Episode 261 – Somebody That I Used To Know (Hyper Crush Remix)

There are literally a MILLION Gotye remixes out there right now. It’s like God himself commissioned a remix contest for the song. With all of those remixes out there, many of them being very good, the Hyper Crush remix stands out from the bunch. It’s one of the only really primetime playable versions, which is why we featured it here today.


GOTYE – Somebody That I Used To Know [Hyper Crush Remix – Marc West Video Edit]

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  1. Have you guys heard the DJ Kue remix with the 2 rap verses in it? That’s what I’ve been playing and it get’s GREAT reaction!

  2. its from grandmas boy

  3. Yeah DJ Omega is right, heres the link to the short clip where its said http://youtu.be/aWZjg18hIs8

    I have to agree, this Hyper Crush remix is pretty sick! Love the breakdown on this, and the rage hype is cool because its not the same old recycled hype that’s been over saturating remixes for years, and at the same time it still gives a presence of hype without being predictable!

    I can def see myself playing this. Springs right about it being released last year, this song was released as a single back in July 2011 in Europe in many countries, and just getting starting to make its way onto the charts here. I think I first heard it back in January, had no idea what the song was, but loved it from the first time hearing it, and that says a lot about its melody because I seldom like a song off its melody the first time around unless its that good! Spring, make it 5 million and 1, I too have a remix semi done of this…started it back in early February, however never finished it because I didn’t here too much buzz about it, and thought it was going nowhere fast, so I shelved the remix with about 60% of it done. I made mine more in the upbeat energy style as well utilizing a little different style then what some are used to hearing in my mixes!

  4. Djmattmaticsdet

    We need some remixes for fun- we are young!

  5. Remember to take the video edit that was just add for all you video guys!

  6. “Yo Let’s fucking RAGE!”

    That has taken slot M on my Serato SP6 sample. This and DJ Kue’s remixes are the only ones really worthy of playing. I made an edit that’s just skips the verses. Bang In, Bang out!

  7. Hahaha. I did send it to y’all. Hahaha

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