Video Report – Episode 4: Mailbag & More

Well, here we are at Episode 4! Crazy right? We told you in the last episode we have two for you this week! Seeing how episode 3 was just part of the introduction video, we dragged Eloy back to Boston to sit in on this impromptu episode. You could call it a mailbag, I guess. We delve into some new features like the “Random Record pull” and some other great stuff… like Kate Upton’s…ummm..”personalities”. Sit back and Enjoy. We will put links up in the COMMENTS section of the 2 new Extrons, and some other goodness.

Coming up: Where to get content?| Video give-a-ways| Interviews| Laptop Stand endurance trials… ENJOY!

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  1. Extron, should give you a couple of those to give away just for dropping their name so much!  LOL.  Great show guys!

  2. Man I watch these vidoes so closely. I think i know eloys password to his phone! Free video if i guess right?


    Great episode!

  3. Hey guys, congrats once again on your view stats and success so far of the show.

    For me, I’ll be honest up front. I’ve never “Video DJed” before, so these episodes are inlightning, and the info is welcome. Having said that though, I can relate very closely to all the Video lingo that you guys talk about and debate in these videos, as I have since the 90s, edited for film, video, and broadcast television, so Im familiar with a lot of formats, most formats I learned back then were either pre-digital or on the verge of transitioning into digital. Most of my schooling for film and video was in those dinosaur “linear” days going tape to tape and such for video. In 2004 I got into digital editing via Vegas, and have used it ever since to edit videos, short independant films/documentarys, etc. As Joshua states in the video, and I couldnt agree more, that video going in needs to stay the same at output. I learned that the hard way back in 04′ when I was editing a doc, and because at the time I didn’t understand video codecs too much within the digital realm, I re-rendered an edit I had done, thinking it was the right way for distribution onto DVD, and man did I learn very quickly what not to do. Obviously being non-destructive I was able to go back in as much as I liked to figure it out(trial and error) until things looked right, but I also at the time wanted to know the knowledge behind what I was doing, and not just do it and be oblivious to what it was I was doing!

    Now that I reflect back on the past, I always ran my DJing parallel with my video editing jobs, however when video DJing started to emerge, I really never gave it a thought to jump in and give it a try. These days, more and more, seems like a lot of guys are jumping in, but I think what sets aside the pros from the amateurs is what you do with it and how you do it! You guys have some great credentials in this field of Video DJing, and like many DJs around, are humble enough to share knowledge to better serve the up and comings or just the industry as a whole. Joshua and Eloy both commented on something important, which ties into what JD and Spring always focus on, and thats bettering the industry as a whole, so up and coming DJs dont make ither the same mistakes or just in general learn some vast knowledge before going out to perform their first gig. Like you guys mentioned about simiularities in undercutting, some new DJs might unintentionally undercut without even knowing it, and as DJs in this industry, we can sit back and allow for a whole new set of talent to arise and make mistakes, which in turn affects the vetern DJs, or we can do something about it and spread knowledge, to better the industry.

    Finally, in response to what you guys were talking about regarding people passing off someone elses videos as their own, I agree its not cool, and some may consider it as plagiarism. Great episode!

  4. so scared of anything above 192

  5. on ethics; i had to edit a different version of a video. all i had was someone else’s version. so i edited it and switched out the audio. it was for personal use only, not for sale…stil, l i felt so guilty i had to seekout the original editor, got him on the phone and asked if it was ok. that was Aaron the Era. thankfully he was cool with it.
    people edit things for themselves all the time, but in the tight video world it’s best to get permission.

  6. Great show guys. It’s starting to be my Monday routine. 

  7. another great episode. keep em coming. and i got an extra DVS 204 you guys can test out.

  8. oh and i’m glad “i no longer have to do that”. <–such a great idea

  9. I’m a mobile dj bringing a 42″ lcd tv that I mount on my light truss.  I connect it to my pre-unibody macbook pro with a 25ft DV-i to HDMI cable.

    I’m wondering what will one of these scan converters do for me?

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