Video Report – Episode 2: Scan Converters & Video Scalers

Its all business now! This week we got 2 episodes coming at ya, and a free Whitney Houston edit for your weekend. First up its a Scan-converter and Scaler video. Here we have a great deal on our personal experience with a fair amount of current options in the market. for the nitty gritty we even compiled all the statistics and particulars on all the equipmet we talked about, as well as some popular ones we did not have on hand. So, be sure and watch the recap for all that good nerdy information!

Also we have another Mix Emergency 2.0 teaser and the release date in the video!!!!

Here Is the link to download the Whitney Remix video link:
(the password is the “model number” of the first product recap at the end of the video)

This week we also have “Part two” of the intro video hitting the site, be sure and check back for that!

If yout have any experiences to lend in on other converters we didnt discuss please feel free to discuss them in the comments!

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  1. We are Already getting loads of info on converters, and the dredded 3d tv fix…. looks like people had no problem figuring out the FREE VIDEO password, ENJOY! We will be posting some follow up info as we get it in order here in the comments!
    Thank you for your continued support!

  2. I can’t get the video… Ives tried the model without the dash, with… am i the only one?

  3. Great start. Looking forward to more.

  4. Good info Josh – thanks for sharing

  5. Yo guys great episode!!  I also wanted to put a plug in for this converter it was recommended to me by one of the top guys in our industry, up scales to 1600×1200, easy to use and will do VGA, Composite, S-video or Component breakout, and works with the Thunderbolt. 

    The Atlona AT-PC-AVSCOMP

  6. THANKS DERRICK! I actually tried to order the atlona for installs at the places we spin at here in Boston, I had recommended them… but when trying to order them we got “out of stock” at 6 places… I had never seen THAT one before though, only this one:   that one looks like it might its younger, newer brother. the older model actually outputs a HD signal too! I had heard great things about it though, just never aw it with my own eyes…

  7. Great episode guys. I have the Extron VSC 700 and their are a few more differences. The 700 has Genlocking, the 500 does not. The 700 has Flicker control, Horizontal Filter and Sharpness control filters. The 500 only has Flicker control.

    also both the 500 and 700 outputs video via RGB, Composite and S-Video simultaneously. Meaning that you could connect multiple screens via these connections along with the buffered loop-through at the same time.and both the 500 and 700 can output 720p/1080i/1080p. 720p/1080i is supported via the RGB and component output types. 1080p is only supported via the RGB output type.

  8. Hey DJ Nyce I can’t get 720i or P or even 1080i or P out of my Extron 500 at all I call Extron today and they said they VSC 500 dose not out put 720 or 1080. It was a long distance phone call on the NYC subway…. LOL

  9. Hey guys thanks for the comments but if you are going to add a scan converter/scaler comment please lets use know that is will work with a Thunderbolt Mac. I want all the scan converter/scaler we talk about to work with Thunderbolt If it works with Thunderbolt  then it will work with everything! You feel me!

  10. Hmm, I am not too much into the whole video side of things but with Serato giving the ability to Itch users to play video I have a feeling that there are gonna be a lot of djs thinking they will be doing videos but not having a clue on what they are getting themselves into. 

  11. Great video! Question though: If I want to run video from my laptop to 2 tv’s and 2 projectors via vga, do I need a scaler and a converter and a switcher? My laptop (PC) can do 1600×900 so I want to aim for the best output possible. I have hdmi out but the projectors only have vga. Thanks!

  12. Hey Sanchez, the common idea is that your output of your 2nd display should not exceed that of your video files…. so if your running HD content (1280×720) than thats what your 2nd display should be set at…. its over kill going higher, and stressing your video card for no reason…It looks like you might have to looks for (a rare one) soultion of a HDMI to VGA converter (where HDMI & DVI play nice together, you might be able to get away with a HDMI to DVI cable, then just pop on a DVI to VGA coupler…. what your going to run into is Digitial signal vs non.
    but theses couplers are cheap..Id lean towards that.

    • Hey! Thanks for the reply, I forgot to mention that my laptop has both hdmi and vga. So I can just run the VGA out to a splitter, then set all the projectors and tv’s to 1280×720? Would I ever need the extron hardware? Or any of the others you mentioned? Thanks :)

      • Factors: how long of a run to the projectors, how many projectors, and what size image. chances are you can get away with just a amplified VGA splitter…Ive def ran 2-3 projectors, under 20 feet off of 1 VGA line and had no problems, some projectors even have a “out” so u can daisy chain them

        • The projectors are probably 50 feet away, 2 only, they do have the vga out so I guess  I could try jumping them. I guess I’ll just buy a 4 way splitter, and run 2 tv’s and the 2 projectors. As for the image, my comp can do 1600×900 but I assume the videos (which are bought from extendamix, crooklyn clan, etc.) are a bit lower in quality. The projectors and tv’s are capable of at least 1280 x 720 so I could run them all at that. Anything else needed to boost the system? I’m just confused on why some guys would need all the extra stuff you guys were talking about. Thanks again for all the help, this site, and you guys are all amazing for all the questions you answer!

          • yeah, your output shouldnt exceed you videos size… we run into these because not all places have everything ready to go, or have larger screens (that require an up-convert) or many different size TVs …. thats where a scale converter comes in….. Its getting better and better with TVs having HDMI on the usual. but alot of places are running component, or composite (Sadly)

  13. What can I say about I just had a great conversation with their product support. I wanted to ensure all the info about the 500/700 was accurate…. and it looks like eloy and I were on the right track with their NTSC only output. what we have noticed over the past few days, is that alot of people are reading the acceptable INPUT of the unit… so if you are sticking with non-HD content then you are right around the lines of acceptable. but know this. BOTH the 500& 700 series only put out an NTSC signal… so no 720/1080 anything.
    but you can rest well knowing that they offer a new product:
    Theres videos and everything on this new puppy! puts out multiple HDMI & RGB via breakout.
    the only scary thing…I cant find a pricing! it looks so dope Im sure its not gonna be cheap… but for those of us with installs this might be the unit to push!

    on another good note, the extron staff took a genuine interest in the show, it seemed they werent totally aware of “the video dj presence” and are going to look more and more into what we do here for starters…
    so maybe… just maybe if theres enough demand we will see a unit simular to the grandtec (an all in one solution) with the quality and performance of a Extron product…. ahhh to dream! lol

  14. nice work guys i ride for Kramers but Eloy knows that haha 

  15. Great info on the video. Hope you guys get in to Watermarks and Tags. keep up the good work.  

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