Weekend Recap – Auto-Sync Vs Segues

Time for another weekend recap! This week we have our good friend Dj Audio 1 on to join the debate on what’s worse, Auto-Sync or Segues. We also talk about Simon Cowel’s new DJ show, Funny Or Die’s DJ test and Solarz rap debut! It’s a long episode, so we have it in audio only format for the car or the gym. Download it here.

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  1. Some real good advice and points from Audio One here regarding both Auto Sync and Segues. Its always great to see other DJs point of views. 

    Audio One makes some great segues. Sometimes these DJs who make them, use them as a tool in case of an emergency or to free them up for a bit to focus on something, an emergency or such that might need to take them away from the booth for a short moment. If a DJ is doing a small bar, or even a big club, and needs to step away from the booth, and there is no one else there who he can have mix in his brief absence, a Segue can work well in that scenerio. After all, that same DJ made the Segue, so his skills still shine in his quick absence, so at least he knows there will be music playing without the worries of the track abruptly ending, especially in these days of Serato “quick mixing”, a DJ may want to make a couple of longer segues to cover them in these emergency situations.

  2. Hey Guys,
    Interesting to mention that video. From memory it was actually a sprite web-commercial.
    It was filmed in Sydney (aus) at a few Oxford st clubs. The bigger place you mentioned is normally a pre-sold (special event only) spot.

    Interesting discussion, I will use segues when I need to get out of the booth for a few minutes for whatever reason.
    As Brian Armand said…if it’s your own I don’t think it’s too bad.

  3. Definitely agree with most of the points made regarding auto sync vs. segues.  Apologies for beating a dead horse here, but for the sake of playing devil’s advocate, I will say that beatmatching is a rudimentary skill that DJ’s typically develop before they are able to mix records at a proficient level, which is why at first glance I can see why it gets the attention that it does because it reaks of DJ’s not wanting to learn just the very basics of the craft.  And while I agree that segues take that one step further in actually beatmatching/mixing two records for you, I’ll make a couple of points here: 
    1.  I don’t know that I’ve come across many DJ’s playing their entire set in the form of segues, so my suspicion is that the DJ can still beatmatch to some degree and may abuse segues here and there, whereas an autosync DJ more than likely utilizes the feature from start to finish.  Which is worse, I’ll leave that to personal opinion.
    2.  Some segues are indeed creative and very well executed and may be damn near impossible to replicate exactly in a live situation, therefore it can be perceived as a helpful tool to some.  However, I believe there is one caviat to this argument:  The segue must be created by you.  If the creativity is owned by someone else, than I agree that another DJ essentially mixed for you , and at that point you essentially listened along with your audience and got credit for mixing.  If you create it yourself and play it, it’s your own body of creativity, and you can do as you please in my opinion.   Great discussion guys – who knew DJing had so much gray area right? Cheers.

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