Episode 254 – Wild Ones (Justin Sane Remix)

Flo Rida & Sia’s “Wild Ones” has a smoking’ vocal and could be one of the next big songs on the charts. Time will tell, but either way, this Justin Sane remix is a great add for your set. Where the originals’ energy drops, this remix picks it up so you can keep your dance floor rockin’.

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  1. Great remix, definitely agree, this fits in very well within your prime time sets.

     I don’t have to state the obvious here, that this song, even if some people might not know it all too well, you prob wont lose a floor, as Sia has a very “Rihanna” like sound and presence to her vocal arrangement. So playing this in a set with some very well known tried and true tracks, will only strengthen the popularity of this remix with the venue you play at. I think this mix works well, like Spring mentions in open format and Bottle Service should have no prob getting their crowds warmed up to this!

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