Topic Of The Week: What’s Your Weapon Of Choice??

TOTW is back!  We wanna know what you’re using to rock your gigs?  As always, we’ll discuss this on next week’s Weekend Recap.

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  1. I started some 22+ years ago on consumer Technics(the ones with the rotary pitch) then quickly that same year saved up to buy my 1200s…Ive always been heavy into incorporating production into my DJ performances, and when a DJ could really only have access to 2 turntables and a mixer back 22 years ago, my mixer was the heart of my gigs…always utilized the sampler on it and effects(if any)

    Today, so much has changed, and with the recent discontinuation of the 1200’s, its hard for me to advance into the future with technology that will no longer be supported. Back in 2001, I briefly switched over to CDJs and then incorporated my turntables back into the mix(utilizing CDJs and or the 1200’s depending on the function…(i.e mobile gigs, small bars lacking F.O.H. systems, etc.) Currently, I feel my future in DJing will be with CD players mixed with and without Serato, the versatility is there. Guitar Center just posted a great write up on Tiesto, and how he doesnt use DVS sysytems such as Serato, rather his CDJ 2000s, in which he doesnt use actual CDs, rather SD cards (I would imagine he is using SDHC for the higher capacities similar to USB drive capacities)

    In any event, I think it is safe to say, as technology furthurs in the years to come, the appeal of non moving parts within computers will be more and more prodominent, and soon the classic standard of the 7200 RPM hard drive will spin no more…after all it is older technology from yesteryear, and now we just have to wait for USB thumb drives and SD cards to catch up with our current Hard drive capacities, which is currently under way.

    To sum it up, as of now, I choose CD players over turntables  for the most part, but still have that itch to scratch a record or two…nothing beats the feel and form of a 12 inch vinyl at your fingertips, especially if thats really all you have been using for most, if not all of your DJ career. Unfortunatly I sold my 1200s a year or so ago :( so it really hurts bringing up my past history with them!

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