Episode 250 – International Love (Clinton Sparks & The Disco Fries Remix)

Clinton Sparks teams up with the Disco Fries again, this time on a remix of Pitbull & Chris Brown’s “International Love.” Cool vocal chops and dirty synth breakdowns set this remix off.

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  1. “THE REMIS 500 CONCEPT IDEA”….You guys mention your milestone episodes at the beginning of the vid…Heres my concept, taking the idea one step further!

    Spinning off of JDs idea, I think a great concept to pay tribute back to you guys for reaching out to the DJ Industry these past 2 years with DJ info on remixes, DJ gear, Interviews, etc…Any DJ/Remixer/Producer, etc who wants to contribute can raise money, or put up money to host an event dedicated to Remix Report which would include somewhat of an IBIZA atmosphere, as any DJ under Remix Reports discretion will be able to play quick sets, in order to get as many DJs on in one night(4-5 Hours) again sort of like Ibiza does or did back when DJs would walk off the street and spin for a short period. It would be sort of like what the Comedy Industry does for their fellow Comedians, they roast them, but in actuality they are really paying tribute to their fellow Comedians line of work and skill within their industry! The equivalent here would be that instead of roasting, both JD and Spring would have a night to relax and watch their fellow DJs perform mini sets.(of coarse for anyone who is game, roasting on the mic before or after their set doesn’t have to be totally out of the question! (lol)

    But honestly, it might not be such a bad idea, and can be left open to whoever wants to participate in the Remix Report community and beyond. Added to this, I’m sure through a collective group of DJs, and all of their combined networking contacts, some top name DJs/Remixers can also be involved to perform live as well within the tribute. This in turn would also allow DJs from all around that watch Remix Report to finally meet in person and share DJ stories, etc…sort of like those old High School reunions we all love so much! lol……

    Renting out Shrine for the evening would be the sickest idea, not only because its such a beautiful club, but because situated in the Casino, any DJ flying in for this event would have access to overnight Hotel accommodations…Its really a win win for all involved, as the casino makes money on accommodations, the club benefits from drink sales, admission, etc, and all the DJs/Remixers involved benefit from the networking involved, plus the added benefit of putting out your skills in front of your DJ peers in form of Live Remixing Duos, single DJs, or Artist performances. I actually like this idea, I don’t know though how feasible all of it would actually be to coordinate, seeing so many DJs have tight schedules…

    Anyway, that’s just my concept that I thought of as JD mentioned the renting out of Madison Square and have performances, I thought taking it one step further, as a Thank You to both JD and Spring for everything they have done with Remix Report for all who watch, a milestone in Remix Reports history of this magnitude would be appropriate I think…and of course they both can spin as well, lets not leave that out! I only mentioned having them take the night off, so they can sit back and be entertained by all who come to this site that are participating, as we for the past two years were entertained watching Remix Report…Just a thought!…now onto the Disco Fries remix….

    I really like this remix a lot…The Disco Fries mellow synth string breakdown is reminiscent of the original, but it seems they have incorporated just enough of their own original melody to make it sound familiar to the original, yet different enough to make it their own…very nice! The buildup to the “main event” portion of the song with the dubstep overtones had me as well thinking Wolfgang Gartner, and a great way to segue into a Wolfgang Gartner or Deadmau5 track, if you were playing this at the end of your “Pop-House” set going into a more heavier “Club” oriented House set!

  2. This track is dope.  The Jump Smokers remix of this is also great for a bit more of a Top 40 crowd.  Its not as hard, but it just depends where you’re playing.

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