Video Report – Episode 8: Primary Instinct Interview

Here we go! We are back in with our second interview. This time Joshua braves the snowy roads in upstate vermont and almost dies on the way! Get the inside scoop on Crooklyn Clan Veteran Video guru DJ Primary Insticnt!

A free video, no… Primary Instinct didnt just drop “a” video on the viewers today, he Dropped the Starjack 2011 MEGAMIX for ya’ll!
Its a big one, a 30 minute megamix from one of Crooklyn’s hottest audio editors right now!

Coming up: The C-Flo interview, Josh & Eloy Back at it, The best bag for the video dj?

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  1. Did he just say “Mouth raped by a redneck!” LMFAO!!!!

  2. Awesome video again! Cannot wait for the c-flo interview!

  3. Do we need part 5 of the download? I get to 99% and then it asks for that part. Thanks!

  4. Any news on fixing the download with rar?

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