Episode 23 – Mailbag

In today’s episode we answer some questions we’ve gotten from some of our viewers.  If you have questions about anything related to DJing or remixing don’t hesitate to email us.  We might just answer you in our next mailbag video!

Hit us up at: remixreport@gmail.com


  1. Awesome segment as always fellaz. Keep up the great work.

  2. Good segment. In regards to Baltimore Club (I am a hardcore fan of that sound), For the most part, It is meant to be crazy. If people listen to actual Baltimore Club tracks from artists back east (BMORE, DC, Jersey), They are pretty crazy. For the most part, People love the Sing-Sing breakbeat over any track between 125-140bpm. I thought It was dope that you guys busted out the T&A record. I kind of thought to myself “How many DJ’s these days actually own a vinyl that isnt a control record?” haha Good advice. The T&A stuff is great for not just Baltimore club but all genres in general.

  3. Thanks Bounz and Audio 1….and yes Audio, its sad but true, that alot of these younger cats missed the real vinyl days….alot of gems they may never see as MP3s!!

  4. you should center your comp..you guys are looking to your right..i always wonder — what are they looking at? hahahaha

    center it and now you’ll be looking at us ;-)

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