Video Report – Episode 6: Jack Millz Interview

Well, here we are at Episode 6! Crazy right? We told you in the episode 4 we have interviews coming, well here it is… The Jack Millz interview is full of good info on a well sought out video DJ/VJ. In the interview Eloy picks Jack’s brain for info on video gear he uses to what he thinks the future is going to be for video DJ/VJ’s. Also Jack talks a little bit about what is coming from the Smashvidz Team soon!

Special treat from Jack Millz:

Coming up: Where to get content?| Video give-a-ways| More Interviews| Laptop Stand endurance trials… ENJOY!

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  2. LMFAO!!!!  The 2nd to last shot!!!!  Priceless!!!!!!

  3. get a real studio for interviews, or back in a QUIET room, hear niggs talking over the interview >:(

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