Weekend Recap with Rob Riggs – Dubstep & Murdering DJ’s (2/20/12)

We’re here with Rob Riggs from Rubbing Records to talk about all the news of the week, including the Topic of the Week – Dubstep, DJ’s killing clubgoers and a mini-mailbag – library organization & Spring latest mix.

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  1. never shot a patron but i did do the dj douchbag thing and break a cd in two for a local rapper that wanted played lol

  2. lmao @ JD…. watch those flat drum outros…

  3. extremely information…

    @Jay Spring: I didn’t know you hated Moombahton… You’d probably dig the Moombahsoul tho. Its a nice throwback to 80s/90s R&B/Hip-Hop styles.

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