Weekend Recap – Hot Equipment, New Hits & Promoting Online

We’re back with another recap of the weeks hottest DJ topics. What’s the most popular equipment to use? What are the next batch of top 40 hits? How should you promote your remixes online? Find out in today’s recap!

Topic of the Week results:
Turntables – 68%
CDJs – 17%
Controller – 21%

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  1. Damn!  I’ve been playing Reidiculous’s remixes for a couple of months now, guess the cats out of the bag haha!  I prefer his Turn Up The Music remix over any of the other versions!

  2. i don’t play the gotye hypercrush remix the buildup seem so long.. I dj at a college town and it seems like these kids are really hyper… so i blast them with the dj kue remix of gotye which has a constant beat at all times…  I have used the NS7, Cdjs, and TT’s.  I feel like the TT’s are a little bit harder to use (more thinking involved & slower to beat match) than Cdjs and ns7.. 

  3. o by the way you guys should do a recap on “dubstep” do you guys play it?? How do u usually fit it into your sets if you do, i play at a club and the owner is in love with dubstep… also maybe you should recap on that too, HOW to tell a owner that if i play dubstep all night there won’t be many people dancing.. lol

  4. On the topic of promoting, you guys mentioned the trio of John and yourselves as a remix team, then I thought back to when you guys were brainstorming for a Producer/Remixer name(and Im sure you guys have got a lot of musical stuff going on behind the scenes and perhaps a name already), but what came to mind for a remix trio is the name “3J” 

    It sort of has a double meaning. Seeing all your DJ names begin with the letter “J”, and there are 3 of you! The other meaning being that since all 3 of you are DJs, “3J” rhymes with DJ.

  5. hey guys, what was the name of the site you are referencing charts? Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the comments guys.  We’ll definitely have to go into more detail on how we play Dubstep and which songs we play.  The radio play chart Spring mentions is http://www.sinternet.com.  Between that and the POOL chart (http://pool.promoonly.com/tracktrends) you can get a real good idea of what’s hot and what’s about to hit.

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