Episode 253 – We Found Love (Playlist)

Check out a few of the ways we play Rihanna’s smash, “We Found Love.”

Dj JD’s Example:
Fade Into Darkness
We Found Love (Chuckie Remix)
You Make Me Feel (Carlos Melange & James Harren Remix)

Dj Jay Spring’s Example:
In The Dark (Joe Maz Edit)
We Found Love (Dj NASA Edit)
Good Feeling (Dj Scooter Filthy Bootleg)

Let us know what your playing.  Leave a comment or email us at remixreport@gmail.com

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  1. @Spring, Check out the video below, this video seems to address what you are pointing out regarding the switchover from 7 to 8. I think this guy heard your issues, the video seems to have a cool little trick to implement while you are getting use to the switchover. I find 8 to be much more intuitive and even FX wise Ive been able to utilize moving the file in 8 vs. the timeline like in 7. So far Ive used 8s warping to timestretch the hell out of stuff just as an effect, and its pretty kick ass, although 7 was simiular, its def more precise doing it in version 8. 

    You will get use to it and prob like it better once doing so. I can never go back to 7 because of how I am too use to 8’s approach. I know you guys know the diff between the warping modes, as I heard you guys mention the differences before in other vids. I also use complex pro mode for anything say like in mixtape fashion with changing tempos. Complex Pro utilizes the elastique pro algorithm which in my opinion is next too flawless on whole tracks, a couple nothches above complex. I use to use Acid Pro many many years back when they introduced eleastique pro vs. their then classic or efficent modes, and even in that program, eleastique was next to flawless in regards to artifacts. The only thing you have to watch for in Ableton(sometimes)is if you plan on re-sampling within ableton, sometimes complex pro can introduce minor artifacts on a resample or render, re-render, where as beats mode is a much lighter mode to begin with, so in re sampling less artifacts show up, however on that same token, its like a double edged sword, and beats mode on a full song for the most part doesnt work nearly as good as complex mode as you guys know, although in beats mode, changing the transients from preserve to 1/32, 1/16 etc can help for certain applications to make it sound better, although I have all new productions defaulted at complex, and then I adjust to complex pro or beats accordingly, depending on if its a drum sample or full song Im trying to warp.

    I know you guys know this all too well already, my main point was the video link here, and btw, Im with ya on the timeline implementation, and swore I wouldnt do it until the official changeover, however I gave in a bit too early, and I do like it now way better now that Im use to it, I use the cover pic at the top of the profile as my artist logo(as many do) not too bad, although I would of been fine if they just left it alone like it always was, as nobody was having issue with it, but what can ya do!

    Heres that video:

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