Video Report – Episode 5: Mix Emergency 2.0 World Premiere!

The Mix Emergency 2.0 world premiere! Complete with a screen capture and walkthrough, as well as a feature list… While we did record this weeks back, even since its filming there have been NEW additions! Be sure to carefully read the release notes for all the new features.

Thanks everyone for supporting Video Report and Remix Report… coming up Next week: Interviews!

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  1. Great episode guys!!!  Looking forward to designing my own transitions!

  2. Awesome tutorial…….. Imma Deff Like That Camera Input!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. beatgrid reading and the effects…so do you have to have ableton to get Mix Emergency to enable that feature?

  4. This update is sick! The projector setting and the video input is going to be used a lot

  5. Looking forward to the release day :)

  6. another great ep guys. i know you are still feeling out the direction you want to take this segment. but i’m loving it so far.

    2.0 is such a game changer and there are some features that weren’t touched on in your vid. i hope when serato video is released you can do a thoro comparision even though it will be one-sided. maybe even go over some ME tips/tricks.

    also for future ep’s i would like to see topics on premiere pro, fcp/fcpx, after effects, motion, video pools and new hardware (controllers, cd decks, midi, etc).

  7. That is all coming….. Nyce but it takes time. Remember we are only 2 guys…. LOL

    I really want to do a review on all the video DJ app there are out there like mixvibes and VDJ8 that is on its way.

  8. You guys talk to much. Where’s the ME demo? haha

  9. When is it gonna be released. 

  10. Wow. I take back everything I said about “overhyping” ME. I may have to ditch the PC and go back to Mac…

  11. Thanks for all the support fellaz!
    Like mentioned at the end of the video, that was NOT the entire new feature list!
    Once everything is final final we will post release notes with everything!

  12. Very impressive program! I like the fact that the program is capable of separating the different boxes and preview videos for the end user to arrange themselves, up on their screen. I like your idea of keeping both preview video boxes to the direct left and right side of the Scratch left and right side decks respectively. 

    This program for me looks like it would bring out the FX/Edit monster I have become(lol). I have always been a huge FX and Edit fanatic both in music and video production. Like I have mentioned in a previous episode, I have never video DJed before, nor do I want to come off thinking I could VJ just like that, but what I find interesting is that with time and practice, looks like you can implement what you already know in other aspects of music and video editing creative wise, and apply that creativity as a Video DJ/VJ. Like Josua mentions, knowing programs like Photoshop and such gives you the one up on knowing some simiular lingo within stuff like transitions/disolves etc… 

    I have been editing video and film for projects for some time now, and love to implement FX(in moderation of course:)when needed to sell a shot within a project, etc, however with editing over a duration of time, as you guys know, you have time on your hands to be creative, I find the on the fly ability to like Joshua said, drop in what you want when the mood calls for it a great tool to really customize each night according to your audience on any given night. Also the whole beat grid tie implementation in mix seems pretty tight right down to the downbeat! 

    I love the strobe FX to the beat, as we all know as DJs strobing to a song buildup looks stellar, so to compliment your live video sets with that must look pretty cool in person. I had a short stint as a light guy at a club my friend had a residency at, and I remember when he would play songs like Sandstorm back when it first came out, we would utilize the lights to suit the buildups and breakdowns, and as most clubs have and still do as a light show customized to the music, emphisizing the lights more on these buildups and within primetime, within that infamous quiet breakdown on Sandstorm with just that synth line being heard, and when the explosions hit every couple of beats, we would throw the strobes on in sync with the kick drum explosions, so I can just imagine having a visual to compliment the clubs light show. I would imagine video would fill in that void of silence for the crowd to visualize the music in real time. Anyway, lots of good stuff in this episode, interesting video guys!

  13. Thanks Everyone for Watching and commenting on this one, it pushed over 1100 individual viewings in 6 days… New ep going up as we speak! THANKS!!


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