Episode 251 – Whoomp There It Is (Playlist)

Check out these examples of how we mix Tag Team’s “Whoomp (There It Is)” into our sets.

Dj JD’s Example:
Baby Got Back
Whoomp (There It Is)
Tootsie Roll

Dj Jay Spring’s Example:
Children Hands In The Air (Serafin Remix)
Whoomp Remote (Dj JD Remix)
Push It

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  1. Tag Team-Whoomp(There It Is) (WPGC Remix)
    95 South-Whoot There It Is
    69 Boyz-Tootsie Roll(Brian Armand Original to Set it Off Edit)

    I always liked playing the WPGC remix of Whoomp, as many clubs back in the day let their tracks play out longer I would hear it played almost everywhere. This remix had those classic breakdown samples of Planet Patrols “Play at your Own Risk”, Dazz Band “Let it Whip” and a couple more…from there I could mix out of Whoomp into an older set…I usually waited to mix out of it on the Let it Whip portion into a classic mini set of older tracks back then. Today I still find the WPGC works real well in some situations (usually older crowds), however I use an edit that brings in those sample drops much, much sooner.

    “Whoot There It Is”, I only would play a very tiny bit, as playing as a follow up to Whoomp, its too much of the same song, so its usually about one minute, 30 seconds combining both tracks, and usually even a lot shorter time wise than that sometimes.

    “Tootsie Roll”, the reason why I would use the Set it Off Remix within this set is because it also samples some music nostalgia in the form of “Moments in Love” by Art of Noise with the odd acapella crooning of the group “Shai”, but the breakdowns go into Straifes’ “Set it Off”

    This set for me works awesome for an older crowd who appreciates the 90s, but also loves the 80s…so many samples within just the 2 remixes seem to work well….not to mention that older crowd always seems to go crazy when they here the “Moments in Love” synths come in

    Lol Spring, on the Walk the Dinosaur track…I forgot about that song for a long time now! They use to always play that on the radio within the weekend dance partys that aired live from the club. I use to mimic the mixes off those shows when I was first starting out. For an 80s crowd, I use to mix in Baltimoras “Tarzan Boy” with it, which had to be sped up a bit I think, and I use to loop on my (then) noisy 8 second sampler on my mixer, the beginning of Was not Was “Boom Boom Acka Lacka Boom Boom” Blends pretty good…lol….

  2. Robert Miles I believe was the artist behind “Children”

  3. the Victor Menegaux version which has an accapella out is like the best one to loop out. I love using it to change between genres, or just loop it behind a well known top 40 instrumental.

  4. I play an edit I made of Whoomp (There it is) into the original sample, then into a disco set. If I’m playing open format, I go into Nu-Disco after that. A lot of times I’m playing to crowds who like classic disco and breaks so Whoomp is a break from the norm for a second, back into the vibe of the night, whereas on open format nights, the disco serves as a cool transition from 90s hip-hop to familliar nu-disco

  5. My sons, the ‘Whoomp There it Is’ DJ Smerk Mash Up version is Crack

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