Weekend Recap – Taxes, Projector Mapping & The Future of Remix Report

We discuss projector mapping, tax time, new features in Abelton, big concert promoters getting arrested and what’s in store for the future of Remix Report.

Check out some of these stories, originally seen on the Dj Times email blast.

Projector Mapping @ Shrine

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  1. wow that projector mappin is nice!! can we get some info on that? equip needed, set up, step by step instuctions?

  2. Figured I’d drop a comment letting you guys know how much I appreciate the site. I check remix report on the regular, and learn something new every day. Props.

  3. There’s a lot of things that I love this website for, and it’s part of my daily routine to check and see whats new, so I figured I’d list some things that I’d like to see continue, and some things I’d like to see more of:

    – A while back, you both said you would be starting a blog talking about your progress in getting your name out there as a 2 person performance. I thought that would be dope from day 1, but even more-so I think it would be cool to learn more about what you guys do on a regular basis to build your brand and get more gigs as individuals and as a group. I know I can’t be the only DJ on here who’s not quite where you guys are, but is several years into a DJ career and wondering how to get to to the next benchmark

    – You both have a lot of experience with making dope remixes and edits, and it would be cool to see maybe a tutorial, or just a walkthrough of what instruments you use, how you personally cut up samples for remixes, or simply your workflow. I love seeing how other people use ableton since it is has so many tools and virtually no limitations

    – I enjoyed the weekend recaps as they were before, talking about how the weekend went. It was cool that way because it gave me a chance to see how songs that are popular nationwide are being received, and knowing how your nights went (beyond “it was a good crowd at Scorpion Bar/Shrine”) because of the reach of some of the newer hits.

    – I’m not into video mixing quite yet, but the segment is very dope. I’ve been watching just to know whats going on. I also like rubbing records as I spend a lot of time working on scratching to incorporate it into my club sets. If others are willing, I think having more guests features like Solarz, Rob Riggs, and others have done is a GREAT thing for the site, and hopefully it takes some of the editing work off of JD (or maybe not).

    The content is great, and I love the site. Most importantly, your passion for doing all this work virtually for nothing really shows. I recently went back and watched all the interviews you guys did just to refresh my mind and remember tips from the people who inspire me. I am possibly going to be in CT in a few months and I’m hoping to get a chance to see you guys both spin. Definitely a fan of what you’re both doing, so keep it up!!

  4. It”s called the new world order and the patriot act. All these big festivals
    and raves{music events} will come to an end  1-3 yrs. 
     INFOWARS.COM     learn now or be sorry very soon!

  5. I think Remix Report has done a great job in its short couple of years of being active. If one looks back over the past couple of years, you guys have spread a lot of knowledge and Info to a lot of DJs in the forms of Recaps, Interviews and other videos. I know a lot of DJs come to the site for many different reasons. Novice DJs just starting out, I feel reap the plentiful knowledge from both you guys and your DJ/Remixers you interview. Veteran DJs who may know a bit more, still enjoy the site just as much because vet DJs may pick up a thing or two as well. There is a good variety of things that everyone can find interesting. The new segment Video Report is great for many who may never of thought of trying out video, but with Joshua and Eloy, they cover that end pretty well for all who are inspiring.

    I’m sure you guys have some great things planned, up and coming, I’m sure once in the new studio, all of it will flow pretty smooth!

    I definitively like the live video switching you guys were implementing, shortly before your studio revamp started, along with the CGI Remix Report Logo. Those were nice finishing touches. I Know you guys asked for suggestions/ideas on up and coming future segments. I like to be creative, and come up with ideas, so if I ever think of something worth suggesting, I’ll throw it your way!

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