Weekend Recap – WMC, Madonna, Afrojack & Requests

In today’s recap we talk about why we were away last week, JD’s upcoming show with Afrojack, WMC/Ultra Music Festival, Madonna’s ecstasy comment, more about requests…, and ending the night with hip-hop (can you do it anymore?).

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  1. Im guessing a double meaning regarding Madonnas little WMC escapade! She apparently came forward in response to Deadmau5 following up on why it was said, and apparently according to her, the question she asked the crowd was in regards to a song she was working on. Not sure anyone’s buying that one though, just look at what the name title to her new album is, which coincidentally was confirmed to have a double meaning, so even if the question was “really” about a song she had written, the intention was to have it as a clever double meaning, don’t you think? lol

    I agree, In most if not all clubs I’ve been either a resident or guest, its next to impossible to close down a night in low digit BPMs. Typical end of night is the mellow-esque House sub genres and some Dubstep to round it out, with variations of these genres depending on the night and crowd. Nowadays its venue specific regarding end of night set selection, as I cant see bottle service pumped up on uptempo and House all night wanting to wind down too slow, although somethings in our DJ careers never change, regardless of what genre is chosen for our end of night sets, one thing in common is the pre 2 a.m. wind down to heed people to the door. I have so many stories of what DJs I would know would play as last songs(some not even songs)over the years just to get the crowd out so Management could count out the bar, etc! 

    I remember way back a couple of years before I became a DJ, it was common for clubs as their last song of the night to be a “slow dance” track, where you actually take someone in your arms and dance. 

    Some of the first slow dance tracks I heard in a club for the last song of the night were Slick Ricks “Teenage Love” and Bobby Browns “Tenderoni” Those tracks were big and almost expected to be played from week to week, and some of the clubs played these types of tracks back to back, but usually we were only granted one slow dance a night. The first couple of years DJing, I was still following suit, because most clubs I worked at did that back then, it was the norm. Then the common thing was to close down with stuff like you guys mentioned in the vid, more upbeat like R-Kelly, but still in slow in BPMs!

    JD, good luck on the Afrojack event..sounds pretty epic playing for 7k+ and what an experience!!! Hopefully you can secure him for Shrine, as you guys have had some amazing House Headliners there as of recent :)

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