Episode 271 – What Makes You Beautiful (Dave Aude Remix)

One Direction helps lead the way to the next boy band era with “What Makes You Beautiful.” If you listen close, you might mistake the instrumental melody for “Grease Lighting.” Dave Aude brings us a playable mainstream remix that works great in your opening set.

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  1. I think the melody sounds like “Summer Nights” from the movie Grease, although you mention “Grease Lightning”, which is a very good observation, because in that relentless, overused megamix of Grease we all know and have played countless times in our career, that megamix starts out with the summer Nights riff for a bit with the Grease Lightning vocal over it! Was that Ultimix?, or I think perhaps it was X Mix(I remember it being on the 12 inch record of one of the Volumes in series) that made that infamous megamix!

    Anyway that megamix would be excellent to segue into seeing this song utilizes the same riff, however, as JD and Spring mention, this song is more within the realm of your Opening set, so you really cant go into the Grease megamix from this, seeing that mix is usually saved for later for the more drunk crowd to sing a long to!

    To answer JD’s question, “Are boy bands making a comeback?” Personally I dont know, we will have to wait and see to what extent it will go to, however, I think we will probably see some of it resurfacing, but like Spring mentioned, these acts are coming from overseas, Europe. Back in 2001, I had the opportunity to work with a professional Irish Dance Troop out of Ireland, and the music over there, till this day which was heavily influenced by British/Englands music was that of the boyband or single boy artist like we had seen in the early to mid 1990s in the U.S. 

    To sum it up I’m not 100% sure what will be made of a new era of boy bands(if anything), but as all know, the Music Industry is a business, so in order to keep the cash flow, Record companies are always looking to bring forth to the masses a new trend or music culture to keep people musically happy with something fresh, to not have the current trend get stale, the wheels of trends are constantly turning, and what we may be experiencing this time around, is the Music Industry digging deep into the current boy band craze out in Europe, to come over here. 

    Just look at how big the “House” craze became in Mainstream America in only a  couple of years time. It was new to a lot of people who listened to only mainstream pop, however in Europe, House music, in all of its popular sub-genres WAS the mainstream overseas for many, many years, decades even, and then that trend in the Music Industry sailed to America and found its groove in U.S. Pop Culture!

  2. I’m going to drop this…right after i drop Summer Nights

  3. http://www.mediafire.com/?qtkeigg8bnj3q3e

    One Direction- What Makes You Beautiful Dave Aude Remix DVDJ MATTMATICS VIDEO EDIT




  4. Played this followed by Adele – Set Fire to the Rain (Willy William Remix), worked really well for an opening set. Both have that same tribal feel

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