Weekend Recap – New MPC, Haters & Requests

Time for another weekend recap! This week we talk about Akai’s new MPC’s as we gear up for NAMM 2012, talk about “haters”, people asking for requests before you’re done setting up and the next stage for the DJ/Producer.

Let us know what your playing. Leave a comment or email us at remixreport@gmail.com


  1. you guys look tired. get some sleep!

  2. We did have that conversation, Didn’t we, Jay Spring? We are being viewed more and more everyday as entertainers. What will be the next gimmick? Im starting to see Magician acts in DJing. LOL

  3. I’m definitely digging the new B.o.B track! I quick mixed it this past weekend and it got a good reaction

    & I def agree w/ u on the hater thing lol..everyone’s open to their own opinion! I wish people would just chill with calling people that when all they are doing is stating there opinion. I think as long as you have an opinion behind it, it’s not hating.

  4. hahahhhaaha DAVE BOLTON!!!! he loves that song

  5. For request I think Im going to keep an ipod filled with all my music in the DJ booth so if someone wants to hear a song reallly really really bad (like “We Found Love”) and they can’t wait for me to get to it  I will grant them the opportunity to listen to it in my ipod while at the DJ booth. This way I dont have to interrupt my set :-)

  6. totally agree with all of this. The worst thing is people approaching you @ 10pm asking you to play a Top 5 song… and what is even worse is when that person comes up every 15-20 minutes with the same question like you forgot

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