Episode 263 – Stronger (Nicky Romero Remix)

Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” is a HUGE Top 40 record, getting close to 12k radio spins weekly nationwide. Luckily Nicky Romero has saved us from having to play a re-drum of the original by dropping this house version, which keeps enough of the original elements to keep the ladies happy, but hits hard enough to not look like a complete pushover for playing it. SCORE!

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  1. Your description of this track really sums this song up nicely! Not much more to say other than I would have to agree, these are the types of remixes we as DJs seek within a club-type atmosphere in order to keep the girls (and guys) content musically. 

    Outside of Radio DJs conforming to playing the originals on corporate radio, the original would maybe fair in instances where a mobile DJ may have a request for music of Mz. Clarkson nature to only play originals. Those requests are usually brought forward by say a Wedding Party or similar event where the original would be played by the DJ with confidence he or she as the DJ wouldnt feel scared to play the original per the event planners request.

  2. I heard this song and thought this was nicely geared towards the top 40 crowd

  3. Wow. That is fresh. This song was recently added to mixshow rotation on a few stations I work for but I wasn’t really trying to play the original. Somehow I ended up with the “Paperchaser Club Mix” which works real awesome. This Nicky Romero remix sounds real fresh with the 303’s. 

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