are not in any way too long, especially when you have some real great advice to give out, etc. Not to mention the comical analage of the plumbing business vs DJing. Funny! but you know what, so very, very true and to the point!

    Having a warranty on anything DJ related that you take with you and use in a mobile environment is a very good idea for the obvious reasons. Just a spilled drink at a club gig can potentally fry your computer, and for this alone is worth the investment. More and more DJs nowadays seem to be experiencing strange, odd behavior from their computer operating systems, and they usually also comment on just a couple of years ago, these computer systems seemed to be more stable than the more recent OS releases. 

    My opinion on this, is that computer systems have advanced into super-work horses, and the problem and conflicts we have today vs. years ago is that we are pushing the limits of our computers, adding multiple software programs, music library’s in the triple gigabytes and terabytes, all this taxes the memory load and CPU, which in return makes your computer work harder and potentially less stable. 

    These applications such as Serato, Pro Tools, Ableton, etc, even though our computers are now designed to handle these stresses and work loads, the transitional phase we are currently in, making things smaller(i.e. micro-chips and micro-processors), we the end user may be pushing the limits a fraction above what these computers are intended for in a real world stable situation. Theres also the 32 bit to 64 bit transition, and some programs like Ableton that are still 32 bit, but are used on a 64bit machine may give a potential hipcup, but not too much. Either way if the user of the computer is not to savy in this area or cannot rule out the potential problems themselves, he or she might want to have the computer looked at to be serviced, which even the labor for looking at it will cost you, so a warranty when it comes down to it these days is really a peace of mind, like insurance is, and not a bad idea to consider. JDs example is a classic example of this!

  4. Anyone notice the Fire Truck going by around 1:40-2:20? Haha

  5. 35 minutes?!?!?

  6. Great information. So many points.

    – Rihanna “Birthday Cake”. Awesome song. Girls love it. Real sexy vibe with a crunk/down south feel. DJ’s have been playing a version that plays the same verse twice. Whatever works til a final is released.

    – Undercutters: Too many of them. Just ignore them. The cream always rises to the top. Life is too short to worry about simpletons.

    – AppleCare/Music Protection: I’ve been telling friends to use something like TimeMachine to back up their entire drive contents and create a bootable drive which you can plug into any other MBP and get right to work. I did that when I heard about Skrillex’s laptop crashing before a big show.

    I also recommend you get something like Carbonite.com to back up your music collection. I live in California and say the BIG 9.0 quake hits… Who knows if my laptop or my music collection survives. Hell, I might not survive. Say I do survive and I make my way to another place unscathed from disaster, I have a backup of my music collection. Time to start over once again.

    Back Up laptops are important as well. I’ve made it a habit to install Serato on my wife’s laptops when she gets them. Just to be safe.

    Good job. Happy New Year JD, Jay Spring and all Remix Report crew.

  7. Don’t worry Jay Spring.. no positivity quotes here… only negative and down-trodden quotes from yours truly…

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