Episode 248 – Who Is Ready To Jump (Remixes)

Chuckie’s “Who Is Ready To Jump” has gotten the remix treatment! See which one works best for your set.

Who Is Ready To Jump (Ryan Riback Remix)
Who Is Ready To Jump (Albert Neve Remix)
Who Is Ready To Jump (Glowinthedark Higher Club Mix)
Who Is Ready To Jump (Dada Life Remix)
Who Is Ready To Jump (Dillon Francis Remix)

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  1. It is Chuckie saying “Who is ready to jump” as well as the “put your F@#$n’ hands up” He sampled himself from the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas. Here is a quote from Chuckie:

    “When I did my EDC Vegas set, I knew it was going to be recorded and broadcasted. So I took… I was like ‘I want to sample my own voice’, because I’ve always wanted to make a track with my own voice. So I started saying ‘Who’s ready to jump?’ on the mic and then I sampled it afterwards.” 

    also, check out this video on you tube, around 46 seconds in, you can hear him screaming in the same tone as when he recorded “Who is ready to jump”. 


    There are several videos on you tube of the 2011 EDM Vegas show with him screaming on the mic, and although I didnt take the time, Im sure if you search thru all the video concert footage on you tube, you will find the one where he says both phrases without any music. When hes shouting out to the crowd, he completely loses his accent vs. when he talks regularly! Pretty cool!

  2. FOUND IT! Chuckie says “Who is ready to jump”…start playing around 4:14 in on the video but the exact sample he uses from the concert on the song can be found at around 5:57…listen to it on the you tube video at 5:57, then on the original song, and you will see they are identical, so its def from his opening set at EDM!


  3. FYI: Its Albert NEH-VEH. I believe he is from Spain.

    The Dillon Francis remix works so awesome at raves that I’ve played at. I play it on radio and had to cut my own edit to clean up all the curses.

    In Electro House sets, I tend to play the original then switch to the Dada Life remix during the 2nd breakdown. Sounds like 2 different songs but the samples stay the same. I have a set on my soundcloud (Live at Womp 25 12/14/2011) where I did this exact mix.

    Great tune from Chuckie and awesome effort from all the remixers on the project.

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