Episode 249 – Levels (Playlist)

Check out these example of how we fit Avicii’s “Levels” into our sets.

Dj Jay Spring’s Example
Good Feeling (Dj Scooter Filthy Bootleg)
Levels (Cazzette Remix)
Feel So Close (Audiobot Remix)

Dj JD’s Example
I’m The Ish (Dj JD Acapella Out Edit)
Good Feeling (Levels)(FTampa Remix vs OG)(Audio 1 Edit)
Levels (Hardwell Remix)
Crazy Loca People (Alvaro Remix)(Deville Edit)

Let us know what your playing.  Leave a comment or email us at remixreport@gmail.com


  1. The way I’ve been playing it lately is

    (loop “now where my alcoholics let me see your hands up”)
    mix that over the intro to Levels
    echo it out at the breakdown in the beginning

    after Levels (Clockwork Rmx) I’ll usually go into Dev – In The Dark or Party Rock anthem

  2. I agree with what you guys mentioned towards the end of this episode. There is so much we as DJs and Music Producers have to accomplish “behind the scenes” in order for our sets and productions to appear and sound the way they do when they are projected out to the crowd. If not for the extra “tricks of the trade” and extra production like Spring mentions about looping a specific section, then our sets would be more monotone if we just let one record to the next play without any additional “live” edits or production. Thats why a 3 to 5 minute song when being produced from scratch doesn’t just take 3 to 5 minutes to make. A lot of effort time, and most importantly, creativity is implemented in order for the end user to hear what they hear in the final song. Technically, most of us should be on our A game, so when it comes to creativity that is takeing most of our time to do something, its not a bad thing at all, because the listener will reap its rewards in the end!

  3. Its so eerie because I do the same set as JD in the past few weeks. Coincidence?

    AUDIO1 IS THE ISH (DJ CLASS Custom) (Aca Out)
    Good Feeling (Levels)(FTampa Remix vs OG) (Audio 1 Edit)
    Loca People (Alvaro Remix vs Crazy People) (Audio1 Edit)

    I’ve also been playing SIMO’s 120-140 OG to Skrillex version right out of my FTampa vs OG version. Get the crowd a little dubstep and then bring them back down to earth. Good stuff fellas.

  4. Big House Music Club

    Robbie Rivera – Turn It Around
    Flo Rida – Good Feeling
    Avicii – Levels (Cazzette RMX)
    Michael White – Framed (Oscar Valdivia RMX)

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