Video Report – Episode 9: CFLO Interview

Well, here we are at Episode 9! We told you in the episode 4 we have interviews coming, well here it is… The CFLO interview is full of good info on a well sought out video DJ/VJ. In the interview Eloy picks CFLO’s brain for info on video gear he uses to what he thinks the future is going to be for video DJ/VJ’s. CFLO also gives away a free video for all your guys/girls out there!

Special treat from DJCFLO:

Coming up: Laptop Stand endurance trials… ENJOY!

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  1. nice!!!

  2. steppin it up wit multiple camera angles!

  3. Great interview guys

  4. Great Interview! Definitely agree with CFlO on keeping a diverse, unique production weather a DJ or VJ. Lets face it, everyone at some point within their performance on any given night is going to be playing the hits, the music that the people who goto clubs want, so its within the DJ/VJ to make his or her show different from the next DJ/VJ, and as CFLO stated, utilizing different tools such as edits, acc intros, etc in your own way and buying from a diverse selection from different entities, will help make your performance a bit more unique than your fellow DJ/VJs. 

    Like the camera angle switching as well!

  5. did C-Flo try the TCS at cherry valley ?

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